Netflix Student Discount | Only 5 Steps to Redeem It For Free

Are you looking for a good Netflix subscription deal?

Then, let me enlighten you by saying that:

Netflix does have a good student discount but redeeming the code is a little bit complicated process.


Don’t you worry. In this post you will get to know how to get Netflix student discount for free and what might be the affordable alternatives of Netflix.

So, let’s not waste time and get started.

What is NETFLIX?

Netflix is the king of on-demand video streaming service. In simple words, you can think of it as a library of Movies and TV shows whcih you can play in your TV, mobile, PC etc.

Basically, it allows you to watch Movies and TV shows anytime on any compatible device.

In fact, you can stream your favorite movies on your iphone, ipad, Android, TV, Computer, Playstation, Xbox or any other gaming console.

Want to know the best part?

Netflix has over 148 million paid subscription all around the globe.


You see, this brand didn’t become a millionaire within a blink of an eye.

With hard flexes, Netflix started in 1997 as a website service and allowed people to rent DVD’s online. Netflix expanded their business and now just look at its lion share in the market.

It’s quite obvious that Netflix accounted all the downstream internet traffic in the United States.

Is there any Student Discount in Netflix?

Yes, there is a Netflix student discount for the younger people. And in this post I will tell you how to get it for free.

I know life as a student is tough. You have to attend numerous classes and deal with a tight budget.

Besides, unlimited access to Netflix cost $7.99/month. It gets even tougher to buy a subscription plan like this with such a limited budget.

Many companies offer student discounts on such subscription plans.


And Now, I am going to share some tips and tricks on how you can gain access to Netflix student discount for free.


This trick might take some time. But it actual works as I personally have tried this method.

Here are the steps to redeem Netflix Student Discount:

  1. Create a new Netflix Account on any device. After you finish creating an account. Click on “Start your Free Month” button.
  2. Cancel your free trial subscription plan before that ongoing 30 days.
  3. Then Netflix will send you an email with another free trial version after a month to run their business.
  4. Now, Click on that link given by Netflix and continue doing the same process again for getting multiple free trials. After you get multiple free trials, you will notice that the rate of the subscription drops to a certain amount. It might take a couple of tries.
  5. Take the least rate and enjoy unlimited access to Netflix Movies and TV shows.

Yes, it might be a little bit lengthy process but, Netflix student discount is obviously worth that time and effort.

NB: This trick might not work on any iOS devices. But you could definitely give it a try.

More Affordable Alternatives For NETFLIX

There are other companies that allows student discount. Such companies are like a blessing to students like us.


Popular streaming services that have student discounts are:

1. Amazon Prime Video

Like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video is also a video streaming service that provides unlimited access to prime Movies and TV shows.

In fact, amazon prime video has tons of TV series and Movies on their platform depending on the users home set-up. It can also be watched on 4k and HD resolution as well.


Want to know the best part?

Not only that, Students also receive a free trial for an extended period of 6 months which can be cancelled any time.

Plus, Students also get free shipping on tons of items bought from Amazon.

Things don’t just end here.

Your Mind will be blown when you'll get to know about remaining stuffs you get from Amazon Prime Video.

Furthermore, Students also get unlimited photo storage facilities and discounts on pre-orders of new video games and stuffs.

Students can rent and buy textbooks at lower price value including access to exclusive deals and coupons.

You might ask:

How much discount does students get from Amazon prime?

Once the Amazon prime's Free trial is over, students get a 50% discount on it. 

What's the time duration for amazon prime's student discount?

Amazon prime's student discount has a time period of 4 years.

The regular membership fees are $99/year and for students the discounted price stands about $49/year which is indeed an exclusive discounted offer.

In fact, students who refer Amazon Prime video to their friends also receives a $10 bonus as a referral.

For such membership students must provide their email address and clarify with proofs that they are college students.

Once you are verified, you can get unlimited access to Videos, Music, Movies and TV shows.

Here’s the best part:

Amazon prime student membership also offers a free scholarship money. Selected members are awarded thousands of dollars for college tuition fees.


As you know, HBO features the best shows on TV. HBO NOW is basically a TV streaming service that contains documentaries and movies.

You get to enjoy every latest episode of every series of HBO in an outstanding 4k video quality.


Here’s the kicker:

Getting all the Old and New Shows under your fingertips along with the latest movies make HBO NOW one of the best platform.

Typically, HBO NOW Subscription charges $14.99/month. But for students only the subscription plan varies within a range of $8-$9/month with no fixed contract or hidden fees attached to it.

Of course, you have to show your student status and verify that you are a student and eligible for the plan.

It’s a bummer as you can save upto $6/month.

Wait! There’s more. HBO NOW also offers a 30 day free trial. You can cancel your subscription plan any time before that ongoing 30 days.

3. Hulu through Spotify, Student Hulu Bundle

You must have heard the name of Spotify.

If not then I will tell you more about it.

Spotify is considered as the best music streaming services.

You can call it as a vast music library which allows you to share, custom and play songs from nearly all artists (old or new).

It also allows you to create your own playlists of songs based on the ones you enjoy the most.

You might also be wondering what Hulu is.

Hulu is similar to Netflix. In general sense, Hulu allows you to stream TV shows, Movies on your device without paying individually.

Hulu keeps rolling out new contents just like Netflix and they are also compatible to your devices.


Basically, Spotify and Hulu joined forces to provide a new streaming dimension that is exclusively for only college students.

The best thing is that, if u gain access to spotify premium then you also get access to Hulu premium service. The subscription service starts with a budget of $4.99/month.

Spotify along with Hulu is considered the best because It doesn’t deal with individual monthly subscription plans.

4. Youtube Premium

Next comes the Youtube Premium Subscription deal.

Youtube premium is a service with a one month free trial that removes ads from regular Youtube videos, giving you access to original shows and movies.

It also includes Youtube music service.

In fact, when you sign up, you can choose a student discount pack.

Youtube premium discount service helps you save 40% of its regular price value with a one month free trial.

Youtube uses a SheerID to verify the subscription plan you chose.

If you ask:

How to enable to youtube premium?

You can simply go to youtube permium's official site and then sign up there and then complete your payments to  enable youtube's premium service to enjoy the premium shows.

What I like about Youtube premium is that, there are no ads and it includes original movies and shows.

But what I don’t like about Youtube Premium is that, there are less premium contents than their competing services.

And the worst part is:

If you drop or leave school then you have to choose other service packs rather than the student pack.

Also if you can't here any sound then check our separate post on how to fix no sound on youtube.

5. CBS All Access

CBS All Access gives you an access to limited streaming service unlike Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Basically, it broadcast limited TV shows and on demand contents.

You can try it for free and if you are a student then definitely you can save even more. You can save up to 25% using the student service it provides.

Like Youtube premium, CBS All Access also uses a SheerID for verification. So if you used SheerID before then you can use that existing ID for signing up.

Final Thoughts

Apparently you will see that Netflix doesn’t show any discounted service. It’s like, Netflix Wants all your Money at one go.

But don’t worry. With this simple trick I provided, you can gain access to Netflix Student Discount.

Here’s also a Bonus Tip I am providing.

There are sites like TUBI, CRACKLE and VUDU that also works as a Netflix alternative without paying any subscription fees. They are sites that typically is based on Ads, just like Television.

So my advice is this:

If the above trick didn’t work for you then you can login to Amazon Prime video.

Why so?

Because it’s Legit and also it is full of offers which works as a good Netflix alternative.

Hope you have a great time and save some of your valuable money by having Netflix Student Discount.

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