Smallest micro ATX PC Case: Top 5 Cases To Buy [2023]

Written By Steven Arends

If you’re confused about finding the best compact micro ATX case for you, you’ve come to the right place.

Don’t have time to read? Well, just get the Phanteks Evolv mATX Tempered Glass Edition.

As a PC enthusiast, I understand that it’s pretty challenging to find such products.

Luckily, I’ve made a list of the top 5 options after researching for hours.

I’ve made sure to include options for every type of build you might want, along with their detailed discussion.

So keep reading the post to clear your confusion.

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Top 5 Smallest Micro ATX Case

1Best premium casePhanteks Evolv mATX Tempered Glass Edition
2Best RGB caseEnermax MarbleShell MS20 ARGB
3Best compact caseIN-WIN BL631
4Best thermals caseCooler Master MasterCase H100
5Best slim caseSilverStone Milo ML03B

mATX size is the most popular size for motherboards. Most users go for a micro ATX motherboard due to its excellent balance between compact size and enough clearance.

However, most PC cases available in the market are made for mATX and ATX cases, increasing the size of the case.

But if you want to have a compact mATX build that doesn’t waste much desk space, it’s must buy a suitable compact mATX case. Check out our round-ups for the best aura sync RAMs.

So, here are the smallest mATX PC cases:

1.   Phanteks Evolv mATX Tempered Glass Edition

If you want the most premium mATX case, the Phanteks Evolv mATX Tempered Glass Edition is the one.

Top highlights of the Phanteks Evolv mATX Tempered Glass Edition:

  • 7L case
  • mATX and mini-ITX support
  • anodized aluminum exterior
  • RGB integration
  • dual tempered glass panels

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Phanteks is a top manufacturer of PC cases. Their Evolv line of products is the most premium offering from them.

The Phanteks Evolv mATX Tempered Glass Edition is super-premium with its aesthetics and builds quality. The aluminum exterior, along with hinged dual tempered glass side panels and rigid construction, makes it the best-built PC case on the list.

On top of that, the case has a sleek and clean look. Silver body with excellent finishing and shaded panels make the case look gorgeous. The design is simply outstanding.

The mATX case has a volume of 41.7L, the highest on the list. Hence, it has lots of clearance, just like regular mid-tower cases. You can mount radiators up to 360mm, GPU with up to 319mm length, and CPU coolers with height up to 192mm.

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In short, clearance is no issue for the Phanteks Evolv mATX Tempered Glass Edition.

As such, you can mount big coolers and expect more than average cooling. The thermals will be better than other compact PC cases as it has the space to install powerful coolers and move air freely.

It also features a PSU shroud so that all your wirings from the PSU and extra cables are hidden away.

As for RGB, the inclusion of dual tempered glass makes the case a top choice for RGB showdown. The case also has integrated RGB lighting. With proper motherboard software, you can sync and customize the RGB.

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The front has 2x USB 3.0 ports along with HD audio ports and a dedicated RGB control switch. So IO is of no issue here.

Naturally, you have to shell out a hefty sum for such a premium and feature-rich PC case. It’s expensive, but if you have the budget, it’s worth it.

For a cheaper solution, check the Enermax MarbleShell MS20 ARGB.

  • »premium quality
  • »great aesthetics
  • »decent cooling
  • »expensive

2.   Enermax MarbleShell MS20 ARGB

The Enermax MarbleShell MS20 ARGB is the best RGB lighting case on the list.

Notable highlights of the Enermax MarbleShell MS20 ARGB:

  • 35L case
  • mATX and mini-ITX support
  • up to 280mm radiator
  • 6x fans mount
  • included 3x fans (2x ARGB)
  • integrated ARGB hub

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Enermax made a unique-looking case with the Enermax MarbleShell MS20 ARGB.

It has a marble design front that is unique. The front also has ARGB lighting and tiny vents for airflow. On the side, you get 4mm tempered glass. The top and rear are standard like other mATX cases.

It is a 35L case. As such, clearance is enough from all perspectives. You get up to 368mm GPU length clearance, up to 164mm CPU cooler height clearance, and 280mm radiator mounting support.

Also, you can install up to six fans on the case. The case includes 3x fans, two of them are ARGB fans.

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With such clearance and fan mounting support, you can install a proper cooling solution to the case and get great thermals on a compact size.

However, the airflow design is not the most optimized here. Hence, it doesn’t perform as it should in terms of thermals. Also, the drive bays under the PSU shroud are hard to access and work with.

Apart from that, everything, in this case, is excellent.

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If you are an RGB lover, you will be glad to hear that the ARGB lighting is excellent here. You get two ARGB fans with the case. Also, the integrated ARGB hub can connect up to six devices. You can control the RGB via motherboard software or the RGB switch at the front.

The build quality is top-notch, and the finishing is superb. In terms of IO, you get 3x USB type-A and HD audio ports.

Overall, if you want aesthetics and RGB, the Enermax MarbleShell MS20 ARGB is the best choice for you.

For more compact cases with better thermals, check the Cooler Master MasterCase H100. Do check out the efficient and budget-friendly best corsair power supply this year.

  • »RGB
  • »aesthetics and design
  • »low airflow

3.   IN-WIN BL631

The IN-WIN BL631 is the most compact case on the list.

Top features of the IN-WIN BL631:

  • 5L SFF case
  • mATX support
  • 4x low profile expansion slot
  • 80mm side fan
  • removable air filter
  • included 300W TFX PSU

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IN-WIN made the best compact case with the IN-WIN BL631. It has an incredible 11.5L volume, making it the most compact PC case on the list.

But even at such a compact size, it has enough clearance for most types of builds. The case supports the mATX motherboard. You can install up to four low-profile expansion cards like GPU and capture cards. It also has enough space for a 5.25″ drive and 3.5″ drives.

The included PSU is a TFX sized 300W PSU, suitable for builds with entry-level GPU. Also, Check out our expert-recommended best corsair headphones for crystal clear sound effects.

As for cooling, you get an 80mm fan on the side with vents. The removable air filter is a plus. Since it will house low-power components, thermals are no big issue here. The case is not made for use with high-end components that emit a lot of heat.

The black-colored case has feet at the bottom, as it’s very slim. Finishing and build quality is above average. You get 2x USB 3.0 ports, 2x USB 2.0 ports, and HD audio on the front.

Overall, the IN-WIN BL631 is the most compact case on the list featuring excellent build quality and finishing and decent clearance. It strikes a perfect balance between compactness and clearance. If you need the most compact case without sacrificing much, it is the one for you.

But if you have slightly more room to spare, the SilverStone Milo ML03B is a better option. Grab the latest corsair mouse pad for competitive gaming.

  • »slim size
  • »carryable
  • »thermals are not the best

4.   Cooler Master MasterCase H100

The Cooler Master MasterCase H100 is a top choice if you need a compact case with good thermals.

Top highlights of the Cooler Master MasterCase H100:

  • 6L case
  • mini-ITX and mini-DTX support
  • 200mm RGB fan support
  • mesh front
  • built-in handle

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Cooler Master is a major manufacturer of PC cases. When they designed the Cooler Master MasterCase H100, they kept the thermal performance in mind.

At 17.6L volume, it provides superb thermal performance and clearance. Unlike most compact cases, which are slim, this one is wide with a low height. It allows for more clearance, and it’s easy to build a PC inside.

Moreover, the airflow inside the case is also excellent due to such design choices. You can fit a CPU cooler of up to 83mm in height and use a full-sized ATX PSU. If you opt-out of an SFX PSU, you get more CPU cooler clearance. As for the GPU, you get up to 210mm clearance.

But wait, there’s more.

The top and front have a mesh covering, so air can enter the case quickly. Cooler Master includes a 200mm RGB fan for the front. It is highly effective to create a solid airflow to take the hot air away from the CPU cooler, GPU and PSU.

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If you like liquid cooling, you can install up to a 200mm radiator on the front. This clearance and high airflow design choices allow you to build a powerful PC inside the compact case, which is rare.

The black-colored case has decent build quality for the price, but it could’ve been better. The Cooler Master MasterCase H100 has a built-in handle at the top for better portability, so that’s a plus.

Overall, if you want to build a powerful gaming PC inside a compact case, the Cooler Master MasterCase H100 is the perfect choice for you. It has enough thermal headroom for cooling a high-end PC.

But for a more aesthetically pleasing case, the Phanteks Evolv mATX Tempered Glass Edition is the best choice.

  • »superb thermals
  • »easy to build in
  • »quiet
  • »build quality could’ve been better

5.   SilverStone Milo ML03B

The SilverStone Milo ML03B is the best slim case for mATX motherboards.

Notable highlights of the SilverStone Milo ML03B:

  • 7L HTPC case
  • mATX support
  • aluminum/steel build
  • ATX PSU support
  • up to 4x fans support

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Silverstone Technology made a superb slim case here. Despite being slim, it has enough clearance for most standard PC components.

The case can house an mATX motherboard with regular height memories. CPU cooler can go up to 70mm in height. You also get to install low-profile expansion cards. The most important fact is that it can house an ATX PSU, rare in slim cases.

Cooling capacity is surprisingly good for such a small case. You get vents on the sides and back. You can mount up to four 80mm fans for cooling.

Since the case is intended to be an HTPC case, the standing feet are present on the side. The color is black to go nicely with the living room setup.

As for the IO, you get 2x USB 3.0 ports and HD audio ports. It also features room for 5.25″ drive and multiple 3.5″ hard drives.

A support bracket runs through the top of the case. In case you mount a giant cooler, you can remove the bracket. But then the top becomes a bit flimsy.

Overall, the SilverStone Milo ML03B is the best slim case with excellent clearance and cooling.

If you’d like to have a slim vertical case, the IN-WIN BL631 is the one for you.

  • »ultra slim
  • »ATX PSU support
  • »great for thermals
  • »a bit flimsy without the support bracket

Final Thoughts

So which compact micro ATX case do you like?

I like the Phanteks Evolv mATX Tempered Glass Edition for it’s premium build and fantastic design.

The Cooler Master MasterCase H100 is a solid choice for a more compact case with solid thermal performance.

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