How To Resize Multiple Images At Once [Quick & Simple]

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Resizing photos can be helpful in some cases where you don’t want to lose the quality of your images but still want to fit into a specific screen size. Here is where you need to take resizing into action. But it feels irritating when you need to select every photo in single and resize it manually. I also faced a similar situation and felt very frustrated as I had to resize every photo manually.

How about resizing all your photos at once? This is all about this article is. I have tried several methods, and I will share the easiest and best softwares to resize multiple photos at once on

Why would anyone resize multiple images at once?

There could be a situation where all the photos are available in such a high resolution that the bearer can’t handle or process with them. Here come the resizing photos, and multiple images can be resized at once to lessen the hassle of resizing.

Don’t skip any part as each is more interesting than the other and could be more suitable for you. Keep reading!

Quickly Resize Multiple Images At Once With Apps

There are several methods available on the internet to shrink and upscale photos, and I will tell you the easiest four ways to resize the photos you have. You can resize your photos on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10 with these apps easily.

Image Resizer in PowerToy Tools

Image resizer was first introduced as a standalone app. But after a while, Microsoft added this app as a feature of their PowerToy Tools. I often use this Image Resizer in PowerToy Tools, and it’s my favorite app for image resizing at a bulk.

After installing this app, it just blends into your system easily. In the context menu, it sits like a typical command to execute.

Key Features of Image Resizer in PowerToy Tools:

  • Free app. Yes, it is entirely free to download, install and use.
  • Blends with File Explorer. You won’t have to open the app manually every time. You can just drag and select your images, and you are ready to go.
  • It’s small in size and won’t take much space on your hard disk.
  • Presets are available to resize accurately as your needs. Four presets are available to resize primarily small (854×480), medium (1366×768), large (1920×1080), and phone (320×568). You can also customize the sizes also.powertoy-tools-window
  • This app supports various popular image types like JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, ICO, TIF, TIFF, WDP, etc.

Using Image Resizer isn’t that much hard. Instead, it’s so easy that you’d fall in love with it. You can change the sizes according to your needs. You can use PowerToys for Image Renaming, Image Size options, Output Image Quality, and Fallback Encoding.

Here are the steps to use PowerToys on Windows:

  • At first, Download and Install the PowerToy Tools from the official site.
  • Reboot your system after installing the app successfully.
  • Launch File Explorer, and go to the images folder.
  • Select multiple images in batch.
  • Right-click on those selected images.
  • From the context menu, select Resize Pictures.
  • A new window will pop up saying select default image sizes or use custom aspect ratios & others. Select as your needs.
  • Click on the Resize

You are done! It will take some time to resize the photos. Keep patience. Newly resized images will be saved in the same folder as source images. Check them out. Image Resizer in PowerToy Tools is a straightforward tool to resize and share photos over the web.

RIOT – Radical Image Optimization Tool

This is a fast and straightforward editor. You can resize photos, control image aspect ratio, metadata settings, colors, image compression, etc. File formats can be selected in between JPG, PNG, or GIF. This works very fast and simple without any internet connection.

Key Features of RIOT – Radical Image Optimization Tool:

  • Rotate and Flip Images.
  • Set custom resolution.
  • Change the aspect ratio.
  • Edit and tune color tones.
  • Option to remove metadata.

Here are the steps to use RIOT on Windows:

  • At first, Download and Install the RIOT from the official site.
  • Reboot your system after installing the app successfully.
  • Launch RIOT.
  • Go to the images folder.
  • Select multiple images in batch.
  • Select New Image Size in pixels or percentage as you need.riot-window
  • Check the preview and Save.

You are ready to go. RIOT reduces the file size dramatically and the image quality also. Multiple images can be resized now with RIOT.


Now, this app is something more advance than the previous ones. You can use PicPick on Windows 10 for now. This is an exciting app to use that has a resizing feature and some handy features to work with.

Key Features of PicPick:

  • Resize, Crop, Change the orientation of images.
  • Set custom pixel size.
  • Change the aspect ratio.
  • Add blur, frame, watermarks.
  • Edit images and color profiles.
  • The screenshot can be captured in various forms and can be edited too.

Here are the steps to use PicPick on Windows:

  • At first, Download and Install the PicPick from the official site.
  • Reboot your system after installing the app successfully.
  • Launch PicPick.
  • Click on File > Open.
  • Select multiple images holding Ctrl on the keyboard and clicking on the photos.
  • Click on Resize.
  • Enter the values to resize the photos.
  • Select OK.
  • Select the destination to save. Click Save.

You are done! The PicPick tool will resize all the photos you want and save them to your preferred location. This is an easy solution to resize your photos simply and fast.

Quickly Resize Multiple Images At Once With Chrome Extension

Yes, you can resize the photos with Google Chrome extensions too. Google Chrome offers some extensions that can help you resize your photos with reduced file size. And the exciting part, you can rescale photos with these extensions without any internet connection.


This chrome extension allows you to resize your photos with just a few clicks. BulkResize is easy to use. And it has all the necessary features to fulfill your needs anytime. And it doesn’t require any internet connection.

Here are the steps to use BulkResize on Chrome:

  • Launch Chrome.
  • Go to Chrome Web Store.
  • Search for BulkResize.
  • Click Add to Chrome.bulk-resize-add
  • After adding, go to Extensions List.
  • Click BulkResize.
  • Drag and Drop your photos in the Add Photos box in this box.
  • Select your preferred dimensions.bulk-resize-dimensions
  • Put a name, and select whether you want individual photos or want to download as a ZIP.
  • Click on Resize and Download.bulk-resize-download-photos

Please wait until the resizing get done. You are done! You have successfully resized the photos with the Google Chrome extension. This is a simple and fast way to resize photos multiple at once.


How do I resize multiple images at once?

You can use Image Resizer in PowerToy Tools by Microsoft to resize multiple photos at once. This app allows you to resize images at batch. So you only put the instructions once, and the app keeps doing its work on its own.

How do I batch resize photos on a Mac?

You can use the Google Chrome extension named BulkResize to rescale and resize your multiple photos at once on Mac. Launch Chrome, go to Web Store, add the BulkResize extension, launch it and follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I resize multiple images at once in Windows 7?

You can use Google Chrome extension or PowerToys Tools from Microsoft to resize multiple photos at once in Windows 7. PowerToy Tools is also available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10.

How do you select multiple pictures?

Go to your image folder, press and hold the Ctrl button on the keyboard. Now click on your photos. This way, your multiple photos will be selected. You can click and drag from the blank space of the folder to select multiple photos at once also.

How do I resize a JPEG in Windows 7?

Open the image on Paint. On the ribbon toolbar, select Resize. Now select the percentage to resize it properly.


These were the most straightforward and quickest ways to resize images at once on Windows. I hope you found this article helpful. Leave a comment if you have any thoughts or queries further.

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