Fix AirPod Case Not Charging [100% Working Methods]

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Users love listening to music with AirPods. By moving audio beyond simple traditional stereo into a three-dimensional immersive listening, AirPods imbeds you deeper into the mix than ever before.

Whether relaxing to Yo Yo Ma’s Music or singing along with Lizzo, AirPods has no alternatives. With the convenience of the charging case, you can enjoy music for 30 hours straight.fix-airpod-case-not-charging

However, it’s like being hit by a hammer in your on-the-go lifestyle when your AirPod case won’t charge or stop charging.

I get it, brother. This problem bent my knees before. But worry not, it’s relatively easy to solve.

So hop on and apply the solutions here. Your charging problem with the AirPods case will go away for good.

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Why Your AirPod Case isn’t Charging?

The only way to charge your AirPods is through the case. Your AirPods case can stop charging for either fault in the connection or software-related problems. Connection problems can occur for dust in the port, damaged cable, or a sprinkle of water or other household liquids.

Here are the reasons for AirPod case charging issues:

Faulty cable

You get a lightning cable in the package when you purchase an AirPods. However, tangling that lightning cable can create unseen damage. You can also harm the pin in the connector while inserting, which can cause AirPod case not charging issues.

Dirty lightning port

Any amount of dust can tamper with AirPod’s case connectivity. While any tiny bit of dust gathers around the charging port or the lightning cable’s tip, the charging case won’t connect properly. And without proper connection, your case won’t charge.

Software issues

Some unknown bugs can fail AirPods operating systems, preventing the case from charging. Some users also complained their AirPods case is charging, but the indicator light shows otherwise. A simple reset will make the problem go away.

Rain or sweat

AirPods’ first and second gen aren’t water and sweat-resistant. AirPods 3rd gen and AirPods pro are IPX4. So they are resistant to minimal water or sweat. But the case is relatively vulnerable to those components.

If any liquid like water, sweat, or household chemicals drops inside the case or comes in contact with the charging port, the case will be damaged. That time the case will stop charging.

Socket or connector problem

You need to connect the USB part with a connector to charge your AirPods. A faulty connector or electric connection can cause your AirPods case not to charge.

Battery problem

As time passes, your case’s battery eventually wears out. On that occasion, your AirPods case stops charging. Therefore you need to replace your AirPods Battery.

Physical damage

For sudden fall from a high place or being hit by something can cause unseen damage to your AirPods case. For this damage, your AirPods can stop charging.

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How to Fix AirPods Case Charging Issues

The troubleshooting for charging issues in the AirPods case is pretty easy. Cleaning the device, checking the connections, and updating the firmware are common solutions for this problem.

Here are the fixes for AirPods Case charging problem:

1. Check the Electric Connection and Connector

The first thing you need to ensure is a steady connection. When your case isn’t charging, change the connection port. Plug the connector in the different ports and then try charging the AirPods case.

2. Check the Charging Signals

Check the status light of your AirPods case. After you plug in, the light on the case blinks and states ON several times. After 10 seconds, the light will automatically turn off.

In case that won’t happen, open the lid and put the AirPods into the charging case. Then connect it to your iPhone. There if you see any lightning icon, then the case is charging.charging-signals

3. Clean the Charging Port

Sometimes dust prevents the connection between the cable and the port of your AirPods case. After cleaning the port, your case will start charging again.

Here are the steps to clean the Charging case:

  • Scrub a cotton bar in the dirty areas of your charging case. Rub-a-cotton-bar
  • Clean the case line’s dirt using a toothpick covered with cotton. Clean-the-cases-line
  • Wipe the box with a clean cloth or tissue paper.
  • Rub the charging port with a soft brush. Scrub-the-charging-port
  • clean the internal connection point using a periodontal brush. clean-the-interna

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4. Reset your AirPod Case

Your AirPods can stop charging for some software issues. That case can be solved just by resetting the AirPods. After the reset, your AirPods will return to the factory state, and the case will start charging.

Here are the steps to reset your AirPods:

  • Plant both of your earpieces into the charging case and open the lid. airPods-headsets-into-the-charging-case
  • Search the Setup button on the back of your charging case. setup_button
  • Hold the Setup button for about 30 seconds then the status light will start flashing. status-light
  • Close down the case lid.

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5. Use a Different Charging Pad or Cable

There are several tiny wires under the white rubber of your lightning cable. When your cable is tangled, unseen damages can happen. So try changing your lightning cable if your AirPods case isn’t charging.

6. Update AirPods Firmware

Updating AirPods firmware is also a good solution for software-related charging issues of the Airpods case. But there isn’t any way to manually update this.

You need to connect the AirPods with your iPhone and turn on the internet. Then wait overnight.

After completing these steps, the firmware will update automatically.

7. Contact Apple Support

Sometimes there has been some hardware reason that causes your AirPods case not to charge. Only Apple can solve those hardware issues. When the above solution doesn’t work, contact apple support.

Luckily apple offers a replacement part for Airpods. As your battery or the case is damaged, you can replace them at very little cost.

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In short, your AirPods case can stop charging for faulty cable or connector, dirt, sweat, rain, or some software issues. You can solve this problem quickly by changing the cable, cleaning the case, or resetting the AirPods. Whenever those solutions don’t work, contact apple support for parts replacement.

I am sure after completing these steps, your AirPods case will start charging again. Feel free to comment for any other assistance you need.

Peace Out.

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