GPU Fan Not Spinning [Appropriate Reasons And Fixes 2023]

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When you take out that shiny graphics Card from the box, that must make you smile with bliss. And you turn on the system for the first time, peering through the side panel of your CPU to see how your PC components come alive.

But, your GPU’s fans are not spinning. That is truly tragic. I can relate because I’ve been through a similar experience.

This can occur for a number of reasons. And I will discuss with you how you can determine the cause and resolve the problem. So, let’s get started with the article.gpu-fan-not-spinning

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Why is My GPU Fan Not Spinning?

When your GPU is idle, the fans on your graphics card will not spin. If the GPU is under load and the fans are still not spinning, check that nothing is blocking them or that the cables are properly plugged in. Check the GPU settings as well for possible causes.

While processing millions of pixels, the GPU gets hot. And, cooling fans play an important role to cool down the GPU cause that’s the only cooling solution for the GPU.

Many GPUs, on the other hand, have built-in features that prevent fans from spinning until the GPU is under load or reaches a certain temperature.

Does that indicate it’s a GPU bug? or is it a feature?

When the GPU is not in use and thus does not generate heat, the fans may not spin. It’s a function. It’s there to save energy and decrease excessive GPU fan noise.

You can also tweak these features from the graphics card control panel, or simply see how they are configured to react in different situations.

This may be a feature for many cards, but you should also look for potential bugs. When you implement workloads to your GPU, such as gaming or performing any graphics-intensive tasks, and still encounter the fans not spinning then there may be issues.

That being said, there is nothing to worry about when the computer is idling and the graphics card fans are not spinning. Yet, under workload, your GPU fans must rotate to reduce temperature. So, let’s look at the fixes for the GPU fan to stop spinning.

How to Fix The Graphics Fan Not spinning?

When performing GPU-intensive tasks and the fans are not spinning, there must be trouble with the GPU. There are numerous reasons why the fan may stop working. This could be due to physical or software issues.

The first issue I encountered with my GPU was, one of the fan motors burn out, which causes the fan to stop spinning. And I have to replace all of the fans for that specific problem.

Also, I strongly advise that you try the GPU in a separate system anytime you run across a GPU problem. You can utilize your friend’s computer to help you identify the issue.gpu-fan-not-spinning

Before judging your graphics card, you need to check for reasons and try to solve them if possible.

Here are the reasons and fixes that can cause Graphics Unit fans not spinning issue:

PCIe Power Isn’t Plugged In

I’ve built a lot of systems, and the first mistake I frequently made was forgetting to correctly plug the cords in. This is a standard error made by newcomers.

Therefore, when you first confront your fans are not spinning you need to carefully check the cables. Our error may just remain in front of us at times.pcie-dont-pluged-in

In case you forgot to connect the PCIe cables to the power supply, do so now. Most GPUs have 6 or 8 pin power connectors, but some, such as the GTX 1050 or 1050 Ti, do not need additional connectors. They just operate on PCIe’s power.

The issue can be resolved by connecting the PCIe wires. But, if the fans still won’t spin after properly connecting the wires, there may be some other problems.

Dust and Debris

Dust is one of the most frequent reasons why a fan won’t spin. The GPU fans become clogged with dust and dirt after prolonged use. This largely prevents the fans from turning.

After using your GPU for a while, you should clean it. And continue constantly checking it. To fully clean it, you can either remove the GPU from the computer or use a can of compressed air.

Disruption from wires

If you don’t devote enough time and thought to cable management, the cables may become entangled and block the GPU fans. GPU fans rotate quickly but have low torque. Any small obstruction can halt their rotation.

Inspect for anything that is obstructing your fans. If the situation is a mess, open up the PC and spend some time organizing the cables. It will also help you optimize the airflow and make the interior look cleaner.

GPU Fans Need to be Plugged Back In

GPU fans, like other fans in the PC, must be properly plugged in. The difference is that GPU fans are connected to a fan header located somewhere inside the GPU body.

The graphics unit’s cables must be properly plugged in. This could be one of the causes of your fan not spinning. The cable may not be properly plugged in or may not be plugged in at all. As a result, it’s best to simply disconnect the cable from the GPU and reconnect it properly.

Buggy GPU fan curve

The problem could be caused by software rather than a physical problem. Before making any important decisions, you should first obtain GPU tweaking or monitoring software such as MSI Afterburner.

MSI Afterburner is legitimate software for overclocking and monitoring your GPU or CPU. Nevertheless, it can be used to create custom GPU fan curves. A quick look at the graphics settings can clear up a lot of confusion about the fans not spinning

Consequently, you can create new fan curve settings for your dead fans, which would also fix the issue. Even so, give it a shot before making any major decisions because you need to know if your GPU is functioning properly. And, there is no risk in testing your GPU with MSI Afterburner.

Physical Failure

In case you have checked all the above criteria and still didn’t pinpoint the issue then there might be chances that the GPU fans are physically damaged.

Besides, you can run into a particular GPU fan that isn’t spinning. If this occurs, you can swap out that specific fan or the entire set of fans.broken-gpu-fan

The final solution there is to RMA (Return Material Authorization) or replace the fans yourself. If you are still under warranty, then you are safe and you must contact the seller.

Final Thoughts

Most graphics cards now have features such as fans that will not spin until you push your GPU, or they reach a certain temperature. As a result, don’t be concerned if your GPU fan suddenly stops spinning.

Prior to overthinking, you must identify the correct cause. I went over all the possible causes of this problem and how to solve them.

Simply keep an eye on the GPU for any software issues or bad fan curves. Inspect physically to ensure that all cables are properly plugged in and that nothing is obstructing the GPU fans from spinning.

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