Microsoft Teams Can’t Hear Other Participants [Solved 2024]

Written By Farhan Max

Microsoft Teams is what you get if Slack and Zoom are mixed together. It’s got all their features and then some.

Though Teams is easy to use, all these features can be overwhelming, and you might’ve changed something that’s blocking your speakers while using Teams.


But no need to worry. It’s pretty easy to fix.


In this article, I’ve listed everything you need to check in order to fix the Microsoft Teams participant hearing problem.

Just speedrun through the steps and make sure all settings are on the right track. It won’t take long.

Why Can’t I Hear Someone on Teams?

You cannot heat participants on Teams can be due to using the wrong speaker settings on Teams or on your device. If you have multiple devices connected and the wrong speakers are selected, of course, you won’t hear the meeting participants.

Besides using the wrong speakers, you might’ve muted your speakers or muted Microsoft teams on your device and forgotten about it, or you could’ve chosen the wrong speakers in your device settings.

Also, not selecting Microsoft Teams in the device Permissions can cause this issue.

These are the things you need to check to fix this problem. It’s not a big deal and will only take a few minutes.

For your convenience, I’ve listed every point serially in the next section.

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How to Fix Microsoft Teams Can’t Hear Other Participants?

You can fix the inability to hear participants in Teams meetings by selecting the right speakers from the Teams settings and also from your device settings. Make sure your headphones are not muted, or Teams is not muted on the device, and check that you’ve allowed Teams to use the media device.

Here are the ways to fix can’t listen to participants on Teams:

1. Change Speaker During Meetings

If you are already in a meeting on Teams and cannot hear people, you can choose the proper speaker from right there.

Here are the steps to change speakers during meetings on Teams:

  • Select More and go to Device settings. more-device-settings
  • Click the dropdown icon under Speaker and choose the speaker you are using. teams-device-settings

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2. Change Speaker from Teams Settings

In case your speaker is working fine, but only Teams is giving you problems, there’s a good chance the wrong speaker is selected on Teams, and you need to change it.

Here’s how to change speakers from Teams settings:

  • Launch Microsoft Teams.
  • Click the 3 horizontal dots beside your profile picture.
  • Go to Settings. teams-settings
  • Move to the Devices tab.
  • Choose the speaker you are currently using from the dropdown list under Speaker. teams-devices-speaker

3. Change Speaker from Device Settings

If the wrong speaker is selected that you are not using, you won’t be able to listen to the participants on Teams. Choose the right speaker from the device settings.

Here’s how to change the speaker from Windows settings:

  • Click the Windows icon.
  • Go to Settings > System > Sound.
  • Click the dropdown icon under Output.
  • Choose the speaker you are currently using. windows-sound-output

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4. Ensure You aren’t Muted

Check and make sure that your audio is enabled on the device you are using and on the headphones if you are using one.



5. Check Volume Mixer

Check and make sure you haven’t muted Microsoft Teams in the volume mixer. Or, in case you are using Teams in the browser, ensure the browser is not muted as well as the headphones you are using in the volume mixer.

Here’s how to check the volume mixer:

  • Right-click on the Sound icon in the taskbar.
  • Select Open Volume mixer. open-volume-mixer
  • Ensure Microsoft Teams is not muted.
  • Check the browser is not muted when you use Teams in the browser.
  • Ensure the correct speaker is selected, and it’s not muted. volume-mixer

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6. Unmute Teams tab

In case you are using the Teams web version on your browser, and the Teams tab is muted, you won’t be able to hear anyone. Check and make sure the tab is not muted.

Just right-click on the Teams tab and select Unmute site, assuming it’s muted. unmute-site-tab

7. Run the Audio Troubleshooter

At this point, if the problem is still there, then there might be something wrong with the audio driver. Run the audio driver and see whether everything is okay or not.

Here’s the process of running the audio troubleshooter:

  • Click the Windows icon.
  • Go to Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot > Additional troubleshooters. additional-troubleshooters
  • Select Playing Audio and click Run the troubleshooter and follow instructions. playing-audio-troubleshoot

8. Update Audio Driver

An outdated audio driver also can be the reason you are facing this problem. Old drivers can have bugs or glitches that prevent apps from functioning correctly. Check and update your driver if available.

Here’s the procedure to update the audio driver:

  • Right-click on the Windows icon and select Device Manager.
  • Expand Audio inputs and outputs.
  • Choose the speaker you are using, right-click on it and select Update driver.
  • Click Search automatically for drivers. update-audio-driver

After these steps, if an update is available, it’ll be downloaded and installed automatically.


How do I enable sound in Microsoft teams?

To enable sound in Microsoft Teams, click the 3 dots beside your profile and go to Settings > Devices. Under Audio devices, choose your speaker and mic.

Why can’t I hear someone on Teams?

You can’t hear others on Teams because the wrong speaker is selected on Teams or on the device, or Teams can be muted in the volume mixer.

Why is my headset not working with Microsoft teams?

Your headset is not working on Teams can be because the headset is not selected as the default audio device on Teams. Click the 3 dots beside your profile and go to Settings > Devices. Under Audio devices, choose your headset.

Final Thoughts

We tend to focus so hard on the big stuff that we overlook the little things; we fail to see the solution right there in front of our eyes.

But you don’t have to worry about missing anything now. Here, I’ve combined every possible thing you’ll need to check in order to fix the problem of hearing others on Microsoft Teams.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding Teams or any other apps.

See you in the comment section.

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