How to Clean PS5 [With & Without Opening the Console]

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Dust and debris heaping up on a PS5 is not a hoax. It may sound cliché, but it’s a fact. The PlayStation, by design, is a bit conservative when it comes to getting your hands on different parts of it, unlike a PC.

Therefore, issues like overheating and the sound of a jet engine coming out of the console are widespread.

But it’s not impossible to clean the console either way. With a proper approach, you can do it by

So, let’s take a look.

Why Do You Need to Clean the PS5?

You need to clean the PS5 to dodge overheating and increase the lifespan of the silicon and internal components. Also, for sorting out increased fan noise and performance hits to a certain degree, cleaning the PS5 is a proven measure.

As it occurs, dust accumulation while using an electronic device, be it a PlayStation 5 console, is an earthy process. But this has to be taken care of before it’s too late.

See, when dust gathers over time, the blockage in the air circulation process is inevitable. PS5 can not take fresh air, nor can it exhaust hot air properly. This leads to a heating issue and performance drop while playing graphically intensive games. Worse, you may experience a complete shutdown of the console.

So, keep your PS5 clean to prevent all of these from getting in your way.

How to Clean PS5 With & Without Opening the Console

You can clean a PS5 by completely wiping down the console and using a vacuum or air compressor to clean dust from hard-to-reach areas. Besides, take out the intake fan and clean the fan blades with a soft brush and Q-tips to make sure of blocking while taking in cool air.

Speaking of cleaning the PS5, you can do it without even taking apart the console. But before that, prepare all the necessary tools to get started.


To Take Off PS5 FaceplateUse your hands with proper technique.
To Remove the Intake FanHead Screwdriver, T8 screwdriver, and Tweezer
To Clean up the consoleMicrofiber cloth, Isopropyl Alcohol,  Manually controlled vacuum, Air duster, Toothbrush with a soft head, Q-Tips,

Here are the steps to clean PS5 properly:

Step 1: Remove PS5 From Any Power Source

Before everything, disconnect the PS5 from any power outlet. Check and double-check the power connection.

Completely remove other peripherals or accessories connected to the PS5 console, such as a USB drive, external hard drive, controller, VR headset, and others. Also, make sure to dismantle the PS5 stand.

Step 2: Take Off the Faceplates

The PS5 cleaning process starts off with removing the faceplate. The design of the faceplate obstructs reaching critical spaces and vents to scour them up. You need to take apart the faceplate henceforward.

To remove PS5 faceplates, place the console horizontally on a smooth and clean surface, such as a table. Get your left hand to the PS logo on the faceplate and get some leverage with your right hand from the bottom. Just pull towards you with moderate force, and the faceplate will snap out with a clicking noise. Do the same on the other side.remove-ps5-faceplate

Once you get these out of the way, clean the grime and the inside of each plate with a dry wipe first. Use compressed air if you have to.

When loose and large dust particles are eliminated, go ahead and do a complete wipe with isopropyl alcohol. Use a brush to clean the mounting hook areas.

After you complete cleaning the faceplate, both front and back, set it aside for now. Things are about to get messy!

Step 3: Remove the Intake Fan

A PS5 without the faceplates will expose the 120mm intake fan. To release the console from dust misery, this fan needs to be removed.

First, remove the vent-like black piece that wraps around the fan. A gentle force with a pull-up motion will make it come out.ps5-vent-piece-removeps5-vent-piece-removed

Now, take a head screwdriver and unscrew the 4 sides of the fan retention bracket in a crisscross pattern. Expose the fan’s connection by removing the plastic film just beside the fan.ps5-remove-fan-screwsps5-intake-fan-brakcet-removed

Take a tweezer and disconnect the fan cable from the console. After that, lift the intake fan to take it out completely.ps5-remove-intake-fan-connection

Step 4: Clean Intake Vents, Grooves, Fan, Heatsink & Ports

With a stripped-down PS5 console, it’s time to give it a thorough cleansing. With a brush and microfiber cloth, give the entire console a dry clean. Reach out to every nook and cranny with brush strands and drive out dust.clean-ps-intake-fan

Reach to the intake fan slot and use a vacuum to drive out dust and debris from the inside. Also, use the two holes, one under the intake fan slot and the next one on the side of the PS5, and pull out debris with the vacuum.vacuum-clean-ps5ps5-heat-sink-cutout

Make sure to use gentle pressure; otherwise, components on the PS5 PCB may get damaged. Also, with the air duster, use compressed air to remove adamant stains or gunks that are hard to come off.

After that, use an alcohol-soaked soft cloth to wipe the entire console. Soak Q-tips as well and reach the grooves and ports of the PS5 console and swipe, swipe, swipe!

Step 5: Reassemble the PS5

Re-attach the intake fan and the faceplates on the PS5. Do everything in reverse, and you should be good to go.

Plug in the power cable and other accessories to check whether the PS5 turns on without a problem.

How to Clean PS5 Without Taking It Apart

For conservative console gamers, opening the lid and taking out the intake fan is often deemed awe-inspiring. If you are one of the members of that bandwagon, don’t stress yourself. You can always clean the PS5 without cracking it open.clean-ps5

To clean the PS5 without opening, use a delicate dry cloth to wipe down the exterior of the console. Soak it in isopropyl alcohol to remove any hard stains or dirt. Also, make use of compressed air to blow out dust. Take a cotton swab and reach to the very tiny areas for a good cleansing.

You see, cleaning out the exposed air vents along the protruding faceplate of the PS5 is very critical. The intake fan pulls in air from that area. So clean this area carefully with a Q-tip and soft paint or toothbrush.

Then again, some dust can be fibrous, such as cat or human hair. These can entangle and hold onto surfaces strongly. So use a burst of air with an air compressor or a low-powered vacuum to take them out.

Last but not least, clean the ports on the console, such as USB, HDMI, or power area carefully.

Things to Consider While Cleaning PS5

The PlayStation 5 console is a delicate piece of modern hardware. Just like other electronics, you need to follow some instructions while dealing with the cleaning process.

Here’s what you should consider while cleaning the PS5:

  • Do not use a high-pressure vacuum as it can harm internal components on the PCB. The extreme air force of air can take out SMDs from the board.
  • Do not use clothes that create friction. Using such material in swipe motion can produce a static charge, which eventually can cause problems. Always take advantage of microfiber cloths as they are soft and can clean dust particles effectively.
  • Do not use water to clean electronic parts. If water is left as residue, it can kill your console.

Remember these factors to steer clear of any damage or issues when you attempt to clean the PS5.


How Often Should You Clean Your PS5?

You should clean your PS5 every couple of months. But if you live in a more open and dusty area, clean the PS5 every month. This will save the PS5 from overheating and increase its lifespan.

Can Dust Damage Your PS5?

Yes, dust can damage your PS5 severely. If you don’t clean the PS5 console regularly, dust will gradually block the air vents, intake fan, and heat sink. As a result, internal components such as memory and chip will overheat.

Is It Safe to Clean PS5 With Compressed Air?

Yes, it is safe to clean PS5 with compressed air for the most part. But if you go too extreme, internal components can get damaged. Use air dusters from your local hardware shops, as these are repurposed for cleaning electronics.

Last Bit

The best way to clean the PS5 is to remove the faceplates and use a vacuum at the two dedicated holes for dislodging dust inside the console. Also, clean the intake fan and the vents of the consoles properly with a brush or Q-tips.

So, let us know in the comment how your cleaning experience went. Again, if you come across any issues, you can always reach out to us. Cheers!

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