Is SSD good for Gaming? Know the truth [2024]

Written By Steven Arends

Are you a PC gamer?

Playing so many high-end games on your PC. But become annoyed for HDD slow down!! Don’t be irritated.SSD will help you to fix this issue. Solid-State Drive works fast for data loading.

As a PC gamer for a long time, I will describe how SSD helps you fasten your game’s loading time and give you a solid gaming experience.


Is SSD good for Gaming?

Yes, SSD is good for gaming.SSD helps a game to boot quicker than a typical HDD. So gamers get some advantage while loading the installed games on their SSD. However, SSD doesn’t influence the framerate. The FPS of a game does not depend on a storage device like SSD.

In this post, I will find out some helpful SSD factors in gaming.

How can SSD Help in Gaming?

SSD can help gamers by speeding up the boot loading of a game.SSD stores a large number of installed data of an offline game and stores all the preloaded data of an online game.SSD helps load game data faster than any other storage device while starting the game.

If you are a gamer and want to build a gaming pc, you have to choose those PC components that run faster.SSD is one of them. It performs faster than the traditional mechanical Hard Disk Drive( HDD). It maximizes your gaming performance by connecting with a better CPU and GPU.

Before we jump into the topics of “how SSD  gives a better gaming performance.” First, we should learn about SSD and it’s work process perfectly.

Now, let’s discuss how an SSD works.

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What is an SSD and how does it Work?

SSD is a flash-based storage device for computers. It is a flash-based memory drive and serves faster than a regular Hard Disk Drive(HDD). So, it helps to speed up your PC and deliver a better performance. It contains up to 250 GB-100 TB memory capacity.

Previously SSD was used as a secondary storage device alongside the HDD. But for its faster and elegant performance, people have started to use SSD as a primary storage device.

SSD has quick access and response time because of its NAND flash technology compared to other storage devices.

You can add a SATA SSD to your PC in regular use, but you always have to choose the faster storage for your PC when it comes to gaming.

Then, PCIe is the best option for you. This kind of SSD is the fastest in recent time.

They are smaller in size, but they can give you an outstanding gaming performance with lighting fast game loading.

Why Do you Choose SSD for Gaming?

You should choose an SSD over an HDD for better gaming performance. Meanwhile, an SSD can’t help you increase your FPS, but it gives you a better loading time. You can get into the game menu in seconds by using an NVMe SSD because NVMe SSD can access and transfer game data way faster than the typical HDD.

Gaming is not all about getting a higher framerate. Loading time, storing huge data, better graphics are also crucial parts of gaming.

In gaming, GPU and CPU can help you with FPS and graphics. But when it comes to storing game data and faster loading, the Storage device can play a vital role.


In a modern era, which can be a better storage data than a Solid-State Drive.

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Here are some significant reasons for choosing an SSD for a better gaming experience:

1. Faster speed of an SSD

Speed is the main factor for choosing an SSD for gaming. As SSD is a flash-based storage device, it works in NAND technology. It has a faster data access and transfer rate than the typical HDD.

Because a mechanical hard drive transfers data physically by its spinning parts, it takes more time to load a high-end modern game.

On the other hand, SSD uses NAND technology to access and transfer data. So it boosts the data transfer rate. That’s why SSD can load a game in less than a minute. It can store a big game and transfer the game data faster to CPU and GPU.


So, if you are frustrated with game loading time, use a modern SSD to get a better solution.

For example, In the same configured PC, it takes 40 seconds to load a Rainbow Six Siege game with a Hard Disk Drive. Meanwhile, it takes 8 seconds with an NVMe M.2 SSD.

2. Large Data Storage Capacity 

Modern-day games need massive storage for installation. In general, all the modern games are 40GB-120GB in size, so you need an extensive range of storage devices to download this game. SSD between 1TB to 2TB will help you install this game perfectly.

In recent times,40 TB PCIe SSD have been available in the marketplace.

3. Durability and Energy Efficiency of an SSD

SSD is a flash-based storage drive. It’s doesn’t have any moving parts for working.

Instead, HDD is a combination of some mechanical parts like spinning patterns, And these parts are moving while the hard drive is working. So there is a chance to damage HDD, and like a big-sized device, HDD needs more power to operate.

On the other hand, SSD doesn’t need moving parts to operate data. So SSD is more durable and power-consuming than HDD.

4. Form Factors of an SSD

SSD is usually built in three sizes; SATA has a bigger size than the M.2 SSD.and the other form Factor is Portable size SSD.

Here are three form factors of SSD:

  • M.2

M.2 is more minor in size than other kinds of SSD. It’s size is similar to RAM size. But it is one of the popular SSDs in recent times for it’s performance. In general, M.2 contains 512 GB-40TB of storage.


  • 2.5 SATA

2.5 SATA is the regular size of an SSD.It is a regular size of a HDD also. If you want to replace the old HDD with a fast performed SSD on your PC, you can easily do this. Because the connector of SATA 2.5 inch SSD and HDD are the same.

  • Portable SSD

Many gamers now carry a portable SSD to store and transfer data from one to another PC.

Portable SSD are smaller than portable HDD but it is 8 times faster in data transfer.

4. Temperature and Noise factors SSD

SSD is a small device and it doesn’t need any mechanical part like spinning patterns,it completely depends on NAND technology. So it doesn’t cerate any extra noise and temperature when operating the data.

These are the main factors that an SSD plays a vital role when you play games.

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Some Best SSD that you can choose for Gaming

When a gamer wants to build or upgrade a PC, Budget is never being a big problem.

As a gamer, you always have to choose the best components for your PC.

Currently NVMe SSD is the most popular type of SSD in gaming for it’s lightning-fast data transfer rate. It gives you the best gaming experience ever.

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Here is the description of some SSD that you can grab for your Gaming PC:

  • WD Black SN850

With a capacity of 4 TB, it is one of the best SSD for gaming in 2021.


Its specifications:

Interface: PCIe 4.0X4

Controller: WD Black G2

Capacity: Up to 4TB

Memory: 96 Layer TLC BiCS4

Seq read and write: 5000-7000 MB/s

  • Samsung 970 EVO plus

It is the best M.2 SSD in Samsung for gaming


Its specifications:

Interface: M.2  PCIe 3.0X4 

Controller: Samsung Phonenix

Capacity: 250 GB – 2TB

Memory: Samsung MLC 

Seq read and write:3200-3500 MB

  • Sabrent rocket 4 Plus

The best cost-efficient SSD for gamers.


Its specifications:

Interface:   PCIe 4.0X4 

Controller: Phison PS5018-E18

Capacity:  4TB

Memory: Micron B27

Seq read and write:800-2000 MB

You can grab an SSD from those for your Gaming PC.


An SSD may not speed up your Frame rate while playing games on your PC. But it can fasten your boot loader of a game. Using SSD over HDD can give you a better gaming experience.

HDD is too typical and slow for gaming.

So, From my experience, I suggest you add a PCIe SSD to your PC and drive the fastest speed as FLASH.

In this post, I try to clear the concept of SSD in gaming and hope this post helps you to understand How SSD plays an important role in gaming PC for a better gaming experience.

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