Is Netflix Student Discount Real? [Better Alternatives]

Written By Steven Arends

As a student and a Movie freak, I understand how difficult it is to pay to watch movies. That’s where Netflix stepped up with their Discount Vouchers, as it helps students reduce their torment.

Unfortunately, the student benefits aren’t a concern for Netflix, as they haven’t declared any such subscription plans yet. But don’t worry. Grab a bucket of popcorn and some fries for Netflix &

Let me show you how you can reduce the cost of Netflix & some fantastic alternatives.

Does Netflix Offer Discounts for Students?

A straight No, Netflix does not allow any students discount. Even if Prime Video, Peacock TV, Hulu, Max, or YouTube has a discount window for specific user types, Netflix keeps things clean with simple subscription plans, except for a reasonable opportunity to use shared accounts at $7.99 only.

For a sole-owned Netflix account, the cheapest option is Standard with Ads. You get it, it’ll show all the contents, but you have to bear the ads within.

But the best part is, streaming quality is better than a Basic plan with 1080p resolution. Yeah, it sounds pretty basic, but what more could you ask at $6.99 / month?

If you’re still stubborn about an individual Netflix account without any ads, the cheapest option is the Basic plan, which costs $9.99/ month. In this plan, I hate the resolution offer, by the way. I wonder why I would pay more to get a lower resolution just to get rid of the ads. It’s a worthless choice, in my opinion.

Why Netflix Has No Student Discount Whatsoever?

Netflix doesn’t allow Student Discounts because Netflix isn’t actually a thing for kids or teenagers. Most of the movies are above PG-13. Although the Netflix owner can restrict accounts with parental control, any owner with full access has no limit.

Furthermore, it includes movies, documentaries, series, sequels, and videos for adults only. Netflix tries to keep everything in one place for easy and smooth access.

For instance, the Disney+ contents are mostly non-R-rated, suitable for kids & younger movie lovers. So it makes sense to keep a separate offer for them. Some other OTT platforms also pretend the same, but the contents aren’t organized as Disney.

What are the Most Affordable Ways to Own Netflix Accounts?


The most affordable way of owning a Netflix screen is via a Shared account with One Screen. If anyone in your family owns a Standard or Premium Netflix Account, ask for an extended screen with only $7.99 each / month. Remember, the Basic plan owners aren’t allowed to add more screens.

In that case, the Standard owner has to pay $15.49 / month, and the Premium Plan should cost $19.99 / month, according to Netflix.

The Plans aren’t the same for each country or region. In fact, in some countries like India, Turkey, Pakistan, and Argentina, it may cost less than $3.50 / month. You can simply check how much Netflix costs in your area from their official Netflix site.

Speaking of which, you can even go cheaper if you are lucky enough to have relatives in these countries. You can ask them for more affordable Netflix accounts and transfer the amount to their bank.

But there are some flaws in such a process. You might need to use VPNs and change the regions to find available content for your region.

Plus, manual payment to other people’s accounts in different countries is a hassle, so it’s not recommended.

You can go cheaper by using Gift Cards to pay Netflix Bills. It’s a little more cost-effective than the default, but remember gift cards have expiry dates, and you can run out of time while paying.

Above all these solutions, the alternatives are somewhat more suitable and accessible. There are many other OTT video streaming platforms to bind with.

Which are the Other Affordable Alternatives to Netflix?

The best alternatives to Netflix are Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, Peacock, Max, YouTube, and a lot more. Even though the movie, series, videos, and content aren’t as rich as Netflix, they also offer unique substances to entertain you. Here you’ll find much quality content on Netflix if not all.

Here are the best Alternatives to Netflix you can own cheaper:

Prime Videos: Best Overall & On Demand


Like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video is a video streaming service that provides unlimited access to prime Movies and TV shows. In fact, amazon prime video has tons of TV series and Movies on their platform, depending on the user’s home setup. You can also watch on 4K and FHD resolution as well.

Not only that, Students also receive a free trial for an extended period of 6 months which can be canceled at any time. Plus, Students also get free shipping on tons of items bought from Amazon.

Things don’t just end here.

Your Mind will be blown when you’ll get to know about the remaining stuff you get from Amazon Prime Video.

Furthermore, Students also get unlimited photo storage facilities and discounts on pre-orders of new video games and stuff. Students can rent and buy textbooks at lower price values, including access to exclusive deals and coupons.

How much discount do students get from Amazon Prime?

Once Amazon Prime’s Free trial ends, students get a 50% discount. And student discount has a period of 4 years.

The regular membership fees are $139/year, and for students, the discounted price is about $69/year, which is an exclusive discount. On top of that, Students who refer Amazon Prime video to their friends also receives a $10 bonus as a referral.

For such membership, students must provide their email addresses and clarify with proof that they are college students.

Once verified, you can get unlimited access to Videos, Music, Movies, and TV shows.

Amazon Prime student membership also offers free scholarship money. Selected members are awarded thousands of dollars for college tuition fees.

Hulu: Best Budget Friendliness


Hulu offers the best when it comes to price for students. We all know how much every penny is worth if you are a student. It turns out Hulu keeps this thing in favor.

They only cost a couple of dollars for their subscription if you sign up as a student, whereas the regular plan costs $7.99 / month with ads. And the Ad-less choice is $14.99 / month. Therefore the $1.99 / month seems as a fraction of the regular subscription cost.

Hulu has also been praised for its original content, which includes shows like “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “The Good Place,” and “Pen15.” These shows have won numerous awards and have been critical and commercial successes.

But my experience with HULU doesn’t match the list of my favorite shows & movies. They have some original content. Still, the contents aren’t as intriguing as Desney+, or its rival, Netflix.

Overall, Hulu is a popular streaming service for a variety of reasons. It offers a wide variety of content, is easy to use, and is affordable.

Disney+:  Best Content for Students


The Subscription to Disney+ is a complete win-win for MCU lovers. In fact, it’s the only choice when you are a fan of Marvel movies.

Besides, The Disney classics, Pixar movies, Star Wars shows, and other PG-13 content are the primary reasons to create a student-friendly entertainment station. Even though I’m biased with the MCU movies, series, and sequels, the actual worth of Disney+ is unbeatable.

Furthermore, the special pricing for student subscriptions is a solid perk to declare it the most suitable Video streaming platform for students.

The regular monthly subscription expenditure is $7.99 / month with ads and $10.99 / month.

However, this $2.00 / month is only claimable with a regular Disney+ account; you’ll usually find it without ads, but the add-on account will only cost $2.00/month with ads. This add-on option is extremely respectable because of the rich & quality content that Disney+ offers. Someone to share this benefit with you.

YouTube Premium: Most Familiar Choice


Youtube is one of the most familiar platforms, the richest video-sharing hub yet. Most Youtube creators earn a handsome amount only by integrating ads into their videos.

The good thing is users aren’t even required to have an account to watch videos from YouTube. What you get for free is often enough, but if the ads bother you, you can pay $11.99 / month, which is worth it if you want to watch movies on Youtube.

For Students, they offer it costs only $6.99 / month after a one-month free-of-cost subscription. Youtube uses a SheerID to verify the subscription plan you chose.

You can simply go to youtube premium’s official site, sign up there, and complete your payments to allow youtube to’s premium service to enjoy the premium shows.

What I like about Youtube Premium is that there are no ads, including original movies and shows. But I don’t like that Youtube Premium has less premium content than their competing services.

If you drop out or leave school, you must choose other service packs rather than the student pack.

Max: Best HBO Shows & Popular Movies


Hands down for The DC Comic lovers. The HBO MAX is the most suitable choice as it contains movies like Dune, Godzilla vs. Kong, The Matrix Resurrections, The Suicide Squad, and other greater WarnerMedia universe movies.

I’m sure that young movie lovers would greatly appreciate these films. The regular price of MAX is $100 / year with ads. And the price is similar to the Basic plan of Netflix. But it is what it is.

Even though there is no discount for students, the films and other contents are worth it. If you love DC movies by any chance, it’s a complete pack. Then again, the Looney Tunes movies are also available in MAX.

TUBI: The Free Alternative


Who doesn’t love free things? Students usually are the rightful owner of free items. Even if the whole other video streaming services run after money through subscriptions, TUBI plays the game differently.

They genuinely offer free movies, series, shows, and video content that are completely free of cost. All you need is a good internet connection and a one-time sign-up.

However, you must watch ads while watching your content, some ads are pretty small, and some are fairly long with a skip button. But hey, you still need to watch ads on Netflix’s basic account despite paying a certain amount.

Of course, TUBI barely owns any original movies or content. They’ll only provide older items because they are feeding you free of cost. What more could you expect for free?

Even if the TUBI feeds are full of old movies, shows, series, and other videos, these are enough to cover your entertainment needs.


Is Ultra HD quality worth it on Netflix?

The Ultra HD quality costs $19.99 / month, which is only worth it if you own a TV or monitor with a native 4K resolution. Else there is no need to spend such an immense amount each month without utilizing the resolution.

Does Netflix have a 1-year plan?

Unfortunately, there are no Annual plans for a Netflix account. You have to pay each month, and maybe they didn’t have a yearly plan because they want your attention each month.

Does Netflix have Parental control for Kids?

Yes, Netflix has a dedicated profile for the kids in-house. You can choose what your offspring can access or watch through the Netflix account.

Does Netflix release its Original content to other platforms?

Of course not. They spend millions of dollars making original movies, series & documentaries. Netflix even buys the content rights to include in their library.


Although Netflix has no intention of saving Students’ pockets, they measure all their customers equally. It’s a good thing but not suitable for a student.

Don’t worry; there are sites like TUBI, CRACKLE, and VUDU that also work as a Netflix alternative without paying any subscription fees. They are sites that typically are based on Ads, just like Television.

Because it’s Legit and is full of offers, it works as a good Netflix alternative. Drop your opinion about the alternative in the comment box below.

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