Can Protonmail Be Traced? [Latest News 2024]

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You accidentally sent an email from your Protonmail account to another person. You can’t sleep in worries, wondering if the receiver can trace your Protonmail ID!

There are good reasons for your concern as e-mail has become one of the crucial platforms for your daily communication with your friends, relatives, office colleagues, and business clients.


Being in that sort of situation, I can assume what’s going through your mind, mate. I can assure you not to worry a bit regarding this situation.

Grab a cup of coffee and calm down. Read through the end of this article, and it will solve all your worries.

Don’t skip any part is a must for you.

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What is Protonmail?

Protonmail is an end-to-end encrypted email service provider that uses client-side encryption to protect email content and user data before being sent to ProtonMail servers. Providing privacy and security has been the primary key for this company to reach more than 20,000,00 users worldwide.

As it was founded in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2013, this company has to follow the constitutions of this country.

Protonmail follows the cryptographic system where the encryption of the sender’s information happens in the sender’s device. So, the server will receive only the codes. No private key is present in the Protonmail server to decrypt the encrypted message or information.

Protonmail server hides the sender’s IP address and does not record any IP address of the sender. That’s why Protonmail is an anonymous email service provider.

How Does Protonmail Service work?

Protonmail service follows the end-to-end encrypted method. You should know what the end-to-end encrypted method is at first. If you catch the concept of this encryption, then you will know whether anyone can trace your Protonmail id or not.

End-to-end Encryption

An end-to-end encryption system is a tertiary standard for protecting users’ information. The only person to access the information is the person who sends email in an end-to-end encryption system.

The end-to-end encrypted system provides the users with a public key and a private key. The Protonmail server stores the public key, and the user’s device stores the private key.

The private key turns it into codes or encrypts with your device’s help when you send an email. Then the code is sent to the Protonmail server.

The server will find your email as the formulation of codes, and then the server sends them to the receiver. Then the receiver will use their private key to decrypt those codes.

The encryption process takes place in the device before reaching the Protonmail server. The server will find only codes instead of the files or information added to the email.

That’s how the end-to-end encryption works in the Protonmail server. The server can’t have the private key to decrypt any encrypted messages. For this reason, it can’t store the sender’s information.

So, no person or third-party application can trace your Protonmail id.

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How to Trace a Protonmail Account?

Switzerland is well known for providing all the facilities to their people and organizations. As Protonmail is a Swiss company, it abides by the constitution of this country.

It is quite impossible to trace a Protonmail account for ordinary people, and the scenario only changes for law enforcement agencies. If they want to know information about any person using a Protonmail account, they must contact the main office.

The agencies can appeal in the court to make the Protonmail company reveal the required information of the accused person.

Protonmail Company will disclose the user information if and only if the Swiss appeal court decides to reveal the information. Otherwise, it is impossible to get any user information from Protonmail.

In 2010, the Swiss Federal Supreme Court administered IP addresses as the same as personal information. Individuals’ internet usage could no longer be tracked without their approval. It’s completely illegal to monitor others’ chatting and internet usage.

Article 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution securities your right to privacy. Since 1993, the Federal Act on Data Protection and Security has prohibited the processing of personal data without the explicit authorization of the data subjects.

So, revealing information without concerning the person is a crime, and you can appeal in court against that individual or company for doing so.

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Can you hack a Protonmail account?

It is almost impossible to hack a Protonmail account. Even if you can, you won’t be able to retrieve any information unless you have a private key to decrypt the code.

Does Protonmail hide your IP address?

The Protonmail server hides your IP address from the receiver.

Does Protonmail record your IP address?

There is no private key in the Protonmail server to decrypt the code, and that’s why the server can’t record the sender’s IP address.

Is Protonmail really anonymous?

Protonmail follows end-to-end encryption and protects your IP by enclosing it to the receiver. The receiver won’t be able to trace your IP and location.

Bottom Line

ProtonMail is an extensively admired cryptographic email service that is examined to be more secure than any other email service out there. I believe you understand by now that it is almost impossible to trace any Protonmail account unless you contact a law enforcement agency and appeal in court.

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