Are PSU extension cables safe? [Read This First!]

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You just replaced your old PSU and now you wondered if you could do better cable management and make your CPU look slicker. But you’re tired of stressing over your PC’s safety.

Trust me, I have been there too during my first PC build.


Are PSU extension cables safe?

Yes, extension cables are safe. As long as the extension cable is from a good company like CableMod or BitFenix, it is completely safe to use extension cables for your PSU. You must also ensure that the extension cable isn’t too long.

As a custom PC builder, I had to do a lot of research on this very topic, which is why I am here to clear your confusion and get the ketchup and mustard colored cables out of sight.

Read the post to the end to get rid of all your confusion and questions answered on similar topics.

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What are PSU extensions?

PSU extension is, as the name suggests, a cable extension that connects your PSU cables to your motherboard. It just extends the length of the PSU cables. People usually get these when they want to beautify their CPU.

You may ask:

Do PSU extension cables work with any PSU?

Yes, extension cables work with any PSU. The device side of the PSU cables is standardized. Since PSU extensions are connected to the device side of the cables, extension cables are totally compatible with any PSU.

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Can I connect PSU to an extension?


No, the extension cables easily get connected to the device end of the existing PSU cables. The pinouts of the extension cables don’t match the pin layout of the PSU. You must use the PSU cables that come with your PSU to use the extensions.

You can get a set of custom replacement cable kits compatible with your PSU, which will serve a similar purpose to what you are looking for.

Quickly check out what power supply do you have.

Can you extend PSU cables?

You can extend PSU Cables. There are many PSU extension cable kits to extend PSU cables for different reasons. These reasons vary from user to user.

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Can I plug a PSU into an extension cord?

Yes, you can plug a PSU into an extension cord. You must ensure that the amperage rating and power of your PSU must match the extension cords’. If these two things are ensured, there will be no risks of catching fire or damaging your PC.

Extension cords are nothing but an extended version of the power outlet on your wall. That imposes no risk. However, sometimes long-term use of an extension cord could damage your PC components if you overload the extension.

It is always better to use the power outlet directly, but it’s fine if you use an extension cord as long as you keep those factors in mind.

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You may ask:

Is it safe to plug a PC into an extension lead?

Yes, it is safe to plug a PC into an extension lead as long as you make sure the power required by your PSU and the amperage rating of your PSU match the extension lead’s ratings.

Can I plug my PC into a surge protector?

Yes, you absolutely can. In fact, a surge protector is a much safer option than an extension cord/strip. Surge protectors will protect your PSU from an invasion of unwanted current into your PSU from a sudden voltage spike in the power outlet.

You may ask:

What is a surge protector?

A surge protector absorbs any power surge caused by a spike in voltage by derailing the unwanted current from your electrical equipment. It protects your electrical devices from damages. A surge protector usually looks like an extension cord/strip.

The longer the extension cord, the higher the resistance on the cord, hence,  more difficult for current to pass. More power gets lost during its journey which causes the power outlet to work harder, overheating the extension and resulting in an electrical fire.

Do PSU extensions affect performance?

Generally, PSU extensions do not affect the performance of your machine. They only affect the performance when the extensions are not from good brands or when the extension cables are faulty. You can do a continuity test on the cables to find the faulty cable(s).

On rare occasions, the SATA extension cable can affect the speed of data transfer if the extension cable is too long because resistance increases with the length of a wire.

When your machine consumes too much power/current, this affects the performance of your PC. Although, it rarely happens.

It is always best to check the resistance of each extension cable using a multimeter to see if any of the cables are faulty. This diagnosis is called a Continuity test.

So, good quality is a necessity.

Should you use PSU cable extensions?

It completely depends on you. If you want to organize the cables inside your CPU case or make your CPU look cool/clean then PSU cable extension is what you need. Basically, PSU extension cables are totally optional.

You can get custom PSU cables instead of extension cables if you want. There are varieties of good companies which produce high-quality custom PSU cables as well as extension cables.

Almost every article you read, every expert you speak to, you will hear the name CableMod every time when it comes to PSU cable. CableMod provides different varieties of PSU extension cable kits with many color options, unique features, and the best quality.

CableMod has been the gold standard for other companies that make extensions and custom cables. Modern, premium, and fancy looking design makes it one of the best PSU cable producers in terms of visual aesthetics,

Not talking about its built quality and longevity will be a crime. The cables are combed, sleeved, strong yet extremely flexible.

The only problem that prevents some customers from buying cables from CableMod is its price. CableMod is very expensive compared to its other rival companies.

A company named Antec is the best alternative to CableMod if one can’t afford CableMod. Antec is a great pick to buy your PSU cable extension kit.

There is another company named Seahorse that provides the best value-for-money PSU extension cable kits. They are decent in almost every department.

You have read enough about CableMod and Antec but what about this popular brand Phanteks?

Your mind wanders, so you ask:

Are Phanteks cable extensions good?

Phanteks extension cable kits are good relative to the price they come with. They look premium, come in a range of different colors and have a decent built quality. However, some users did notice the melting of the plastic connectors on the extension cables.

How to install PSU cable extensions

Installing PSU cable extensions is as easy as it gets. Please follow these easy steps to install your extension cables.

  1. Turn off your PC and open the case of your CPU.
  2. Locate the 24-pin ATX PSU cable and plug it off your motherboard.
  3. Get your labled 24-pin ATX cable extension and insert one end to the 24-pin ATX PSU cable.
  4. Insert the other end to the motherboard and check carefully if the connection is lost.
  5. Repeat the same steps for all the PSU cables your PC has.

Installing the PSU cable extensions is straightforward. Plug your existing PSU cables into the connectors on the extensions and the other end into your motherboard.

Final Thoughts

PSU extension cables are almost always safe to use. Exceptional cases occur when you do not buy a good quality kit or when the kit is somehow faulty.

You can detect if the extension cables are faulty by doing a simple continuity test.

If you want to spend a few more extra bucks on making your PC look slick without any hassle of replacing the PSU cables then the extension cable kit should totally be something to dive in.

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