Can you Track AirPods with Serial Numbers? [The Real Truth]

Written By Steven Arends

Apple AirPods are perfect for mobility. You can put the device in your pocket and travel anywhere without difficulties. But you can lose it easily because of its small size. Also, thieves can easily pickpocket it, and you won’t even notice.

Apple has a unique serial number for every product. That also includes AirPods. Whenever you can’t find your AirPods, trying to find them using the serial numbers can easily cross your mind.


You are not the only one. When I lost my AirPods, I searched for the possibility of finding my AirPods using serial numbers.

So read this article, and you will find out whether you can track AirPods with serial numbers or not.

Can I find lost AirPods with Serial Numbers?

No, you cannot track your lost AirPods using serial numbers. Apple Airpods don’t have GPS or Wifi tracking systems. It generally uses Bluetooth connection to connect with your iPhone.You can’t remotely control or lock your AirPods serial number.

However, AirPods can transmit its location through Bluetooth waves. When AirPods connect with any apple device, it sends its location to the Apple server using that device’s GPS.

You can track your AirPods using the FindMy application through this method.No other Bluetooth earpieces in this segment don’t provide these kinds of services to their users.

Although you can’t track AirPods with serial numbers, you need to have serial numbers to prove your ownership. When you have lost AirPods for good, you need to reach out to the authorities.

While filing a complaint to the police, you need to provide the serial number to prove you own that AirPod.

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How to find lost AirPods?

Yes, you can track your lost AirPods. Apple has a fantastic application called FindMy that lets you track AirPods. AirPods doesn’t have a global positioning system. However, it uses a Bluetooth connection to transmit locations.

Here are the steps to find lost AirPods using the FindMy application:

  • Go to Find My app.
  • Press Devices.
  • Choose your AirPods from the device list. pick-your-airpods
  • Pick Directions from the menu. select-Directions-from-the-menu.
  • Navigate to that point shown on the map.
  • Select Play Sound in the popup window. tap-play-sound-in-the
  • Locate your device using that sound.

But what to do if you don’t have your phone with you?

Worry not. Apple lets you track your AirPods using the cloud website. You can log in to the iCloud website from any browser and find the last known location of your AirPods.

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Here are the steps to find lost AirPods without using iPhone:

  • Navigate to using any browser.
  • Fill up your Apple ID to Sign in to iCloud. sign-in-to-iCloud
  • Select Find My iPhone.find-iPhone-sss
  • Click the down arrow on all devices.
  • Tap your AirPods. select-your-airpods
  • Move to the location.
  • Click the Play Sound option.

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Can I Find My AirPods If Someone Resets Them?

Unfortunately, you can’t track your AirPods if someone resets your AirPods. Apple has an activation lock for iPad, iPhones, Macbooks, etc. This feature makes sure that no one can use your device when it is stolen. But AirPods doesn’t have an activation lock feature. So in case someone stole your AirPods and reset them, you can’t find your AirPods.

Apple’s special feature activation lock makes sure that no one can use your device. You can also erase the data remotely if you want. You just need your iCloud ID and password.

Apple didn’t include this feature in AirPods specifically for connectivity. Supposing that AirPods has an activation lock, you have to log in every time to your iCloud to connect AirPods with a new device. This would be a hassle for you. So, Apple didn’t include this feature in AirPods.

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Can I block my stolen AirPods from being used?

No, you can not block anyone from using your AirPods. AirPods don’t have an activation lock feature like iPhones or iPad. So you can’t remotely access the AirPods and stop it.

Does AppleCare cover AirPods if stolen?

No, Apple doesn’t give a warranty regarding theft. AppleCare is a warranty service for AirPods provided by Apple. But it doesn’t include water damage or theft damage.

Do I have to buy a new set if I lose one earpiece?

Fortunately, no. Apple gives you an opportunity to buy parts for AirPods. You can purchase either left or right earpieces or the charging case, even only the lightning cable separately.

Can you track AirPods if stolen?

If you act fast, you can track; otherwise, not. You can use Find My to track your stolen AirPods before the thief resets your AirPods. Because after the thief resets your AirPods, there is no way to find it.


In short, you can not track your AirPods with serial numbers. But in case you want to file a complaint about your lost AirPods, you need to provide the serial numbers as proof of your ownership.

The only way to track your AirPods is using the Find My application. But Find My becomes useless if someone steals and resets the Device.

Thank you for reading my article. I’m sure you now know if you can track your AirPods with serial numbers or not. Also, I’ve discussed what you can do if you lose your AirPods. Feel free to comment on any other quarries. Have a good day.

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