SteamVR Error 108 [Causes & Quick Solving Techniques 2024]

Written By Farhan Max

Are you setting up your HTC Vive headset and suddenly got the error message, Error 108Headset Not Detected? That’s more irritating than losing to your friend in FIFA. I have been there.

As a VR developer, my job is to discover different issues one can face in terms of using a VR headset and find a workaround to eradicate the issue. With the nature of my job, I found that error code 108 is a pretty common issue that SteamVR users experience a lot. And they apply solutions that do not resolve the problem permanently.


I researched a bit and implemented a few of the tricks on my SteamVR. And guess what? I managed to find out the best methods to resolve the 108 error for good.

I’ll be sharing the techniques in the latter part, but before that, you must know,

Why does SteamVR error 108 occur?

The primary reason behind error code 108 is improper connectivity. If the connection between the VR and your PC is weak, you will likely get the error. The other variable you can count on is bugs and glitches in the graphics drivers that prevent the computer from recognizing the headset.

What would it take to resolve these simple reasons? Nothing complicated, that I can assure you. Keep reading the rest of the article to figure out.

How to Fix SteamVR Error 108- Headset not Detected?

Now that you are aware of the situation why this error occurs, it is time to resolve the issue. I want you to remember that this error is not something you can’t settle easily, and by following proper guidelines, you will be able to solve it on your own.

I have enlisted multiple methods that you can try, and I suggest not implementing them at random. Read the entire section, eliminate the technique if you have already applied it, and check if the issue has been resolved.

Before executing the following solutions, it would be wise for you to restart your computer. If the issue is occurring for any glitches or bugs in your system, restarting the computer would be helpful. 

Then after that, recheck every cable that is plugged in. From the power cable to the HDMI connection, make sure everything is right at the place where it needed to be. If everything seems alright, you can proceed to the next chapter.

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Here are the methods you can implement to resolve SteamVR Error 108:

Method 1. Connect Your Headset Directly into Computer

You don’t what is the exact cause behind the error. So, skipping the Link box won’t do any harm if you try to bypass the connection, right? And the bonus point is, you will be able to find out if the link box is resulting in the headache.

Here are the steps to connect your VR headset directly to your PC:

  • Plug out every cable, including USB and HDMI cable from your PC.
  • Unplug the cables from your link box except for the power cable.
  • Connect the HDMI cable to your PC along with the USB.
  • Restart your computer to complete the process.


Check if your SteamVR headset gets detected after applying those simple steps. If not, jump to the following methods.

Note: Try using USB 3.0 ports instead of USBhow  2.0 as they provide better speed.

Method 2. Re-install the Graphics Drivers

The failed detection of your steam VR can be because of corrupted graphics drivers. If you re-install the drivers, there’s a chance you will get around the issue without even any effort. Follow my lead to complete this procedure.

Here are the steps to reinstall your graphics driver:

  • Press the Windows + X button from your keyboard to launch the windows menu.
  • Select Device Manager from the list that appeared.
  • Expand the Display Adapter option.
  • Right-click on your graphics driver and select Uninstall driver.


  • Restart your computer to end the process.

Your PC will automatically install the latest graphics driver at the time of restarting. After completing every listed step, check if the issue persisted. Try the following methods if the answer is yes.

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Method 3. Run Steam as an Administrator

Launching Steam with administrative permission allows changes to certain aspects of your operating system. If any bugs or glitches are harming you, this might bring out the best possible output.

Here’s the process to run Steam as an administrator:

  • Turn on your computer, and make sure the VR is connected.
  • Right-click on the Steam app from your desktop.
  • Select properties from the appeared list.
  • Go to the Compatability tab and tick on run this program as an administrator.

strem-run as-compability

  • Click on Apply > Ok to save the changes.

Open the Task Manager and end all processes related to Steam. After that, launch the VR and check the error 108 still exists.

Method 4. Stop Using Steam Beta

If you are using the beta version of Steam you are likely to encounter various error messages including error 108. Opt-out of the beta version to avoid such problems.

Here are the steps to jump out of the beta version:

  • Launch the Steam application from your computer.
  • Select settings from the dashboard.
  • Move to the Account tab.
  • Scroll down and select the Change button from the middle of the interface.
  • Select None from the drop-down menu.

Restart the Steam application and check if your system still can’t detect the headset.

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Method 5. Re-install SteamVR to Fix the Error 108

If you have applied all of the methods that are described earlier and still couldn’t solve the headset not detected an issue on SteamVR, try to re-install the application. Reinstating the SteamVR application will help you by eliminating unnecessary settings of the application.

Here are the steps to re-install SteamVR:

  • Launch the steam app from your computer.
  • Move to the Library tab and select Tools.
  • Right-click on the SteamVR and select Uninstall.


  • Restart the PC after the above steps.
  • Repeat the process from the top after restarting but, select Install after right-clicking SteamVR.

Your problems should be gone after implementing this method. Don’t panic if the issue hasn’t been resolved yet. I have still some tricks left. Keep your patience as you have done so far and continue reading.

Method 6. Enable Direct Mode on SteamVR

For the final method for you to try, I would recommend you enable direct mode on your SteamVR. This might seem a simple solution, but trust me, this is worth trying.

Here are the steps to enable direct mode on SteamVR:

  • Click on the Start menu, launch Steam from there
  • Press the VR button to start SteamVR
  • Click the dropdown arrow navigate to Settings> select developer.
  • Enable the Direct mode from there.

Restart your computer and you will find that there are no error messages showing on your display when you launch the SteamVR.

Contact the Headset Manufacturer

Haven’t you been able to resolve the error even after implementing those proven methods? Which is very unlikely. My final recommendation would be to contact the manufacturer immediately.

These solutions are tested and verified. If the hardware of your headset is functional, these methods will resolve the matter. If that does not, contact the manufacturer and describe your issue. They will take the matter in hand afterward.

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Final Thoughts

The last thing I would like to add is, to make sure of implementing these two primary precautions. 1. Connect the headset to your dedicated graphics driver. 2. Enable Direct Display mode.  If you do so, most likely, you will be able to avoid the error message from now on.

If you have read the article and followed every instruction I have put there, I can assure you that you will no longer face the headset detection issue (Error 108) on SteamVR.

But then again, if you encounter any obstacles applying those methods, feel free to comment below.

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