MS Teams Integration with Cisco Video Conferencing [2024]

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Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex are two of the most helpful apps for calling, meetings and messaging large groups. However, Cisco Webex has some unique features that MS Teams lacks in and vice-versa.

So, it would be great to connect both apps together to access all the functionalities in one place, and it’s certainly possible.


Read this article to know how you can integrate MS Teams with Cisco Webex easily.

Let’s begin!

What Are The Requirements To Join MS Teams With Cisco Webex?

If you want to join an MS Teams meeting with a Cisco Webex, you must need Webex video integration licenses for all the video devices, a Microsoft 365 tenant with MS Teams accounts for each user, and Webex devices registered to an active Webex community.

Let’s discuss more briefly.

Here are the requirements for integrating Teams with Cisco video conferencing:

Active Webex Organization

An active and running Webex Organization profile is the very first requirement to purchase the Video Integration with Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft 365 Tenant With Microsoft Teams Accounts

Joining Teams to Cisco requires an Office 365 account to sign in as a Global administrator. This way, you will get allowed the application permissions, and an MS Teams executive can run PowerShell commands on your behalf.

With the Microsoft 365 account, you may sometime face occasion errors like error code 700003. Follow our epic guide to get rid of the problem.

Webex Video Integration Licenses

Every user who wants to use Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex devices together must have a Webex video integration license. You need to buy the subscription for this service to your Webex organization in Control Hub and set it up properly.

But during the Early Field Trial, licenses are not mandatory. After the trial ends, you need to purchase permits within 45 days after the service becomes generally open or start a partner-led trial. Else, the integration process won’t work.

Webex Devices Registered to Webex Organization

You need Webex devices registered to your Webex organization. You can also use SIP video devices with the ability to make internet calls.

Your network call control needs to permit business-to-business (B2B) calling to Webex and satisfy the Webex certificate requirements. Also, make sure your video devices have signaling and media network access.

Webex Hybrid Calendar Service

This service is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended for an easy integration process between MS Teams and Cisco Webex devices. It provides One Button to Push (OBTP) to video devices.

Apart from integrating Teams with Cisco Webex, you can also join Outlook and Teams together. It would be really helpful for you to know how you can manage issues while integrating Outlook with MS Teams.

How to Set Up MS Teams Integration with Cisco Webex

To setup MS Teams integration with Cisco Vidro Conferancing, you must need a Cloud Video Interop (CVI) license and give it to your Webex to connect Microsoft Teams with Cisco Webex devices.

Also, a Office 365 global admin credentials, a device with PowerShell and a SIP address with Cisco Video Calling is a required.

Here are the steps to set up the integration between MS Teams & Cisco video conferencing:

1. Get A CVI License & Link It To Your Webex Organization

You must purchase a Cloud Video Interop (CVI) license and provide it to your Webex organization.

Here’s how to check if the Webex organization has a CVI license:

  • Launch your internet browser.
  • Navigate to the admin page of Webex.
  • Sign in to your Webex organization using the admin
  • Choose Hybrid under the Services section.
  • Look for the Video Integration service card.
  • Check if you have the Set Up option on the service
Note: In the Video Integration service card, you only get the Set Up option if your Webex organization has a CVI license. Otherwise, you don’t get the option.

Microsoft teams often malfunction in showing the proper contact list. So, go through the best fixing guide on MS Teams not showing contacts error.

2. Get The Office 365 Global Admin Credentials

You may need to contact your Office 365 admin, assuming you are not the admin. You need the admin credentials to allow permission during the integration process.

3. Check The SIP Address Format

Make sure the SIP address for Cisco Webex Calling in the Webex organization is in the format of or

Follow the steps below to check your SIP address:

  • Launch your internet browser.
  • Navigate to the admin page of Webex.
  • Sign in to your Webex organization using the admin credentials.
  • Select Organization Settings under Management.
  • Scroll down to the SIP address for the Cisco Webex Calling section.sip-address-domain
  • Change the SIP address domain if it’s not
  • Click Edit Subdomain and update the SIP address domain to

If you modify your SIP address domain, you should do it in the off hours because the process can take up to 8 hours.

4. Get A Device With PowerShell 5.1 Or Later

You have to prepare a device with PowerShell version 5.1 or later. It also requires an internet connection as well. This device will access Office 365 using PowerShell to do the integration.

Open PowerShell and run this command- $PSVersionTable.PSVersion to see your PowerShell version. If you are using Windows 10 version 1607 or higher, you already have PowerShell 5.1 installed.

5. Install MS Teams PowerShell Module

You need to install Microsoft Teams to PowerShell so that you can use it to connect to external devices such as Cisco Webex.

Here’s the process to install MS Teams PowerShell module:

  • Click on the Search icon on the Windows taskbar.
  • Search for Windows PowerShell and open
  • Type Install-Module -Name PowerShellGet -Force -AllowClobber code and press Enter. It will install the latest
  • Copy- Install-Module -Name MicrosoftTeams -Force -AllowClobber code into PowerShell and press Enter to install the Teams PowerShell

Now you can start the connection process between MS Teams and Cisco Video Calling. Read the following section to learn how to do that.

But before that, you may also learn about how to work on a Microsoft Teams document together from our best guide.

How to Integrate Microsoft Teams with Cisco Video Conferencing

When you’ve got a CVI license and linked it to your Webex, have Office 365 admin credentials, updated the SIP address to the correct format, and installed the Teams module to PowerShell, you can connect MS Teams to Cisco using codes in PowerShell.

Here are the steps to integrate MS Teams with Cisco Video Conferencing:

  • Click on the Search icon on the Windows taskbar.
  • Search for Windows PowerShell and open it.
  • Run the following three commands in PowerShell and press Enter after each line:
    Import-Module MicrosoftTeams
    $userCredential = Get-Credential
    Connect-MicrosoftTeams -Credential $userCredential
  • Enter your Office 365 admin credentials, click OK and wait for MS Teams online connection to finish.powershell-ms-credentials
  • Keep the PowerShell window open.
  • Open your Webex organization admin portal.
  • Select Hybrid from the Services section.
  • Click Set Up on the Video Integration service card.
  • Select Authorise, which will take you to the Microsoft login
  • Enter the Office 365 admin credentials and sign in.
  • Click Accept on the list of all the permissions required for the Cloud Video Interop, and you’ll be back on the Webex page once the permissions are verified and granted. You’ll get two commands to run.
  • Copy the 1st command and paste it into PowerShell, press Enter and wait a few seconds for the process to
  • Go back to the Webex admin portal and copy the 2nd command.
  • Paste it into PowerShell, press Enter, and wait a few
  • Open the Webex admin portal and click
  • Select Done to finish the integration

After these steps, the Video Integration service card should have Operational

From now on, any Microsoft Teams meeting you create will have a new section on the meeting invitation. The section is called Join with a video conferencing device in which you will get the SIP address and the Video Conference ID of the that you have successfully linked Microsoft Teams with Cisco, go to the next section to find out the process for joining Teams meetings using Cisco Webex devices.

Read the next section to learn about connecting MS Teams meetings with Cisco Devices. But before that, troubleshoot following our best article if you are facing issues with Microsoft Teams error Caa70007.

How to Link MS Teams Meetings Using Cisco Devices

Once someone has created a meeting in MS Teams integrated with Cisco Video Calling, you can join the meeting using your Cisco DX80, Cisco SX10 or any Cisco Webex device with the SIP address and Video Conference ID from the meeting invitation.

Here’s how to join MS Teams meetings using Cisco devices:

  • Open the Microsoft Teams meeting invitation.
  • Note down the SIP address and Video Conference ID provided in the Join with a video conferencing device section of the invitation.teams-meeting-sip-conference
  • Dial the SIP address and enter the Video Conference ID delivered in the invitation when asked.

Now you will be taken directly to the MS Teams meeting and will be able to join it without any further steps.

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How to Use Cisco Webex Meetings within Microsoft Teams

Cisco Webex has the feature to combine various productivity tools, including Microsoft Teams. It enables you to schedule, start, or enter a Cisco meeting from MS Teams.

Moreover, you can add a unique tab for Webex meetings in MS Teams to easily access it. From this tab, you can view upcoming appointments and join them directly.

Here are the steps to use Cisco Webex Meetings within Microsoft Teams:

  • Open the Microsoft admin center and sign in.
  • Select Settings and then Services & addins.
  • Click on Microsoft Teams.
  • Turn on the Allow external apps in the Microsoft Teams option under the External Apps section.
  • Disable the Allow sideloading from external apps option.
  • Mark the Cisco Webex Meetings option.
  • Click Save to apply the changes and Exit.

After that, the Webex tab will be added to your MS Teams. Then you can view and join your Webex meetings from MS Team. You can also start a meeting and invite all your channel members instantly.

Often MS Teams can fail to connect with Microsoft server, and you may encounter Microsoft Teams error 0xcaa80000. Read out our best troubleshooting article to fix such errors.


Can Microsoft Teams integrate with Cisco Call Manager?

Microsoft Teams can integrate with Cisco Call Manager through a Session Border Controller (SBC), which Microsoft supports. The SBC could be a Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) or any compatible equipment from other factories.

Is Cisco Compatible with Microsoft Teams?

Yes. You can use the Cisco Webex Meetings app to schedule, start, or join a Cisco Webex meeting within Microsoft Teams. All you need to do is add the Cisco Webex Meetings to MS Teams.

Does Jabber work with Teams?

Yes, Jabber works with MS Teams. You just need to install both the Cisco Jabber app and the Cisco Webex Meetings app to access both Cisco Calling and Meetings from Microsoft Teams.

Final Words

Combining Cisco Webex with Microsoft Teams allows you to join Teams video conference with any Cisco device more efficiently.

Hopefully, you found this article helpful for your MS Teams Cisco integration purpose.

For further questions regarding Cisco Webex, MS Teams or any other apps, comment down below.

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