How to Sign Out of Windows 10 [4 Effective Ways to Log Off]

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If you are using the traditional restart method to sign out from your current Windows 10 account to log in to another, you are doing it wrong. how-to-sign-out-of-windows-10-sHonestly, it is time-killing. In reality, signing out is quite simple with Windows 10. In this article, I will describe four different methods to completely sign out of Windows 10.

So, tag along.

How to Log Off in Windows 10

There are different ways you can sign out of Windows 10. Among all the ways, the easiest method to sign out is to click on the Start menu > press on the profile icon > and select Sign out. You can also press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete button and select the Sign out option to log off.

There are two other ways you can use it to log out of your Windows account. The process is the same for all local or administrator accounts. Below, I have explained those methods including these two with images.

Note: Before you sign off, ensure you close all the apps and save all the unsaved works.

Here are the methods to sign out from Windows 10:

1. Use the Windows Accounts Icon

The first way you can use it to log out is from the Windows accounts icon. In the earlier version of Windows, the sign-out was with the power menu. But Microsoft shifted it and now can be found under the Windows user account icon. Here’s how you can get there.

Here are the steps to sign out from the Windows accounts icon:

  • Click on the Start menu.
  • Press on your accounts icon.
  • Select Sign out. start-menu-profile-sign-out

2. Use Windows + X

The second way you can sign off is by using the Windows + X button. When you press those two buttons at the same time, a quick menu or you can say a power user menu will appear. From there you can execute a sign-out off Windows.

Here is the procedure to sign off from Windows using the Windows + X button:

  • Press the Windows + X button on your keyboard or right-click on the Windows icon to open the power user menu. press-windows-x-button
  • Put your cursor on the Shut down or sign out.
  • Select Sign out.shut-down-or-sign-out

3. Use Alt + F4

The next method I will discuss is commonly used as an alternative way to shut down the PC. It is the Alt + F4 keyboard shortcut. Once you press those buttons the Shut Down Windows dialog box will appear. You can sign out using that.

Here is the way to log off using the Alt + F4 keyboard shortcut:

  • Press the Alt + F4 button on your keyboard. press-alt-f4-button
  • Click on the dropdown arrow of the Shut Down Windows dialog box.
  • Select Sign out and click OK. click-sign-out-ok

You can also use the arrow key to change the options to Sign out and click OK to log off. Follow our ultimate guide to create a keyboard shortcut for any program in Windows 11.

4. Use Ctrl + Alt + Delete

The fourth method you can use to sign out involves three keys on your keyboard. It’s Ctrl + Alt + Delete button. When you press those three buttons simultaneously, a blue Windows security screen with several options will show up.

From there you can lock your computer, change passwords, open task manager, switch user accounts, and sign out.

Here is the process of logging out of Windows using the Ctrl + Alt + Delete button:

  • Press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete]
  • Click on Sign out. select-sign-out

If Windows shows you the You’re About to be Signed Out message while you shut down your PC, visit our separate post to find out how to disable the You’re About to be Signed Out function.

What Happens When You Sign Out of Windows 10?

When you click on the Sign out option it closes all the sessions that are running on your user account. It’s because the signing out is kind of related to the shutdown process. The PC will close down for a bit and will start again (not from the beginning) and take you straight to the lock screen.

If any program remains unsaved, the signing-out process will be blocked. A Windows security screen will pop up with a list of applications that are stopping Windows from signing out. Right under the blue screen, you will see the Sign out anyway and the Cancel option. apps-sign-out-cancel

In case you forcibly log off by clicking on the Sign out anyway option, all the unsaved programs will be lost and your computer or laptop will permanently sign out of windows 10.

My advice, when the security screen appears, click on Cancel and close all the running apps by yourself. This way, you can keep the files as saved, and you won’t lose any unsaved progress.

If you have multiple accounts, select an account from the lock screen. Then input your user password to log into your account. Now you have to re-open all the applications to continue your work.

Also, check out our epic fix if Windows is stuck at the lock screen before login.


How do I sign out of Windows using keyboard?

To sign out of Windows using the keyboard, press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete button on your keyboard. Using the arrow key, go to the Sign out option and press Enter.

How do I log myself out of my computer?

To log yourself out of your computer, press the Windows + X button on your keyboard. Move your cursor on the Shut down or sign out option and select Sign out.

What is the shortcut key of logout?

The classic shortcut key for logout is Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Although the Sign out option is also included on the traditional shut down Alt + F4 shortcut, you can also use that to log off from your user account.

Final Thought

Sometimes, when you install or uninstall a program on your PC, it asks for a restart. In that case, you can use Sign out instead of rebooting your PC.

I hope, after reading this article, you don’t have any confusion with signing out of Windows 10. Let me know in the comment section which method you use to log off.

Also, you can comment if you have any queries. I will gladly answer them.


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