Fix Google Meet Not Working on Android [8 Effective Ways]

Written By Steven Arends

You take your Android device in your hand to join a meeting on Google Meet. But instead, you see the app isn’t working.

Are you looking for a quick way to fix your Google Meet? Then, tag along.fix-google-meet-not-working-on-android

In this article, I will guide you through some effective and proven methods to help your Google Meet app get back to work again and cover the causes of this issue here.

Without ado, let’s begin.

How to Fix Google Meet App Not Working Issue on Android

To fix the Google Meet app not functioning issue on android, you can force stop and restart the app, update the meet application, clear cache memory, and uninstall & reinstall the app. Moreover, removing the battery restrictions can fix the app’s no-working issue.

These fixes won’t work if the Google Meet server is down. To know whether the problem is in the server, go to the Downdetector website or the Google Workspace Status Dashboard website.

Also, check your internet connection and try rebooting your mobile device.

You should apply the methods below if the server & internet connection is okay and Google Meet is still not functioning on your Android phone after the reboot.

Here are the methods to fix Android’s Google Meet application:

1. Force Stop & Restart Google Meet

Due to rapid usage or running too many apps at a time, the Google Meet app can get stuck. In that case, force-stopping the app can kill the hanging process and restore your app to work again.

Take the following steps to force stop & and restart the Google Meet app:

  • Press and hold the Meet app for a while to reveal the quick menu.
  • Tap on the App Info
  • Select Force stop.tap-force-stop
  • Click on Force stop from the confirmation box.confirm-force-stop
  • Go back to the main screen and find the Meet app from the app list.
  • Press the Meet app to start the application.

2. Update Google Meet

Not updating Google Meet on a regular basis is another leading cause for the app to stop operating on your Android device. Once you update & re-enter the app, the meet app will be back into service.

Follow the below steps to update the Google Meet application:

  • Click on the Play Store
  • Type Google Meet on the Play Store search bar.
  • Tap on the Google Meet(original)
  • Press Update.

3. Clear Google Meet Cache Memory

Cache memory stores the temporary memory of the application and assists the app in responding faster. However, too many cache data or buggy cache files cause malfunction. So, you need to clean up the cache files of the Google Meet application to resolve the issue.

Here’s how you should clear Google Meet’s cache memory:

  • Press and hold the Google Meet app for a few seconds. A quick menu will pop up on the screen.
  • Click on App Info. meet-app-info
  • Tap on Storage usage. storage-usage
  • Select Clear cache. select-clear-cache
  • Click OK.

The app should start operating again when all the cache is clear.

4. Uninstall & Reinstall the Google Meet Application

When the Google Meet app gets corrupted due to viruses, cleaning the cache files & updating the app may not be enough to fix your Google Meet application. In that case, you must uninstall and reinstall the Google Meet app to make the app work again.

Here’s how to do this.

Pursue the following way to uninstall & reinstall the Google Meet app:

  • Press and hold the Google Meet app and select Uninstall from the quick menu. meet-uninstall
  • Click Uninstall from the confirmation box. press-confirm-uninstall
  • Launch the Play Store
  • Search for Google Meet and tap on it. search-google-meet
  • Tap on the Install.

When the whole process is complete, the app will start to work. Have some time to spare? Check out our latest fix for Spotify stuttering on Android devices.

5. Turn On Camera & Microphone Permissions

In order to make conversation via video calling, the Google Meet app requires access from your device’s camera & microphone. If Google Meet doesn’t have accessibility from those features, it won’t work on your android device. You must allow the permission.

Here is the Process of turning on camera & microphones permissions to Google Meet:

  • Click on Settings. click-settings
  • Go to App Management. tap-app-management
  • Tap on the App list. press-app-list
  • Find Google Meet and click on it. locate-google-meet
  • Press on Permissions. click-on-permissions
  • Tap on the microphone and camera features.
  • Select Allow only while using the app. allow-camera-microphone-permission

Once Google Meet gets access, the not working issue will resolve. If you are not hearing audio through your AirPods while using Google Meet, read our epic fix for AirPods not working on Google Meet.

6. Disable Limit Data Usage

Occasionally, the Google Meet app stops running due to data limitations. It happens when you use cellular mobile data instead of WiFi.

Although the feature saves mobile data, it becomes problematic when you need to have a video chat that lasts for an extended period.

You should keep the option disabled and use WiFi instead of mobile data while using Google Meet.

Follow the way to disable limited data usage on Google Meet:

  • Launch the Google Meet application.
  • Tap on the hamburger icon from the top left corner. hamburger-icon
  • Press on Settings. meet-settings
  • Toggle off the Limit data usage option.toggle-off-limit-data-usage

7. Remove Battery Restrictions

As you already know, apps consume most of the percentages of your phone’s battery. Google Meet is no exception.

Since the app uses your phone’s camera & microphone, it takes a fair amount of charge while you are using it.

If the battery saver feature enables in your Android device, it stops all those that use up charges by a lot. In your case, this can be the reason your Google Meet isn’t working on your Android.

Remove the battery restrictions, and Google Meet should be working again.

Take the below steps to remove battery restrictions on Google Meet:

  • Tap and hold for a second the Google Meet icon.
  • Select App Info. meet-app-info
  • Press on Battery usage. press-on-battery-usage
  • Toggle on Allow foreground activity and Allow background activity.
  • Click Allow. allow-foreground-background-activity

You may also like to read how to check AirPods’ battery on Android.

8. Free Up Your Phone’s Storage

When you install & run any apps on your Android, it takes up a decent amount of space in your phone storage.

However, if you keep too many apps or files on your phone, there won’t be much room for them to operate. As a result, Google Meet and other apps won’t function & will take an automatic shutdown randomly.

If this is the cause of your Google Meet isn’t working, you must uninstall & delete all your unused apps and unnecessary files to free up your phone’s storage.

Before removing files and apps, check how much space is still available on your Android device. To know that, go to Settings > Storage. settings-storage

Your smartphone should have a minimum of 500 MB of free storage to keep the Google Meet app running well. If there isn’t, uninstall unused apps by following method four. Also, delete useless files like documents, large videos, etc., that you don’t need on your phone.

When the storage capacity increases, Google Meet will resume functioning normally.

However, you can use Google Meet via the Gmail app. When you open the Gmail app, you will find the Meet icon in the bottom right corner of the app. Click on that icon & you will be able to use Google Meet. tap-meet-icon

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Why is Google Meet Not Working on Android?

Too much cache memory, problems within the Google Meet server, corrupted & outdated meet app, and poor internet connection is the leading cause of Google Meet not operating on your Android phone today. Also, being unable to access the phone’s camera & mic can block the app not ringing on android.

Every so often, limited data & battery restrictions are the reason Google Meet doesn’t ring when someone calls.

The cache can pile up quickly on your device, preventing the meet app from running. But if you keep using Google Meet without updating the app from time to time, the app will stop functioning.

The server can be the primary reason you cannot use Google Meet. If the problem is in the server, you can do nothing until the authority resolves the server problem.

Once you detect the cause of the problem, you may now ask what to do if google meet is not working.

I described several methods to fix Google Meet above. Any one of the methods will fix your Android’s Google Meet app.

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Why won’t my Google Meet let me join?

Google Meet won’t let you join until you sign in to the application with your personal Google account or workspace account.

How do I reset my Google Meet?

To reset the Google Meet application on android, go to Settings > App Management > App List > Google Meet > Storage usage > Clear data > OK. When all the app data remove from your phone, the app will reset to default.

Which Android version is compatible with Google Meet?

From the Android 5.0 version up to now, all the latest Android versions are compatible with Google Meet.

Final Thought

The Google Meet application can run into different issues like any other app. First, you should apply the precautionary methods. If those don’t solve the problem, you must apply other fixes.

I hope your Google Meet problem resolve using the methods above and the application is functioning again. Let me know in the comment section which strategy fixes your issue.

You can also comment if you have any queries.

Peace out!

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