Can You Charge AirPods Without The Case? [True Facts 2024]

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AirPods are one of the pioneers in the Bluetooth headset market. When you buy an AirPod, you get two earpieces, one charging case, and one lightning cable. You can charge the case with that lightning cable or a QI-certified charging mat.

I first brought my AirPods Pro back in 2019. When I saw the packaging, the first thing that came to mind was how else I could charge my AirPods. Can I charge them without the case?

Wondering the same, aren’t you?

This is not something to worry about. I’m the kind of person who never lets go of his curiosity.

After intensive research, I’ve found the real truth behind the AirPods charging method from ongoing myths. So read this article, and you can clear your confusion in no time. can-you-charge-airpods-without-the-case

Is it possible to charge AirPods without a case?

No, you can’t charge AirPods without the case. Your AirPods charging case has two small copper-pin connectors that connect to the bottom sensor of your earpiece. When fulfilled, your device starts charging. There isn’t any way to directly charge your earpiece.

Your AirPods come with a charging case and lightning to USB-A Cable. So you have to buy an optional charging adapter to mount on the wall charging.

Plug the USB port into a charging adapter or MacBook’s socket, and the case will start charging. You can use a charging pad to charge your airpods case. But not all AirPods support wireless charging mats. Check if your AirPods are compatible with wireless chargers.

Also, when you buy a charging adapter for your AirPods, make sure to match the voltage requirements. If you use a high voltage adapter, your battery will be damaged in the long run.

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Myths breakdown: AirPods charging without case

There are some popular fables regarding AirPods charging. As I mentioned above, you can’t charge AirPods without the case, so don’t believe in “charging AirPods without case” fiction. Two popular myths about charging your AirPods are charging AirPods with an app and inserting a narrow pin charger into the earpiece.

Here are the two popular myths about AirPods without the charging case:

Charge AirPods with a narrow pin charger

One popular myth for charging AirPods is to use a narrow pin charge. You will find articles saying you can charge your AirPods with a narrow pin charger.

Don’t ever attempt to do this. First of all, your earpieces aren’t capable of charging outside of the charging box. Also, a narrow pin charger can easily short circuit your AirPods. Because the charger’s voltage is much more than AirPods can handle.can-you-charge-airpods-with-a-narrow-pin-

It’s like fitting a man into a lamp!!

AirPods have two small charging points that connect to the case. However, no narrow pin charger matches that point. If you thrust the pin into AirPods, you will break the charging points. And you won’t be able to charge your device anymore.

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Charge AirPods with a phone application

Some people say that you can charge your AirPods with a phone application. It’s a trick to fool you and steal your data.

There isn’t any app that can transfer charge through Bluetooth.

Your AirPods are connected to your phone through a 5.1 Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth waves are suitable for transferring audio and small files. So your iPhone transfers audio and receives data from AirPods through Bluetooth. In this way, you can see the battery percentage of your Bluetooth.

The apps people are talking about hampers or corrupt your device and show your AirPods are charging. Hackers use these apps to hack into your phone and steal your data.

So if you ever installed the AirPods charging app, uninstall it right away and change all your login information.

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What Can you do if your AirPods case is lost?

Even though airpods don’t have GPS, you can track AirPods easily by using the Find My application. However, you can’t track the charging case. If you lost your case, you could manually search for it. There isn’t any other way.

So when your AirPods case is lost or broken, you need to find a replacement. Luckily, Apple offers replacement through the Apple Service website.

You can easily buy an original case for under 90 bucks.

However, many other companies offer cheaper options. But I recommend not to try those for some reason.

Here are the reasons for not using other charging cases for your AirPods: 

  • You won’t get the performance from other charging cases.
  • The charging time will be slow.
  • Not all apple provided sensors are available in those cheaper replicas.
  • Your AirPods longevity will decrease dramatically.
  • Most cheaper charging cases aren’t IPX4. So, they won’t be as resistant as the original.

Quick Tip: You can buy AirTag for your AirPods’ charging cases to prevent loss in the future.

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Why isn’t my AirPod charging?

When your charging cable isn’t connected correctly, your AirPods can stop charging. Also, dust, firmware version, and bend pins can prevent AirPod charging. Some people faced AirPod charging problems for the old firmware version. The main reasons for AirPod not charging are given below.why-isnt-my-airpod-charging

Here are the main reasons for your AirPod charging problem:

Connectivity problem

When your AirPod isn’t connected properly with the charging case or there is a connection problem with your lightning cable, your AirPod won’t charge.

Dust in the case

The AirPod bottom has two connectors that connect with the copper pin in the case. Dust can easily tamper with those connectors, and AirPod may stop charging.

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Bending Pin

If you bend the small pins in the case, you won’t be able to charge your AirPod.

Firmware issue

If a new firmware version is available, you can face a charging issue in the previous version AirPod. So when a new version of firmware is released, update your AirPods’ firmware ASAP.

Charging Cable issue

Your charging cable can be broken internally by tangled wires. You can’t see the damage with the naked eye. If you suspect something wrong with the cable, try using a different lightning cable.


Can You Charge Airpods in Someone Else’s Case?

Yes, you can charge your AirPods in someone else’s case. Just put your Airpods in the case, and it will start charging.

Can you replace the AirPods case only?

Yes. Apple offers a replacement for your AirPods components. You can replace any single earpiece, cable, or charging case.

Can we charge AirPods with an iPhone charger?

If your iPhone and AirPods have the same voltage, you can use an iPhone charger. Otherwise no.

Can you Connect AirPods to Your iPhone without a Case?

Yes, if you previously connected AirPods with your iPhone, those AirPods will automatically connect with your phone. But you can’t connect AirPods to a new device without a case.


In short, you can’t charge AirPods without the charging case. Also, you can’t track the charging case like your AirPods. You need to replace the case if you lose or break the charging case.

Don’t believe the myths like you can charge your AirPods with a mobile application. Hackers can hack you through those apps, and your data will be vulnerable.

Thanks for reading this article thoroughly. I’m sure that all of your confusion is clear by now. Feel free to comment if you need further assistance. Have a good day.

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