How to Find Mac Address on Windows 10 [3 Different Ways]

Written By Mushfiq Rahman

Similar to any device with Internet access, a Windows computer too has a Mac Address. Think of it as an identification that makes it recognizable among all devices on your home network.

When searching for the Mac Address of your Windows 10 PC or laptop, there are multiple methods to find it. This article explains all of those and also throws in some bonus content should you need

So, let’s get started.

What is a Mac Address?

Mac Address uniquely identifies a device within your home network. When transferring data, that is how your router knows which device to send this data to.

But isn’t that the purpose of an IP Address?

That’s where they work differently. When you send data from one of your devices to the internet, you wouldn’t want to expose the physical address of the device, a.k.a; Mac Address. That’s handled by the IP address when the request is sent to the server. Once the data arrives, the router knows which device requested the data and uses the Mac Address to send the data within the local network.

The IP Address of a device changes when they reboot. Usually, it is the router’s job to assign them to your connected device. But Mac Address is like your permanent address. The manufacturer sets it, and that remains unchanged.

A typical Mac Address contains 12 letters and digits separated by colons. Just flip over your router or network switch; that’s where you will find them.router-mac-address

How to Find Mac Address on Windows 10

All three ways mentioned here will get you the Mac Addresses of your PC. I feel, using the Command Prompt is quicker because I am always used to typing commands. That does not mean navigating through Windows Settings or Networking Center is any complicated.

Feel free to use any of these; they should serve the same purpose.

From the Command Prompt

Here you will use the ipconfig command. This lists not just the Mac Address but the connection speed, IP Address, and so on.

Note: This works on Windows 7/8/10/11.

These steps will find the Mac Address on Windows 10 using Command Prompt:

  • Press Win + R to open Run.
  • Type cmd, and press
  • Enter this command and press the enter key: ipconfig-win-10

Ipconfig /all
  • Find Physical address from the list. That’s your Mac address.cmd-mac-address-win-10

You can copy this if you need it. Select it using the cursor and use the copy shortcut (Ctrl + C). Now you have obtained your PC’s Mac address.

From Windows 10’s Settings

Windows 10 has a dedicated Network section listing everything about your network. And that includes the Mac address of the PC.

Let’s see where it resides.

Here are the steps to find the Mac Address on Windows 10 from Settings: 

  • Press Win + I to open Settings.
  • Go to Network and Internet.settings-win-10
  • Navigate to Status >
  • Scroll down and note the numbers next to Physical Address.mac-address-network-properties-win-10

That’s the same address from earlier.

Let’s look at another way to find the Mac Address now.

From Network and Sharing Center

If you are familiar with Windows 7 and 8, you may already know this option. Microsoft used to provide all the Settings for Windows inside the Control Panel. And everything associated with Network Settings was handled by Network and Sharing Center.

Now, it has moved most of these options to the new Settings app. But Network and Sharing still remain there and provide all information about the connected network. This means you can get the Mac Address of your device right here.

Note: This works on all versions of Windows starting from Windows 7 to Windows 11.

Here are the steps to find the Mac Address from Network and Sharing Center on Windows 10:

  • Search for Network Status from the Start Menu. Open the option that has Control Panel in the
  • Click on Ethernet Adapter. When connected to a wireless network, it will say Wi-Fi.
  • Press the Details Button. The Mac address is the one that says Physical Address on the new window that opens.

Once again, that’s the Mac Address of your Windows computer.

(Bonus) How to Find Mac Address on Mac and Linux

Linux and Mac both are based on the Unix operating system. So many commands work for both of them.

However, Mac has a very distinct user interface. That means Mac’s Settings menu will not be the same as Linux’s. The options in the Network menu are not the same.

So follow the separate sections and get the Mac address for your device.

Using Network Preference (Mac OS Only)

The Network app inside System Preferences will show you the Mac Address. You can open it from the Apple menu or by clicking the Wi-Fi icon.

These steps will show you the Mac address on Mac OS:

  • Click the Wi-Fi icon at the top and press Network Preferences.mac-network-preference
  • Ensure that you select the connected network from the left.
  • Click on Advanced.mac-network-advanced
  • Under Wi-Fi, you will see Mac Address listed. If you have an ethernet connection, you will find it on the Ethernet tab.mac-os-mad-address

That’s how you obtain the Mac Address on a Mac.

Using the ifconfig Command (Works on Both Linux and Mac OS)

Remember the shared roots between Mac and Linux? That’s in action when you use this particular command. Ifconfig is basically a command line tool used to configure network devices on Unix-based operating systems.

But instead of showing the network information for the active connection, you will get a detailed list of all components, such as the ethernet and Wi-Fi adapter, in case you have both. You just have to locate the active connection and get the Mac Address.

Let’s look at how you can get the Mac Address from the ifconfig command:

  • Press Ctrl + T to open Terminal. On a Mac, type Terminal from the Spotlight search.
  • Now type ifconfig and press Enter.   
  • Locate the active connection. It should say Status: Active.
  • The Mac Address is listed next to ether.linux-terminal-mac-address

Now copy the Mac address.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find Mac Address on Windows 10 without CMD?

To get the Mac Address on Windows 10, open Settings. Now navigate to Network and Internet > Status > Properties. You will find the Mac Address listed here.

How to get Mac Address from CMD?

Open Command Prompt and type ipconfig /all. Your Mac Address is listed next to the Physical Address.


Mac Address is used for many purposes; let’s say you want to let a device access your home Wi-Fi Network. If you know the device’s Mac address, you can do that from the Router’s admin panel.

That’s just one use out of many possible ones. So if you ever need the Mac address, use this article as a guide.

Hopefully, it helps you out.

Goodbyes for now.

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