How to Ungroup Taskbar on Windows 11 [Ultimate Guide 2024]

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On November 20, 1985, Windows launched its first version, 1.01.  From then on, folks are drawn to Windows due to its consistency and user-friendly interaction.

You will be shocked when you learn about their total monthly user, which is 1.4 billion people. Often a question arises in my mind, why do so many people keep their trust in Windows? The answer is quite simple: they can easily employ Windows as their daily driver.


In the Brand new Windows 11, the ungroup taskbar option is removed. At first, when I noticed it, I became disappointed. But after researching this ungroup issue, I constituted some splendid tested solutions.

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What Does Ungroup Taskbar Icon Mean?

The grouping of the taskbar was first introduced in Windows 10. When you open a window, it falls under the mother app; you can find them when you hover through them. If you don’t want to see the window from your main app, you can ungroup them from your Taskbar Settings.

Ungroup allows you to see the Windows separately in the taskbar. It can enhance your work efficiency as there is no need to float around.

However, on Windows 11, you no longer have the ability to ungroup the taskbar because grouping is implemented by default. There is no Never combine taskbar buttons option on Windows 11.

On Windows 10, combining the taskbar options gave the users saucy and hefty feedback, which improved their work efficiency. On the other hand, Windows 11 misses out on that.

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Fix the Ungroup Icon Option in Taskbar on Windows 11

There is no built-in option for you to ungroup your taskbar on Windows 11. But you can manually configure that in your system. Suchlike, pursue my directions below to recover from your problem.

Here are the methods to ungroup the taskbar on Windows 11:

1. Use the Explorer Patcher App

Explorer patcher is a free tool that can solve your ungroup problem. Though it’s in the early stages and not fully optimized, it can help you in your dark days. All the navigation buttons work without difficulty.

Track down my manual beneath to use the Explorer Patcher ideally and resolve your issue.

Here are the steps to apply explorer patcher for ungrouping: 

  • Download the Explorer Patcher app.Explorer_Patcher
  • Install the Explorer Patcher app.
  • Right-click on the Task Bar and select the Properties option.Properties
  • Change the Taskbar style to Windows 10.
  • Customize your notification or system if required.
  • Alter the Start button style to Windows 10.
  • Select the Never combine (default) option from the Combine taskbar icons on primary taskbar section. Never_combine_(default)
  • Select the Combine taskbar icons on secondary taskbar(s) options if you have two monitors.
  • Choose the Taskbar icon size option and choose.
  • Click on the Restart File Explorer(*) interface.

Now you can open multiple Windows without combining them.

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2. Enforce the Start11 Program by Stardock

With the help of this start11 tool, you can solve your problem. Although it is a paid app, there is a 30 days trial option for you. So you can use and check it before spending some bucks.

Here are the ways to apply Start11 for ungrouping:

  • Download the free trial version of the Start11 by Stardock app.
  • Set up the Start11 app and sign in with your email.
  • Launch the Start11 app.
  • Navigate to the Taskbar option from the app. taskbar
  • Click on the Let Start11 enhance the taskbar option.
  • Toggle ON the Let Start11 enhance the taskbar interface.
  • Select the Never option.
  • Move to the Restart explorer and click it.

You will find out that the Windows are not grouped, and you are all set.

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3. Use the Startallback App

The paid version of this StartAllBack app costs 5.99$. But if you want to check before buying, a trial option is waiting for you. Track down my steps to apply it perfectly.

Here are the necessary steps to apply the StartAllBack app: 

  • Download the StartAllBack app.
  • Install the StartAllBack app.
  • Open the app and move to the Taskbar option.
  • Navigate to the Combine taskbar buttons interface. Combine_taskbar_buttons
  • Select the Never option.

The Taskbar will automatically refresh, and your ungroup enigma will resolve.

But note that if you are in the USA, you must connect to a VPN; otherwise, the StartAllBack server can create a Download problem.


Can you ungroup Taskbar in Windows 11?

There is no built-in option on Windows 11 for ungrouping the taskbar. But some third-party apps can allow you to ungroup the taskbar on Windows 11.

Can you change Windows 11 taskbar?

You can’t change your Windows 11 taskbar like Windows 10. But if you still want to modify it, you must tweak the Windows 11 registry.

Is Windows 11 worth installing?

Yes, Windows 11 is worth installing. To keep up with the world and get a new slick interface and top-notch security, Windows 11 is the best choice.

Bottom line

Windows 11 does not have any Ungroup Taskbar option inbuilt. Several users reported this issue to the Windows support Team. They ensure us they will look into this ungroup problem.

Hopefully, the Windows developer team will originate a repairing solution soon. Until then, you can use the Free version of the Explorer Patcher app to configure your Windows 11 Taskbar, as shown in the content above.

Furthermore, if you trust the source, you can install some third-party apps to shape your Taskbar.

As always, let me know your experience in the comment beneath.

Peace out!

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