9 Best Motherboard for i9-10900K Reviewed (2023)

Written By Farhan Max

So, you want to get the latest 10th gen core-i9?

And don’t know which is the suitable Gaming motherboard for your core i9 10th gen PC, Then, you landed on the correct page!

In a hurry? Here’s my #1 pick Motherboard.


The Core i9-10900K is Intel’s latest addition to their Comet Lake-S series processors. It’s a flagship processor with 10 cores and 20 threads.

Best i9 10900k Motherboards

Motherboard NamePCI-E SlotsMotherboard RGB software
Gigabyte Z490 AORUS Xtreme3RGB fusion 2.0
MSI MEG Z490 Godlike3Mystic Light Sync
ASUS ROG Maximus XII Extreme Z4902Aura Sync
ASUS ROG Maximus XII Formula Z4903Aura Sync
ASRock Z490 Extreme42Polychrome Sync

As you are looking for a gaming 10900K motherboards, the Z490 type will be the best option to buy.

Also be sure to choose the best GPU for i9-10900F to get an extraordinary performance in gaming.

Being the 10th Gen chipset, the Intel Z490 chipset would be the perfect fit for the Comet Lake-S series processors.

Here are the best motherboards for i9-10900K:

1. Gigabyte Z490 AORUS Xtreme

Here’s another top tier motherboard I have got for you that can be the right choice for your system.

It is the Z490 AORUS Xtreme from Gigabyte.

As a motherboard, you can call it a giant heatsink, as it’s covered from top to bottom apart from the CPU socket. This enables you to change coolers easily.

The color scheme in this motherboard is plain; black-greyish-silvery shading has been used.


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As far as the build quality is concerned, the motherboard is quite heavy and compact. The whole body is made up of a thick metal plate.

There is an armored backplate behind. The armor is highly thermal reactive and helps a lot in dissipating heat, working as a giant heatsink.

The overall design is minimalistic and clean. The pattern used in designing using premium materials makes the motherboard look very cool.

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The RGB lighting is also very eye-catching.

You will find two RGB headers and two addressable headers for enhancing the lighting standards.

The motherboard supports 10th Gen Intel processors. So, your i9-10900K is an easy fit with this motherboard.

The motherboard also has 16 amps with each being 90 amp. So, a total of 1440 amp can easily be taken by the CPU socket which is humongous

There are strategic temperature sensors all around the board which plays part in reducing overheating.

I would say as flagship motherboard also being a pricey one, it’s amazing. The flawless overclocking performance will attract extreme overclockers.

  • »Very durable
  • »Thermal reactive design
  • »Good RGB lighting
  • »An ideal option for extreme overclocking
  • »Pricey
  • »A bit heavy

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2. MSI MEG Z490 Godlike

When you see the word Godlike, what comes in your mind?

Something very powerful or unmatchable. Isn’t it?

Just like its name the MSI MEG Z490 Godlike Gaming Motherboard is a high-end motherboard which is a mighty option if you consider its specs.

This high-end motherboard from MSI is one the best available ones for your Inter Core i9-10900K processor.


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Talking about the design:

It’s an upgraded version of its predecessor Z390 chipset. The color texture used is quite bland though some of the heatsinks in it have a bluey-green shade.

The heatsinks give this motherboard a single outlook and they flow on to each other. There’s no backplate on the rear.

It is compatible with the 10th gen Intel core and it has LGA1200 socket. The memory support is 128 GB DDR4 boosts up to 5000 MHz.

You will find the lighting to be of decent quality. There is also an LCD screen in the motherboard which will enable you to see frequencies.

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To extend RGB it has, single RGB header along with two addressable headers.

There won’t be any issue concerning ventilation as the CPU socket is placed in such a way that heatsinks don’t make it jammed for space.

It also has 10K Japanese capacitors along with 6 SATA ports for storage needs.

One of the things that makes this keyboard an expensive option is the 2x Thunderbolt 3 ports present in it.

Overclocking isn’t an issue for this motherboard and it does provide top-notch gaming performance.

  • »Top-notch performance
  • »Good for extreme gaming
  • »Durable structure and decent color scheme
  • »Decent lighting
  • »Expensive
  • »Metal Finishing is not up to the mark

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3. ASUS ROG Maximus XII Extreme Z490

ASUS is a very popular brand in the gaming world for its wide range of products.

Like all other PC accessories they have also been producing motherboards and the ASUS ROG Maximus XII Extreme is the one that is a top choice for your i9-10900K.

It’s a premium one and more expensive than its predecessor.

Since it’s an eATX motherboard, the style and design adopted are such a way so that it can accommodate many things.


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The overall design is nice with an all-black texture.

The RGB is great with strips on the rear I/O cooler; over the PCH the logo also has RGB facilities which add a great aesthetic value to the system.

It is also compatible with AURA Sync that makes it a standout among all other motherboards for offering sublime RGB lighting.

Since it covered with a good number of heatsinks, it is normal for you to think there will be congestion for space behind the CPU socket.

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For power delivery there are 16x 90 amp phases which are quite phenomenal.

The motherboard also comes with an OLED dashboard that displays CPU information and other relevant details.

It also has a lot of fan connectors altogether 12 in number.

The motherboard comes up with optimum three technology which helps in providing better stability and latencies.

The audio connectors used in it are gold plated and as thunderbolt card is used in it, it’s an expensive option.

I would say as it is an ideal option with the great overclocking performance it has to provide.

I highly suggest you buy it if the price isn’t an issue.

  • »8 SATA ports
  • »Great RGB lighting
  • »Highly optimized for cooling
  • »Heatsinks are decent
  • »No PCI Express 4.0
  • »Price is high

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4. ASUS ROG Maximus XII Formula Z490

This motherboard like all the above is based on a Z490 chipset in which, LGA1200 socket has been used. The main difference between this and its predecessor is that it consists of more cores that are clocked at much higher speeds.

It is a bulky board with a very bulky design.

The color theme used on this board is all black.


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It has plenty of RGB lighting options present. The I/O and the heatsink area in PCH are the two places where the RGB lighting is relevant.

AURA sync is available and all these lightings are AURA compatible. So, you choose your style of lighting.

The motherboard also comes up with live OLED dash, where you can observe the BIOS update progress and also can add some customized animations.

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Other than this, the motherboard also comes up with an integrated hybrid cooling system. A considerable amount of part of the motherboard is covered up with the heatsink, which eventually takes part in the process of dissipating the heat.

You can even use the cooler that was in its previous version since the socket is the same.

You also don’t need to worry about thermal throttling or upgrading the fan curves. The overall gaming performance of the motherboard is excellent.

In conclusion, I would say that it’s a motherboard with a reasonable price in which has an optimum performance level.

  • »Affordable
  • »An integrated hybrid cooling system
  • »AURA Sync present
  • »No video outputs on the back panel

5. ASUS ROG Maximus XII Apex

If you want to buy a motherboard of z490 chipset for i9-10900K under budget then Asus has got your back.

The ASUS ROG Maximus XII Apex is such a motherboard that has been designed to have the highest performance level from the 10th gen processor.

It has a very robust structure with black-greyish shading all over the body.

The PCH heatsink has strips where the RGB lightings create a mesmerizing effect. It also has AURA syncing capabilities.


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The motherboard also comes with very durable capacitors which provide enough power to have an outrageous performance level.

You will find onboard buttons that will ease your job by helping in overclocking without any fuss.

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The backplate in this motherboard is made of steel which is one of the reasons behind its compactness. You will also find multiple fan headers.

It is a good motherboard under $500. I would recommend you buy this one as it is such a motherboard which doesn’t compromise its performance with aesthetics.

  • »Compact structure
  • »Inexpensive
  • »Seamless overclocking
  • »A bit heavy


Like all other products, MSI has been producing quality motherboards lately. They have motherboards for almost all price ranges and types.

When it comes to a Z490 chipset, they do have few options to offer. Among them the MSI MEG Z490 ACE is a prominent one.

The MSI MEG Z490 is a mid-range one and is a new addition to their lineup of motherboards.

It is such a motherboard which is full of excellent features and does provide an overwhelming overclocking performance.


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The design of this motherboard is much improved than that of its previous version. You will have some sort of premium feel you will see its design for the first time.

Aesthetics is one of the most unique aspects of this motherboard. The superb RGB lighting with enchanting effects makes it a very desirable option.

There are strips upon rear I/O and PCH heatsink, where the blinking RGB lights add a new dimension to the aesthetics of the system.

The heatsinks are placed keeping a decent space among each other that is why ventilation becomes very easy and also easy to handle the CPU socket. Ventilation holes are also there I the rear I/O.

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The level it provides, you can easily compare it to many flagship motherboards out there in the market.

This motherboard also comes in with Zero froze technology and does have support for PCIe 4.0.

  • »PCI 4.0 support
  • »Superb RGB lighting
  • »Reasonable pricing
  • »Very cool configuration
  • »No shielding near the CPU socket
  • »Not good for extreme overclocking

7. Gigabyte Z490 AORUS Master

Here I have another mid-ranged option for you which is from the famous PC accessories brand Gigabyte. It is the Z490 AORUS Master gaming motherboard which specially built for Z490 chipset.

It has a premium outlook along with top-notch build quality.

Along with that, in the design more emphasis was put on PCIe expansions slots and a rear cover over the rear I/O part. This helped in giving the motherboard a premium outlook.

It is available on the board but at a very minimum level. Fancy RGB lighting isn’t a thing on this board.


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The heatsinks here from Gigabyte comes with a stacked up fins design. There are also 14 phases of digital VRM with a power stage of 90A.

The motherboard also comes with thermal sensors helping in controlling the temperature of the system.

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This motherboard has armor type metal shield which makes a very durable one.

To conclude, the thing I would say is this motherboard is packed up with very useful features.

  • »Very good thermal sensors
  • »Fairly priced
  • »Metal shield enhances its durability
  • »The RGB lighting is minimalistic

8. ASRock Z490 Extreme4

It is the Z490 Extreme4 motherboard and the best part about this motherboard is that, it is priced under $400.

Coming up with the LGA1200 socket and it’s an ideal motherboard for 10th Gen processors.

It has a 10 phase VRM with a Dr.MOS power design. The shading used in the board is darkish, predominantly a mixture of black, silver, and a tinge of grey.


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The RGB lighting is decent in this motherboard. It also supports RGB syncing.

You will also see that the board is almost fully covered with heatsinks. This helps a lot in dissipating the heat.

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Compared to its predecessor it’s a very good upgrade. I would highly suggest you buy this only if you are short in cash.

  • »Budget-friendly
  • »Good RGB lighting along with syncing
  • »Not a high-end option
  • »Not good for extreme overclocking

9. ASRock Z490 Taichi

The motherboards from ASRock are always cool and when it comes to their taichi line of motherboards it becomes super cool.

The best part about these motherboards is that they are aesthetically very pleasing.

The ASRock Z490 Taichi being a 10th gen motherboard falls under the same category.


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The motherboard comes up with PCIe 4.0 and also 14 phase VRM, and is designed in such a way that it can offer optimum performance level for any high-end 10th gen processors.

The color scheme used on the board is black-silvery with a bit of goldish touch over the chipset. You will fund the CPU socket open for the majority of the air coolers.

The heatsink has a finned type design along with three fans for cooling.

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You will also get a superb RGB implementation that will provide you an aesthetic look. The overclocking is decent.

Then again, you might face challenges while overclocking due to the heat produce by the core i9-10900K.

The motherboard has great storage support and along with a decent VRM cooling.

Given the price tag it has, it’s a decent buy as one of the best motherboards for i9-10900K.

  • »Decent VRM cooling
  • »Great Storage support
  • »Overclocking of top quality
  • »Stock fan curve may seem to be loud
  • »Issues with dealing with excessive heat

What is a Z490 Motherboard?

The Z490 motherboard by Intel is the new high-end chipset for their new 10th Gen Comet Lake-S processors. This type of motherboard comes up with a new type of CPU socket that is compatible with the 10th Gen chips.

It is pretty similar to the last generation Z390 chipset.

Here in this chipset the LGA1200 socket has been used. All the coolers used in previous LGA1151 sockets can also be used in this one.

You can also overclock your RAM to a great extent. SO, be sure to get the best RAM for your i9 10900k.

Compared to the previous generation one modification that Intel has brought in this chipset is that they introduced processors with TDP rating which is up to 125 watts.

This motherboard has been designed in such a way that it can cope up with increased power draw and keep the processor aloof from strangling.

10900k Motherboard Buying Guide

Since i9-10900K is itself a new entrant in the market, you must be confused about buying the best motherboard for it.

It is okay to not to be clear about the buying approach that you should adopt.

Don’t worry at all.

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Here are the things that you need to know before buying an intel 10th gen CPU compatible motherboard:

CPU Socket

First things first, you need to consider about the CPU socket with which your motherboard is compatible with.

We are talking about Intel core i9-10900K processors, for its motherboards with LGA1200 socket would be the right option.

In Z490 chipsets these sockets are available. But in case you buy a 9th gen Z390 chipset, you would get LGA1151 sockets which won’t be compatible.

Before buying do check the specs card and take decisions wisely.

Also cehck out the best CPU coolers for i9 10900k that support LGA1200.

Type of Ports

To know about the I/O area is essential as it enables your motherboard to have external connections.

That is why, while selecting you need to be aware of the ports used in the motherboard. As your processor is i9-10900K, mostly the latest high-end motherboard is available for it.

Thunderbolt 3 is mostly used though there are few budget based options where it’s absent.

USB Type-C, USB 3.1/3.1(Gen 2), HDMI, and audio ports are also a few other ones that you need to consider.

Number of RAM slots

Motherboards come up with different RAM slot numbers. It depends on their sizes.

Some can accommodate 2, some have 4 or even some have 8. You choose the best one that suits your needs.

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Budget is an important factor to consider. You will get motherboards of different price tags in the market.

What matters is the quality and performance level you seek. If you want a top-notch performance level then go for high-end ones which will cost you a good amount of money.

For the mid-range option, the performance level is decent enough which is complementary to the price tag it has.

Final Thoughts

In this blog, I have mentioned 9 coolest core i9 compatible motherboards along with their buying guide. All of them are with the Z490 chipset.

I hope that I have been able to make you clear about Z490 motherboards and their relevant characteristics.

Still, anything bothers you then do let me know in comments.

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