LockDown Browser for Windows 11 [The Ultimate Guide 2024]

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Lockdown browser is the best in business for conducting a cheat-free examination. Since online education is booming in the post-pandemic scenario, hundreds of universities across the globe are throwing millions of online courses.

Verifying quality students online has become a hassling process since then. However, the Respondus lockdown browser can be the savior of that issue.

Using the lockdown browser for academic tests restricts the examinees from any sort of illegal activity, including opening a new tab and searching for something online. You can’t even minimize the browser once you’ve enrolled in the exam.


Regardless of how scary that might get, evaluating your knowledge level can be verified when you use this browser. That’s what the article is about ― introduce you to the Lockdown browser and help you with substantial queries of the browser.

Read along to find out more.

What does Respondus LockDown Browser do?

Lockdown browser mainly asses the online examinations with AI-supervision technology. During the online test, you can’t switch between tabs like a normal browser. The web-browser tools that you can utilize for cheating, such as download, bookmark, print, and history, none of them won’t function till your test is done.

Likewise, your mouse-pad/trackpad buttons are also off-limits along with the function keys. After you submit the assessment paper, you will be able to utilize the regular browsing mode.

Respondus browser remains connective with the latest technology trends. So, you can forget about screen sharing and using the device remotely. Also, you won’t be able to launch the installed applications on your computer. Moreover, the lockdown browser captivates your device during the test.

This browser is compatible with the popular e-learning management systems. Blackboard learning and canvas pro are the learning platform that uses lockdown browser for online assessment.

With these facts in mind, you might ask whether your computer is capable of using a lockdown browser or not. Check out the following section to find out.

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Can I Install Respondus LockDown Browser on Windows 11?

Whether you can use the lockdown browser or not completely depend on the rig, you currently use. On a larger scale, every computer that has the ability to run google chrome without being stuck on the loading screen can handle the LockDown browser.

And about installing on your Windows 11 computer, the LockDown browser was unavailable for this operating system until November 13th, 2021. As of now, you can install the browser on your Windows 11-powered computer.

Nonetheless, Respounds set aside a baseline for the browser to run efficiently. Check out that system requirement below and find out if you can install a lockdown browser or not.

Here are the minimum system requirements for LockDown Browser:

Operating SystemWindows (10,11)MACChrome OS
System Type32-bit/ 64-bit processormacOS 10.12 to 12.0Anything above ChromeOS version 88
Disk Space200 MB200MB200MB
Additional Requirement Webcam with earpieceWebcam with earpieceWebcam with earpiece

Note: You can use the lockdown browser on older devices, but it may cause trouble while taking the exam.

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How to Download and Install LockDown Browser on Windows 11

To use this browser on your computer, you need a download link sent from the institution that is taking the test. You can’t simply install the application without institutional authorization. Also, you can use the free 30-day trial version, which will require permission from the Respound team.

If you’re at this point of the article, I’ll assume you have institutional permission to use this application for assessment. Then comes the installation process. Make sure you fulfill the system requirement, then proceed to further steps.how-to-download-and-install-lockdown-browser-on-windows-11

Here’s the procedure to install LockDown Browser on Windows 11:

  • Download the application from the link sent from your institution.
  • Click on Install now after downloading the program.
  • Select your preferred language from the next window.
  • Accept the terms of the user agreement and click next.
  • Give it some time to install the application.
  • Click on Finish once the installation process is complete.

Your installation process is done now. Launch the application before the examination starts. Aren’t you curious about how a web browser detects unfair online activities? Check out the following section to figure out.

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Can LockDown Browser Detect Cheating?

As I stated earlier, the LockDown browser never stops evaluating trendy technologies. That’s why it can identify illegal activities during exams. First off, you’re required to record your environment through the webcam. So, you need enough lighting for the application to make yourself recognizable.

Also, you need to enable the computer’s microphone so that another person can’t interfere during the exam. LockDown browser also detects your eye movement to ensure you’re not using any kind of cheating materials.

To prevent remote access, the browser monitors the IP address of your computer. Furthermore, you’re not allowed to minimize the browser till you submit the exam paper. Screen share, screen capture, and emails/ chats are off-limits as well during the examination process.

So, you can possibly eliminate every unfair thought that might cross your mind while using this application.

I know, after reading this guide, some queries might hit you hard about the LockDown browser. Check out the FAQ section to find the answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can teachers watch you on LockDown Browser?

The teacher can watch students as the webcam is required to open during exam time.

Can LockDown Browser detect phones?

The browser can’t detect any secondary devices. However, it can detect your eye movement. So, any suspicious movement can be tracked.

Can LockDown Browser hear you without a webcam?

It’s necessary that you need a webcam even before preparing for the test as well as the microphone.

Bottom Line

Using the LockDown browser can be hectic if you’re planning to utilize any unfair means during the exam. But I strongly recommend you not to do that. Unless you’re a master of cheating, it’s nearly impossible to deceive this browser.

However, if you’re facing any issues after installing the LockDown browser or while taking a test, contact me via the comment box below. I’ll be very much happy to assist.

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