52 Roblox Facts: Secret Facts Might Not Know [2024]

Written By Steven Arends

I have been playing Roblox for about fifteen years, and it is a miracle to see how Roblox upgraded since then.

I bet you didn’t know how wonderful Roblox was way back in 2005.


Spare a few minutes for yourself because I am about to tell you 52 amazing Roblox fun facts you never knew.

52 Roblox Facts

Here are the 52 Roblox facts you may not know:

1. David Baszucki, Founder and CEO of Roblox

David Baszucki is the person who created Roblox. He is a talented guy who studied engineering, programming, and also is a game developer.david-baszucki-creator-of-roblox

2. A 2D Physics Simulator inspired Roblox

David Baszucki, inspired by a 2D physics simulator, launched Roblox. The 2D simulator dealt with only boxes and ropes. He used his creativity with upgraded technologies and made a 3D world with cool characters and items.2d-physics-simulator

3. Roblox was originally called Dynablocks

Dynablocks was the official name for Roblox in 2003. As Dynablocks is tough to pronounce, they renamed it to Roblox. As for now, if you type in roblox.com, it will redirect you to Roblox. But, in 2003, typing dynablocks.com shifted to Roblox.dynablocks

4. The oof sound on Roblox is Uuuuh

The famous oof sound in Roblox is uuuuh. If you search in the Roblox folders, you will see a soundtrack named uuuuuh.wav.oof-roblox-sound

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5. Robux was called Roblox Points

The Robux currency you see in Roblox was called Roblox Points. Every time someone enters a game, the admin received one Roblox Point.

6. Roblox used to have a second currency

Robux was not the only currency. There was also a second currency in Roblox known as Tickets or Tix.old-roblox-currency

7. Trade Currency (Robux to Tix)

Roblox used to have a trade currency program. In that program, users can trade the two currencies between Robux and Tix. This system is no longer available.

8. Four tickets = 1 Robuck

In 2008, there were two Roblox currencies. One was Roblox Points, and the other one was Tickets, in which four tickets were equivalent to one Robuck.

9. Banned for using Minecraft word

Developers banned users from Roblox if they would utter the word Minecraft in Roblox.

10. Ten Tix for daily login

Roblox used to give ten tix for daily login. As a result, players created multiple accounts during that session, and Roblox was bound to form a Captcha rule.

11. Unlimited friends on Roblox

Roblox provides limited friends feature nowadays. But there was a time where users experienced unlimited friends list feature.

12. Best friends list

One of the most fantastic features of Roblox was the Best Friend feature. In this feature, users can see the selected players list whom they are more comfortable with.best-friend-list-roblox

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13. The fastest-selling item of all time is the Skater Hat

The fastest-selling item on Roblox under 5 seconds was the skater hat. It is also known as Purple indy.skater-hat

14. T-shirt hack in Roblox

Wearing the Nate2800 shirt would create crystals all over the avatar body. This design wasn’t from Roblox. A young boy hacked Roblox and made this shirt.

15. Gave real-life ipads in 2012

Roblox gave real-life i-pads in 2012 for buying one-of-a-kind tablet items.

16. Banned Trading items

Trading any items was against the rules in 2011, as 99% of the trades were a scam.

17. No mouth if you use snake eyes face

Snake Eye is an accessory. If an R6 character wears this accessory, the mouth of the avatar disappears.

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18. Bookbegg – a hat accessory

Bookbegg is a hat accessory that looks like a bag. It isn’t a glitch as Roblox confirmed it.book-begg

19. Bookbegg applies on face

Bookbegg applies on the avatar face being a hat accessory, which isn’t any glitch at all.

20. Only nine people own a limited glitched leopard fedora hat.leoperd-fedora-hat

21. Eighteen thousand eight hundred and sixteen Roblox accounts hold the Roblox epic face.

22. R15 gears owned certain custom periastron poses.periastron-pose

23. Dominus Empyreus item is the most valuable item on Roblox.dominus-empyreus

24. Dominus Empyreus item stolen from Diablo 3 game

25. Red-banded top hat giveaway for those who identified bugs on Roblox

26. MTA Spec OPS before Red-banded top hat

27. The Menu bar is actually called Hamburger

28. Free Check it faces in John75’s inventory.

29. First game with 1M visits is Mike’s Paintballmikes-paintball

30. Groups feature added in 2009

31. First group ever created is called RobloHunks

32. TradeBots

33. David Baszucki stands in number one position for a Robux value of $186,906,027.

34. Shedletsky is married to Roblox admin BrightEyes in Real life

35. In-game badges giveaway started in 2009

36. 100 Robux to add a badge to your game

37. A community dedicated to badge collecting on Roblox called Super Badge Collectors

38. Only 4 people have over 30,000 badges

39. Roblox had a developer exchange system for exchanging Robux for real money

40. In 2015, Teh Master was the first person to get a $50,000 payout through the developer exchange program

41. Roblox physics engine makes people create games on Roblox Studio

42. Roblox is free to play

43. Builder’s receive more options than the normal players

44. Roblox physics engine was revamped to an engine called PGS solver

45. Roblox is ahead of Minecraft with 1M+ users.

46. Roblox #1 game in the US.

47. Roblox pays 30M dollars to their game developers

48. The biggest cross-platform exposure game

49. High Privacy Protection game for children. Adheres to Guidelines of COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act)

50. Biggest platform to help children learn programs and coding at a young age

51. Sethycakes was the first person to reach 1M Robuxsethycakes

52. ? i love u showed a horrifying clown rubbing his facehorrific-face-roblox

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