Fixed: NAT Type Failed on PS4 [5 Working Solutions]

Written By Mushfiq Rahman

When playing multiplayer games on the PS4, a working internet connection is recommended. But what if the internet is okay, but your peers cannot hear you?

Well, this issue is specifically rooted in NAT-type failure on the PS4. This means that the console cannot connect to the internet properly, which can affect the multiplayer games.

To fix this, you can follow the methods mentioned in this article and get back online in no time. Some fixes may appear redundant, but these are tested to be working by many gamers.nat-type-failed-ps4

So, let’s get started.

Why Does Your PS4 Show NAT Type Failed?

The PS4 shows a NAT Type Failed error when it cannot connect to the internet directly. This happens when the router or the modem forgets the PS4’s port number and IP Address. As a result, the game cannot communicate with its servers.

But what exactly is NAT?

NAT refers to Network Address Translation. It is a set of network protocols that allows the PS4 to communicate with the servers over the internet using a public IP address. Think of it as different communication modes depending on what is allowed.

There are three types of NAT (Open, Moderate and Strict). Depending on how your network device configures the PS4, you will get any one of the NAT types assigned to you automatically. In fact, you can see what NAT type is used from PS4’s Settings.ps4-nat type

When the router or modem cannot recognize the PS4 properly, that is when it blocks any data stream it sends to the internet. And you get the aforementioned NAT Type Failed message.

How to Fix NAT Type Failed on PS4

To fix the NAT Type Failed on PS4, first power cycle the router and your PS4. Next, test your internet connection from the PS4. Ensure that you set the PS4 as a DMZ server and set port forwarding. Also, enable UPnP from the router’s settings if you haven’t done so.

Now let’s go through the methods in detail to give you a better idea of what’s going on.

Here are the methods to fix NAT Type Failed on PS4:

1. Power Cycle the PS4

Before you freak out, wait. I know you will ask, how on earth will restarting your PS4 fix its network issues, right?

Here’s what happens. Every device that you connect to your router is assigned an IP Address. The same is true for your PS4 too. But when that address is blocked by the router for some reasons only known to it, there will not be any internet connectivity present.

So restarting the PS4 assigns a different IP Address in the hope that it does not get blocked by the router or modem. And it actually works. Many users on different forums have reported this to be working.

So shut down the PS4 by pressing the power button for 10s until it turns off completely. Remove the power cables from the wall socket and keep it unplugged for 5 minutes. After that, power on the PS4 and run an internet test.

To do that, open the PS4’s Settings and navigate to Network > Test Internet Connection.ps4-test-internet-connection-nat-type

When the test finishes, that is when you will see if any nat type is fixed. If not, the next section attempts to fix the IP Address from the network device.

2. Use a Static IP Address

Since the IP address that the router addresses is causing problems, you can assign a static IP address for the PS4. Then even after power outages, it will remain the same.

You need to call your ISP and then they can provide you with one. You will also get the IP Address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway. You need to manually enter these into the PS4’s network settings.

Note: Assigning a public static IP directly to the PS4 means that your other devices will not be able to access the internet.

Here are the steps to set up a Static IP Address on your PS4:

  • Open PS4’s Settings.ps4-settings
  • Go to Network.ps4-settings-network
  • Open Set Up Internet Connection.ps4-set-up-internet-connection
  • Choose Wi-Fi or Lan Cable, depending on which you are using now.ps4-network-use-lan-cable
  • Next, select Custom.ps4-set-up-internet-connection-custom
  • On the type of connection, choose Manual.ps4-set-up-internet-connection-manual
  • Now enter the IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway into the respective fields. Use the values provided by your ISP.ps4-enter-ip-address
  • Press the Next button.
  • Select Automatic under MTU Settings.ps4-settings-mtu-automatic
  • Choose Do not use under Proxy Server.ps4-intenet-settings-proxy-setup
  • Click on Test Internet Connection.ps4-intenet-settings-test-internet-connection

The system will test the speeds and report it back to you. If everything goes okay, you will see the NAT Type 2 reported here.

3. Set PS4 as a DMZ

DMZ, also known as Demilitarized zone, refers to a network configuration where a device can operate without the constraints of a firewall. That means the router will not block any data packets from the PS4 going to the game servers.

To do this, you will need the IP Address of your PS4. To get this navigate to Settings > Network > View Connection Status.

Now enter this IP on your router’s DMZ settings.

Here are the steps to set PS4 as a DMZ device from your router:

  • Enter your router’s IP Address in your browser.
  • Provide the username and password. You will get this on the router’s box or in a sticker underneath the router.router-admin-panel-login
  • Find DMZ under Advanced > Forwarding.
  • Click the Enable button.
  • Now enter the PS4’s IP address into the field below.
  • Press the Save button.router-dmz-settings

You may see a different interface on your router than the images provided here. That is okay and nothing to be worried about. This is all due to the different operating systems used by brands.

4. Use Port Forwarding

Sometimes the ports used by the games can get blocked by the router. To fix this, you can add the ports manually so that the PS4 can send data packets easily. I have listed these so that you can input them without any trouble.

Follow the steps to set up port forwarding for your PS4:

  • Enter your router’s IP Address.
  • Log in to your router’s admin panel using the username and password.router-admin-panel-login
  • Click on Advanced Settings.
  • Find Port Forwarding/Virtual Server and click on it.
  • Here you need to enter the port number and your IP Address.
  • Enter the Port name as PS4.
  • Click on Apply.router-port-forwarding

Repeat the same procedure for all other ports. As like the other steps earlier, do test the internet speeds from the PS4’s Settings. This will let you know if the issue was related to a blocked port.

5. Enable UPnP

Another setting on your router that you may need to look at is UPnP. Also known as universal plug-and-play, this enables other devices to discover each other. This may cause a problem when you cannot find other users in a multiplayer game.

UPnP creates temporary ports which the game can use to communicate with the server. Once the ports are not needed, they become unavailable.

There are some talks online about whether one should enable or disable it, but I keep it enabled, and that helps to join in the games effortlessly.

Here are the steps to enable UPnP from the router’s admin panel:

  • Log in to the router’s admin panel.router-admin-panel-login
  • Click on Advanced.
  • Find UPnP and click on the Enable toggle.
  • Press the Ok button to confirm this.enable-upnp-router

Now try running a game on the PS4 and see whether this change fixes the issue for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you test NAT type on PS4?

Go to the PS4 Settings and navigate to Network > Test Internet Connection. Once the speed test completes, you will see the NAT type listed here.

What does NAT stand for?

NAT stands for Network Address Translation. It is used to translate the PS4’s internal IP address into the public IP address, which is used to send data streams to the designated server.

Final Words

So there you go. All the ways you can use to fix the NAT type failed on PS4. Hopefully, you have the issue fixed and can now join online games with your friends.

Do let us know which one fixed the issue for you. This should help the other gamers who have a hard time resolving it.

That’s all for this troubleshooting guide. See you in some other PS4 articles.

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