Fix Error Code CE-41902 on PS4: 100% Working Fixes in [2024]

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You are stuck with a 500GB PlayStation 4, and now you want to upgrade your storage with an external hard disk.

Likewise, you went onto the market and bought an external hard disk. But every time you want to install the hard disk, you are getting this Error Code CE-41902!

So why is your PlayStation showing error code CE-41902?


Error code CE-41902 occurs when you have a problem with your external hard disk. Either the disk does not support USB 3.0, or the hard disk has less than 250 GB space or more than 8TB storage capacity.

I have been there and found myself searching for the fix all over the internet, but you don’t have to worry about that. Just follow the guide accordingly, and you will get your fix.

So put on your reading glasses to get your desired fix for the problem.

How To Fix Error Code CE-41902 on PS4

I know it can be pretty annoying, like when you have done everything, but you are still getting errors.

Well, you will get precisely three errors if you want to install your External Hard Disk on your PS4. Sometimes this error appears if you connect the USB storage with a USB hub.

These are:

  • If you have an External Hard Disk with less than 250GB space or more than 8TB space, you will get Error Code: CE-41901-5
  • You will get Error Code: CE-41902-6 if you have an External Hard Disk which doesn’t support USB 3.0
  • And Error Code: CR-41899-1 will appear if you don’t connect the External Hard Disk Drive directly to your PS4.

So before going into the fix, make sure you have an External Hard Disk which supports USB 3.0 also has a minimum of 250GB to a maximum 8TB storage capacity.

So here are the Fixes of these error codes:

1. Check all the Cables

Check if all the USB ports work perfectly and the cable you are using for your External Hard Disk Drive to connect with your PS4.

If the cables are not working fine, there is no way you can install your External Hard Drive on your PS4. check-all-ps4-cables

2. Clean all USB ports and cables

At times this error occurs because of the ports being clogged with dust.

And it is a good practice to keep your console clean all the time because if your console is covered with dust, there’s this big chance it will have a heating issue in the future.

So always keep your console clean. Also, fix Ps4 not turning on issue with this step.clean-ps4-usb-ports

3. Plug External Hard Disk Directly into PS4

If you connect the external Hard Disk Drive with a USB hub, the console will not recognize the External Hard Disk Drive.

So, make sure you are plugging the External Hard Disk Drive directly into the PlayStation.

4. Install External Hard Disk Drive

Plug in your Hard Disk Drives into the PS4 very firmly but quickly. If the console doesn’t recognize the Hard Drive, then plug in and plug out several times.

If you take way too much time plugging it in, the console will detect it as USB 2.0.

How External Storage Works on PlayStation

There was this time when 80GB of space for gaming was enough. I mean, it felt like a lot!

But then came the new era of gaming. One single game is like 100GB now!

Also, if you play Call of Duty on a regular basis, well, good luck to you, mate. I know you cry yourself to sleep because of the humongous updates.

We all know SONY has been restrictive about its products. I mean, you cannot just buy a third-party product and get into their ecosystem.

But PS4 gamers badly needed a solution because it only came with 500GB of storage. Which is way less if you think about how much space a game takes nowadays.

Then came the update 4.50! Which introduced us to the new storage system. Quickly fix default gateway not available error.

After the update, you can now use your External Hard Disk as a storage device on your PlayStation.

Which allows you to download Games, Applications and save backup data on your External Hard Disk.

This feature is a big win for gamers. At least for those who own the 500GB PS4.

With this feature, you can even carry the games in tiny storage and play whenever you want.

You need two things for this feature to unlock:

  • Updated PS4 Version. At least version 4.50
  • USB 3.0 Supported External Hard Disk Drive. Minimum 250GB to 8TB capacity.

So now that you know what you need let’s get to know how to install it. In addition to this, if you see Application load error 5:0000065434 while opening steam then here is the possible fix.

How to Install External Storage on PS4

As I explained earlier, you need a USB 3.0 supported External Hard Disk Drive For this. Anything less than that won’t work.

Here are the steps to install external storage on PlayStation.

  • Plug in your USB 3.0 supported external Hard Disk Drive on your PlayStation 4. It would be better if you plug it in your right USB port.
  • Go to settings from Play station Menu and then go to Device.
  • Click on USB Storage Devices.
  • Select Your External Hard Drive.
  • Format the Hard Drive.
  • Go to Storage.
  • Click on your External Hard Drive.
  • Set your Hard Drive as Application Install Location.

Viola, now you can install games, Download applications on your External Hard Drive.

Final Thoughts

It is pretty annoying to face these silly errors and especially gets pretty hectic when it comes to gaming.

Hopefully, with this guideline, you can solve your problem.

And if you have any more queries, you can always reach us.

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