Can CPU be Connected to TV? [Definite Answer & Alternatives]

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Modern TVs are much bigger than a monitor and packed with various features. It’ll be cool to attach the power of a processor to a smart TV.

No one would mind taking advantage of the CPU on a bigger screen. But is it possible to connect a CPU to the TV?

Well, this article is about answering your questions regarding CPU & TV, and also I will describe additional ways to fulfill your desire.can-cpu-be-connected-to-tv

So, let’s begin.

Can I Connect a CPU to a TV?

No, you can’t directly connect a CPU or processor to a TV. The Central Processing Unit or CPU requires a motherboard to start executing a process, which is present in a laptop or desktop computer. But a TV doesn’t have the necessary slot in the motherboard to attach a CPU.

However, modern smart TV does have a processor, GPU, memory, storage, and USB/ HDMI/ VGA ports as input-output. But, the CPU used in a TV is a mobile processor and has way fewer capabilities than a laptop or desktop CPU.

In addition, the processor is soldered to the TV motherboard, and you can’t change or replace the main board.

Also, there’s a difference in the size comparison. Usually, smart TVs use a 28nm to 14nm processor to power up their system. Depending on the manufacturer and specification, choosing a suitable processor may vary.

On the other hand, the latest Intel 13th gen processor uses a 10nm, and Ryzen uses a 7nm chip. They are much smaller than a TV CPU and have no chance of fitting on a TVs mainboard.

Furthermore, most Intel and AMD CPUs use LGA or PGA types socket, and the modern TV doesn’t contain such socket for the processor.

Therefore, it’s impossible to fit or connect a CPU to a TV due to a lack of CPU sockets and facilities.

However, if the processor is in a computer, you can connect it to a TV and use it as a monitor. As a PC must need a monitor to visualize the operations, a TV can benefit while you don’t have an external monitor.

The following passage will describe the procedures to connect a PC to a TV.

How to Connect a Computer to a TV

To connect a computer to a TV, you can use the most common HDMI port and transfer the video signals. Also, you can use the newer USB Type-C port and DisplayPort technology to connect the two devices. And for the older PC, you can use the VGA or DVI port and establish a connection.

Transferring the signal with a single cable is preferable. But if the cable end doesn’t match the other end, you can use an adapter to connect the devices.

The following procedures will provide the necessary information and the ways to link the computer to a TV.

Here are the methods to connect a computer to a TV:

1. Use HDMI

All modern smart TV and desktop computers have at least one HDMI port in the back. Also, many laptops have an HDMI port on the side. They transfer both video and audio at a faster speed.

To connect the computer to the smart TV, you need a male-to-male HDMI cable and insert it into the HDMI port in the computer and TV.hdmi-cable

Once you’ve attached the cable, the PC will recognize the TV as an external display. Also, you can use the TV as your primary display if you don’t have a monitor.

The HDMI port is the most common and easier to connect a PC and TV. But if the HDMI port isn’t working well, you must fix it before establishing a connection.

2. Use DisplayPort

Nowadays, most desktop computers with a dedicated graphics card come with a DisplayPort. However, it’s rare on laptops, and the smart TVs don’t provide a dedicated DisplayPort.

To connect the computer to the TV and get better graphics, you’ll need a male-to-male HDMI cable and a male DisplayPort to female HDMI port adapter.displayport-to-hdmi

You must insert the adapter into the PC DisplayPort and connect the HDMI cable at the end of the adapter and the TV HDMI port.

This process allows you to connect your computer to a TV without an HDMI port.

3. Use VGA/ DVI

The VGA or Video Graphics Adapter is old but still present in some TVs. You can connect your computer to a TV by using a VGA cable.

Attach the male-to-male VGA cable to the TV and PC to establish a connection. However, if your TV doesn’t have a VGA port, you can use a male HDMI to a female VGA adapter. You must connect the male VGA port to the adapter and insert it into the TV HDMI port.vga-cable

The DVI or Digital Visual Interface is also similar to the VGA port. You’ll need a male DVI to HDMI cable for connecting a PC to a TV.


But, if you don’t have such a cable, you can use a female DVI to a male HDMI adapter and connect your PC to A TV.

However, the DVI port is only capable of sending video signals. You need to use a 3.5mm audio cable with the PC and TV to transfer the audio signal.

4. Use a USB

Due to making a laptop slim, the manufacturer is getting rid of the VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort. But they always keep an alternative to help connect your laptop with an external display.

The newer laptop models are equipped with Type-C USB ports that can transfer video signals to a TV. But, you must at least need the USB 3.2 for transmitting the video.

If you have filled the minimum requirement, you can connect the PC to the TV using a male-to-male USB Type-C and HDMI cable. Or else, you’ll need a male USB Type-C and a female HDMI adapter to connect the two devices.type-c-to-hdmi

The above procedures will help to link the computer to a TV.  And use it as an external display or as a primary in the absence of a monitor.

Is it safe to connect CPU to TV?

Yes, it’s completely safe to connect a CPU or PC to a TV. But it will require special cables to establish connections between the two devices. You’ll find HDMI or DisplayPort in modern TVs, VGA or DVI inputs in relatively older TVs, and can link with the same ports in a PC.

However, if you don’t see the same port, you can use adapters and connect at the end of a cable to match the ports.

Depending on the port, you may require connecting extra components to get full signals. Like the DVI port can only send video signals. So, you’ve to add the 3.5mm jack to get the sound system working.

Each of the smart TVs will connect with these procedures normally. But if you have a dedicated GPU, you must connect your TV to the graphics card via cables.

After connecting the ports successfully, it’ll work fine, and there’s nothing to worry about. Also, some TVs are designed to run on computers. So it’s absolutely safe to connect the CPU to the TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the TV as a PC monitor?

Yes, you can use the TV as a computer monitor. Also, newer TVs offer a PC Mode to reduce latency between devices.

How can I connect the PC to the TV?

You can use an HDMI cable, DisplayPort, USB Type-C port, VGA, and DVI port to connect the PC to the TV.

Does playing PC on TV affect performance?

If you play at the same settings as the TV configuration, it won’t impact performance. But playing higher-resolution games on a low-end TV will give you lags and blurry issues.

Final Thought

Modern TVs have many advanced features. On the other hand, the CPU is the brain of a system. The combination of these two would be fantastic.

But unfortunately, there is no direct option to connect the CPU and a TV. Therefore, you must follow the alternative ways for linking them and getting the benefits

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment box below, and I’ll catch you at the next one.


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