How To Replace Lost Or Damaged AirPods [All Models 2024]

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Losing your AirPods is the worst. With the headphone jack gone, you cannot even connect a wired earphone to your iPhone. Replacing the AirPods seems to be the only way out.

Apple provides two options to restore your AirPods. Depending on your subscription to Apple Care, you can save a lot when ordering the replacement.replace-lost-or-damaged-airpodsSo, let’s go through the steps to pair the AirPods again.

How to Replace a Lost AirPods

Ordering a replacement unit for your lost earbuds is as simple as going to the Apple Support page and placing the order. You can replace a single earbud for the left and right unit or the charging case.

However, Apple does not provide a free replacement unit for damaged or lost products. The 1 Year warranty bundled with AirPods only covers situations where they are damaged en route or has manufacturing defect.

So how much do you need to shell out for a replacement? The table will give you a better idea of the replacement cost for all models of AirPods.

AirPods ModelOne-time Replacement Fee
AirPods Gen 3 and earlier$69
Airpods Pro$89
AirPods charging case$59
AirPods charging case (Magsafe)$79
AirPods Pro charging case$100

If you think the prices are higher, you are not alone. Many users prefer a third-party replacement service. They provide a lower price and take less time to process your request. Some services give you the flexibility to purchase used AirPods, which are fantastic if you care about the environment.

Once you decide to pursue Apple’s Airpods replacement, your next destination should be the Apple support page.

Follow the steps to order replacement Airpods from the Apple Support page:

  • Go to the Apple Support website.
  • Select Choose a product. apple-support-product
  • Now navigate to AirPods > Lost or missing AirPods > Replace lost AirPods > Select Your AirPods Model > Continue. apple-support-airpods-replacement
  • Enter your AppleID and password. Select the nearby Apple support location and complete the payment process.

Next, you have to pay a visit to the nearest Apple center when your replacement unit arrives.

In case you were wondering, you can also track the lost earbuds and their case. This piece here will guide you on how to do so.

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How to Replace a Damaged AirPods

In case your AirPods are damaged before you got hands on them, Apple can replace them for free. This is only applicable when a product has a manufacturing defect.

On the other side, if your AirPods got damaged by you (there are a million ways to do so), Apple will not provide a free replacement. But if you have AppleCare+, the replacement unit just got a little easier on your wallet.

Generally, you would need to pay at least 69 dollars for a single earbud. Under  AppleCare+, this drops to $29. This applies to all AirPods models and charging cases, including the pro and non-pro models.

But what happens when you do not have AppleCare?

For AirPods that are out of warranty and not covered under AppleCare+, the standard charges for a replacement unit are applicable. For Airpods, this starts at $69, while cases cost upwards of $59. Use the table above for the detailed charges.

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How to Replace Airpods Pro For Free

The first generation of the Pro model came with some defects. Some users complained of a static sound when turning on Active Noise cancellation. There are reports of users listening to outside noises even with Noise reduction technology in place.

For such users, Apple can provide a replacement for both the AirPods. It applies to AirPods manufactured before August 2020. This program does not replace your AirPods Pro charging case, though.

The procedure for getting a replacement is the same as before. Visit the Apple support website and contact a support agent. You can also visit the nearest Apple Store and ask for getting a replacement from there. Remember, Apple intends to continue this program for only 2 years after the flaws started appearing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace my AirPods if they are damaged?

You can replace your damaged AirPods for only 29 dollars if covered under the AppleCare+ warranty. Without this warranty, the replacement price starts at 69 dollars for Airpods and 89 dollars for the AirPods Pro model.

How can I get my AirPods replaced for free?

You can only get a free replacement for your AirPods Pro if it was manufactured before August 2020. This only applies to units that are affected by Active Noise Cancellation. This program does not apply to any other models of AirPods.

How much does a single AirPod cost?

A single AirPods earbud starts at $69, whereas the pro model costs $89.


Replacing a lost AirPod is possible, thanks to Apple’s support program. However, if you have AppleCare+, the cost to get an additional unit is reduced further.

But do not make a habit of losing your AirPods. The Find My app can help you to locate it. Also, use a protective covering for the case to prevent damages in the future.

That’s all for today. Until next time it’s goodbye.

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