Can a CPU Be Tracked? [Find Your Lost Processor 2024]

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In today’s world, security is a crucial and major concern. Even with advanced technology, CPU theft is happening every day somewhere in the world.

It is unfortunate when you lose your device and feel desperate to track the location. But every time the question arises whether it is really possible to trace the CPU.can-a-cpu-be-tracked

Well, if you are trying to find the answer, you are in the right place. Here, I will explain the finding possibilities and ways to track your lost CPU.

So, let’s begin.

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Can I Track My CPU?

No, you can’t track the processor of your computer, as there is no option to geolocate a CPU. However, there’s a theoretical possibility to trace the computer device using the MAC address and later identify the CPU with the unique processor ID.

Every CPU has a CPU number, and they are different from each other. If you know the ID number, it’s possible to recognize your processor.

But, there’s no geolocate facility attached to the CPU. Also, the unique ID number doesn’t transmit over the internet, or can’t be traced via Internet Service Provider. So, with only the help of a CPU ID, it’s not possible to find your lost processor.

However, if you know the physical address or MAC address of the device, it’s possible to locate the computer.

The MAC address is traced by your router, ISP, and many websites. Law enforcement agencies can use the information and help you find the stolen or lost processor.

To recognize the CPU, you must know the processor ID. The finding process is very straightforward, and the following passage will describe the ways to get it in different operating systems.

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How to Find the Processor ID

The processor ID is a unique number and different from each other. You can use the command prompt to get the ID number of your processor. It’s a 16-digit number, and the last 5-digit count as the CPU ID. The information stays hidden and doesn’t transmit over the network.

To find the unique processor ID in your Windows PC from the command prompt, follow the steps below.

Here is the way to find the processor ID in the Windows operating system:

  • Press the Start button and open the Command Prompt.
  • Type wmic cpu get ProcessorId, and press Enter. cmd-processor-id

It will show the processor ID number in the result.

Once you’ve found the ID number, you can use it to recognize your stolen CPU by reading the passage below.

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How to Track the Stolen CPU

To track and find the geolocation of your lost or stolen processor, you need to search and use the MAC address of your device. After getting the MAC address, you’ve to take the assistance of law enforcement agencies and match it in the Internet Service Provider database.

The MAC or Physical address is a unique 12-character alphanumeric attribute and is found in both desktops & laptops. Consider reading the steps below to discover the MAC address of your PC.

Follow the procedures to find the MAC address of your PC:

  • Open the Command Prompt.
  • Type ipconfig /all and press Enter.
  • Find the Physical Address under the Ethernet adapter. cmd-mac-address

However, it’s possible that you don’t remember or know the MAC address of your device. You can find the address in your router record, or contact your ISP.

Also, it’s possible that the thief stays around you and uses the same closed network. You can take the help of your Internet Service Provider and check if the device is connected recently to the network.

If you didn’t find any recent connection record in your local ISP database, you must inform and take the help of the police or law enforcement agencies.

They will contact different Internet Service Providers and track the location of your device by using the MAC address.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to track a computer?

Yes, it’s possible to track a desktop or laptop computer by using the unique MAC address of the device.

Can anyone change the CPU ID?

No, there’s no way to change the CPU ID, cause it’s unique and set to it from the manufacturing process.

Is it possible to locate the CPU with the processor ID?

No, the CPU doesn’t have a geolocate feature, and it’s not possible to trace the CPU using the processor ID.

Final Thought

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And this is true for your lost processor.

The CPU tracking method is complex and time-consuming. But with patience and the right way, you can trace your CPU and get it back quickly.

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