How to Clean AirPods Case [Without Damaging Internals 2024]

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The AirPods case is just as important as the AirPods themselves. Some users don’t take good care of the case until it exhibits weird behavior. Mostly it’s because of the ongoing dust build-up on the

Do you find cleaning your AirPods case intimidating?

Well, in this guide, you’ll learn to safely remove dirt from the AirPods case.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

Safely Clean AirPods Case

Take a fresh, dry, dust and lint-free soft microfiber cloth and soak it with isopropyl alcohol to clean the AirPods case. Run down the entire case with a gentle rub and remove any visible spots, gunk or stains. Wipe the case with a dry and dust-free cloth afterward for the best result. clean-with-cloth

However, if you want to walk some extra miles and carry out a deep cleaning process, you can follow some additional instructions.

Here is the procedure to deep clean the AirPods case:

  • Pick a soft and clean brush and clear any dust from the charging port. brush-cleaning
  • Wipe over the entire Airpods case with a microfibre cloth. Consider using isopropyl alcohol as a rubbing agent. use-alcohol
  • Grab a sharp, pointy, yet low-hardness level object such as a toothpick. Scrub stubborn stains with it to remove them.
  • Soak a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol and clean the internal grooves of the Airpods case. q-tip-cleaning
  • Clear every nook inside. Use the toothpick to clear the edges and critical areas with low accessibility, such as tiny holes and cracks.
  • Give a dry wipe with a neat microfibre cloth as a finishing touch. Use dry cotton swabs to give the final rub to the internal of the Airpods case.

Last but not least, you can use strong tape to pull out unyielding dirt, wax and stains. Use good quality tape so that it does not leave any marks with adhesive.

Note: Do not insert your AirPods until the case is completely dry. Make sure you don’t spill any liquid in the charging ports. charging-hole

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Clean AirPods Case Without Alcohol

Scrub the Airpods case with a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth moistened with distilled water. Make sure the cloth is squeezed properly. Water dripping inside the case will damage electronic parts. Use the case once it is perfectly dry.

See, alcohol may not always be readily available to you. Fresh water is a great alternative in such circumstances. But you may have to wipe over the case a little harder than usual. It will remove stains that are difficult to rinse.

While cleaning the inside, ensure no liquid residue is present in the case. Dry it off completely before further use.

Note: Do not submerge the AirPods case in water. Using soap, shampoo, or other detergents may also impair the case.

After cleaning with a wet cloth, take a dry, soft cloth and gently wipe over the case. It will remove excess liquid.

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How to Clean AirPods Case Magnets

The case houses the AirPods perfectly, thanks to the magnets inside it. Also, the lid closes with a satisfactory flap and seals the case perfectly.

Dust and debris inside the AirPods case cripple the functionality of the magnet. Charging efficiency may significantly decrease if the magnets are dirty.

Here is how you can clean AirPods case magnets:

  • Blow compressed air with air dusters to drive out particles from the magnets.
  • Grab a Q-tip and thoroughly clean the inside of the case where the AirPods reside.
  • Clean the connectors at the bottom of the case.
  • Give a gentle scrub around the magnetic strips on the case lid.

Also, soft brushes are a fantastic tool for cleaning tight spaces of the AirPods case.

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How Do I Get Rid of Black Spots on My Airpod case?

Soak a soft dry cloth with isopropyl alcohol and scrub the black spots on the AirPods case. All stains and scuffs will get cleansed in a moment. Repeat the rubbing if the scars are difficult to remove.

Can You Clean the AirPods Case With Q Tips?

Yes, you can clean the AirPods case with Q-tips. These are great for precision and help clean the case’s tight spaces.

How Often Should I clean AirPods Case?

You should clean the AirPods case once every week to prevent dust and debris from building up on it. At least give a thorough wipe on the outside and blow compressed air inside of the case to keep it clean and functional.

Can You Clean AirPods Case With Hydrogen Peroxide?

No, you should not clean the AirPods case with hydrogen peroxide and bleach. It will trap moisture inside and damage electronic parts.

Ending Remarks

Viruses and bacteria may find a residing place if your Airpods case is filthy. It looks super unappealing as well. Charging or closing the lid may also appear problematic. Hence it is important that you clean it every once in a while.

Hope this guide helps you to make the AirPods case fresh again. Comment down below for further queries.

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