What Is Discord Sticker Invalid Asset & How to Fix It

Written By Shubrato Dev Baishnab

Stickers are emotion expressers! Even it can articulate what you can’t say in words. Likewise, stickers became the real gem and smasher in Discord.

You’ll find tons of stickers to send when you’re on a server or chatting individually. However, what if you see Invalid asset while sending one in Discord? Is there a problem with the sticker file format, or are there other reasons?discord-sticker-invalid-asset

Let’s understand the causes and fix this.

What is an “Invalid Asset” Error for Discord Sticker?

While uploading a sticker in Discord, “Invalid asset” means the sticker doesn’t fulfill specific requirements. Plus, the file might be too large or in the wrong format. These are the legit reasons behind getting that error message.discord-sticker-upload-requirements

However, the vague error message appears on Discord when you try to do the followings:

  • The wrong file format for Discord stickers is one of the main reasons behind that error. Discord only supports PNG or APNG (animated PNG) format for stickers. So, if you’re trying to upload a GIF file as a sticker, that will count as an invalid asset.
  • A sticker File larger than the maximum supported size is another reason you failed to upload the sticker. Discord supports uploading sticker file sizes not more than 512KB. That implies your sticker size is above that.
  • When the sticker size exceeds the required dimension, it becomes an invalid asset. The maximum and required dimension for a Discord is 320px * 320px. Discord won’t accept anything beyond that.
  • APNG sticker files frame is beyond 60 FPS, and Discord will surely show you that invalid asset error message. You must keep the APNG file under or equal to the 60 FPS limit.

So, these are the legitimate reasons for getting that error message while uploading a sticker on Discord. Now, let me show you how to fix that.

How to Fix Invalid Asset Error for Discord Sticker

You can fix the Invalid Asset error by uploading the supported file formatted sticker on Discord. Avoid uploading GIF files, and always upload PNG or APNG formatted stickers. Plus, ensure that the file size should not exceed more than 523KB and sticker meets the required dimension.

And there is one thing you must remember — the sticker must have a transparent background. Otherwise, it won’t get uploaded and will throw that error message. Moreover, if you’re uploading an APNG file, ensure that the FPS should not be beyond 60 FPS.

However, it’s time to convert that file if you have other file types, such as JPEG or GIF. Let me guide you on how to do that and additional fixing methods with proper steps.

1. Remove the Background and Resize the Sticker

If the sticker’s background isn’t removed, you must remove it before uploading. Stickers backgrounds should always be transparent. After removing the background, check the sticker dimension and resize it as per Discord’s sticker requirement.

  • Open the browser and search for “image background remover online.”search-google-for-image-background-remover-online
  • Go to any site from the top list. For example: Remove.bg or Adobe.
  • Upload the image there and remove the background.
  • Download the file once the process gets completed.
  • Go to Google again and search for “online image resizer.”search-google-for-image-resizer-online
  • Pick any website from the top result.
  • Choose the Dimension(px) option and input 320 for both the Width and Height fields.
  • Hit the Resize button.
  • Download the file after resizing is completed.

That’s all! Now you can upload the file to the Discord server. However, if you have JPEG or GIF file formatted sticker, move on to the following method.

2. Convert and Compress the Sticker

Sadly if you’re trying to upload the wrong file format stickers on Discord, it won’t accept that. Besides, it’ll show you an error message. To resolve this, you must convert and compress the file per Discord’s requirements.

  • Launch the web browser and search for “jpeg to png online converter” or “gif to png online converter.” on Google.search-jepg-to-png-image-online-converter-on-google
  • Select any reliable website and upload your JEPG or GIF file.
  • Once uploaded, hit the Convert button.
  • Download the file after conversion.
  • Search again on Google, and search for “online file compressor.”search-on-google-for-online-image-compressor
  • Select any site from the top list and go there.
  • Upload the converted file and hit the compress button.
  • Ensure that the compressed file should not be more than 512KB.
  • Download the file after that.

Upload that converted and compressed sticker on your preferred Discord server this time. I bet you get that Invalid asset error message this time.

3. Check the Internet Connection

Sometimes, due to a faulty internet connection sticker won’t get appropriately uploaded and throw that error message. So, check your internet connection is up and stable.

As you’re uploading a file on Discord, your internet connection must be OKAY. This is the primary thing you must check. Cross-check your net connection if you’re uploading a sticker that fills all Discord’s requirements and still getting that message.

4. Contact Discord Support for Help

If nothing works out and you’re still seeing that error message, it’s high time you must contact Discord support for help. This is the last resort to resolve this problem.

Before that, uninstall and reinstall the Discord app and try uploading the file again.

Didn’t work that either?

Go to Discord support and ask the experts to help you. They will suggest you something that will surely solve the issue.


Can I upload jpeg or gif stickers on Discord?

You can’t upload JEPEG or GIF stickers on Discord. Regular Discord users can only upload PNG or APNG (Animated PNG) file-formatted stickers on their Discord servers.

What is the maximum file size for uploading a sticker on Discord?

Discord supports a maximum of 512KB file size for uploading a sticker on Discord.

Can I upload any dimension size sticker on Discord?

Discord sticker size must be 320px * 320px; anything beyond that will be an invalid asset.

Final Words

Discord stickers are a great way to have fun while chatting with fellow members on the servers or chatting individually. And Discord allows users to upload custom stickers on their servers. But if those custom stickers failed to meet the conditions, Discord ignored that as an invalid asset.

If you’ve read till the end, you know how to make that invalid sticker file into a valid one. In case you need more help regarding Discord, comment below.

Enjoy using Discord with all the funky stickers!

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