Can You Play WOW Solo? [Confusion Resolved 2024]

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People say single-player gaming is dead. Not just people. This statement came from our very own EA. Yes, you heard it right. From the publisher that makes one of the worst sports games ever, FIFA!

Look, I love FIFA, but the game is just not priced fairly. And it is common for EA to make this statement because FIFA has one of the biggest player base on gamin scenario.

But there are plenty of publishers that are still making great single-player games.


Can you play wow solo?

Yes, You can play World of Warcraft in a single-player mode even though the game is made for a bigger multiplayer platform. But in single-player, you still can level up your player, practice your profession, and if you are good at trading, you can make a lot of gold.

If you have played world of warcraft back in the days and want to make a comeback, then I can assume you are having difficulties giving the game a go.

Well, don’t you worry; in this guideline, I will describe if it is worth going solo in the world of warcraft.

So put on your reading glasses to get your confusion resolved.

Is WoW worth it for single player?

First of all, if you think you can play the game offline without the internet, the answer is no. The game is made fully for online gaming, and there is no offline content in the world of warcraft.

Now the question is it worth playing wow as a solo player. Well, before going there, the game genre is MMORPG, which stands for a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. So yes, if you play this game solo, you will miss out on a lot of content. I wanted to clear that in the first stance so that we can continue whether it is worth it or not.

World of Warcraft came out in 2004; it currently has 8 DLCS and three separate games. Two classics and a modern wow game named World of Warcraft Shadowlands. Even after 17 years, this game still has the craziest fanbase in the gaming scenario. Wow, classic that came out in 2004 had a massive amount of online players. But obviously, it dropped as time went by. People either invested their in competitive online gaming or casual online RPG games such as GTA online.

But there is a recent spike in wow games of players because of their new wow classic re-release. Many people are jumping back in to taste the nostalgia. To go back to the memories they fond the most. But people had a long group of friends that would play wow 24/7 back in the time. Now that the scenario has changed, many people are thinking of playing solo.

You can play the game solo. There is nothing wrong with it. You can even do all dungeons, which were previously impossible without a group of people. You can do the world quest on the map.

But obviously, I will elaborate on why playing solo wow is worth it.


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Here are the reasons you should play wow solo:

1. Avoid Toxicity

As I said earlier, wow is a timeless classic. The game has already crossed a successful decade, and I am pretty sure it will cross many more.

In the meantime, the game has gained a crazy fandom. I know many people who started wow in 2004 and still playing the game. Playing the game in top tier level. Obviously, some of them are very nice and will help you out if you are a new player but has a big passion for the game.

But that number is very little. World of Warcraft has one of the most toxic fanbases out there. Probably after Dota or CS. If the pro and arrogant players get a chance, they will eat you alive. If you make a silly mistake in the dungeon, you are out, mate! If you ask silly questions in the trade chat, you are doomed. The entire chat will be against you. And you would be lucky if you didn’t get any racial abuse. Yes, gaming can be that rouge, my friend.

So yes, if you are around those people, they will eat your wow experience, and you will leave the game gaining no interest at all. Thus it is better if you start on your own through reading an online guide or doing the world quest, or exploring Azeroth on your own. It might be hectic, and trust me, it will be. But you have to start somewhere. And there are many people out there who are still playing the game without any group or guild. So you can too!

2. Freedom

See, if you are playing solo, you can do a lot of things on your own accord. You don’t have to wait for anybody or anything. You will be able to earn gold without being with a bunch of toxic people.

And if you join a guild, they have particular times for raid, and trust me, if you are someone who is working most of the time and can play occasionally, you will miss out on most of the raids. That will lead you to a very insulting kick from the guild.

Now you can ask, hey, how to raid solo? Well, you can still raid if you are going solo. You can find plenty of guilds in the live chat. Just join in when you can and do the raid. And get out of the guild after you are done with the raid. That way, you don’t have to make or keep promises that you cannot keep.

Also, if you are going solo, you don’t have to share your loot or cash. Plus, you can easily select your Zones or continents. And you have the freedom to avoid noobs. I mean, they really can ruin your game. But if you don’t want to be someone’s mentee, you really should avoid playing with someone new. But as my reader, I will request you not to be toxic. The world is already cruel as it is. Don’t make it harder for people.

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3. The Story

World of Warcraft has a fantastic story. Azeroth is a wonderland. There are so many truths that are still there to be unfolded. So many NPC to interact with. So many easter eggs to be solved.

With every DLC, it gets more interesting.

In every area you are in, you will find a questline that will lead you to the story, and you will have plenty of sidequests too. Also, the world is so immersive that you will be mesmerized. So many times, I have stopped while in-game just to see the world and take a deep breath in peace.

If you want to get to full out of the world of warcraft, it is better to start solo and slowly try to engage in a group or guild after a while. That way, you can explore the world without any pressure and unfold all the hidden epic tales in Azeroth.

What can I solo in Shadowlands?

You can raid all the old raids in Shadowlands. Blizzard allows you to raid up until you are level 50.

You should be able to raid everything un until you reach legion and BFA5. Apart from that, you do all the world quests, and trading is open for solo players too. You can hop to new zones and firm there for gold and spells. But you will need a big group of players to complete the end game content.

Shadowlands is one of the best games to play solo if you like the world of warcraft. Because in the classic, everything is too hard and complicated. Most of the tasks require skillful players. But you don’t have to do that much grind if you are new in World of Warcraft Shadowlands. You can make gold easily and level up your character without any support from other players.

Final Thoughts

All RPG lovers should give a go to World of Warcraft. With or without friends.

Hopefully, with this guideline, you can find your reason to play wow solo.

And if you still have any queries, then you can always reach out to us.

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