Discord Showing Incorrect Time? Here’s How to Fix It

Written By Rawnak Islam Rumi

Although it’s pretty rare, have you ever noticed that the timestamps of your Discord conversations are showing incorrectly compared to your regional/actual time? If so, you’re not alone.

8 out of 10 times it happens due to incorrect OS settings, but we can’t rule out technical issues. No matter the reason, simply follow this article and you should be able to get rid of this issue in no time.discord-time-is-wrong

So without any delay, let’s begin.

How to Fix Wrong Timestamp on Discord

Did you know that the Discord app uses the time and time zone from the operating system that it’s running on? So if Discord is showing inaccurate time, it’s because there’s a problem with the time zone settings on your device.

In that case, here’s what you need to do:

1. Clear Discord Cache

Before we begin, make sure you’ve closed the Discord app properly. For PC, right-click on the Discord icon from the taskbar/system tray and select Quit Discord. For mobile devices, swipe away/remove the Discord app from the recent apps list.

After you’re done, follow these steps to clear the cache files of Discord:

On Windows

  • Press Windows Key+R and type %appdata%/discord.
  • Hit the Enter button.windows-run
  • Select and delete the Cache, Code Cache, and GPUCache folders.discord-cache-folders

On iOS

  • Run the Discord app.
  • Click on your profile icon from the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Scroll down and tap on Clear Caches.discord-clear-cache-iphone

On Android

  • Go to your device’s Settings > Apps & notifications.android-apps
  • Find and select Discord from the app list.android-apps-discord
  • Tap on Storage & cache > Clear cache.discord-cachediscord-clear-cache

Note: The steps for Android devices can vary depending on brands/models, but you should get a general idea about the options path.

2. Change to a Different Time Zone & Then Revert Back

I know it might sound a bit confusing, but it’s actually pretty simple. You’re just forcing the Discord app to update its clock integration by switching the time zone of your device. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Launch the Discord app.
  • Press Windows Key+S and type date and time.
  • Click on Change the date & time from the search result.date-and-time
  • Toggle off the Set time zone automatically option.
  • Click on the drop-down menu for the Time zone option and choose a different location that is an hour or two ahead of your local time.diable-automatic-timezone
  • Close the Settings window and wait a few minutes.
  • Follow the same steps to revert back to your default time zone.

That should do it. If you’re still getting wrong timestamps on Discord, uninstall and reinstall the app and make sure you’ve selected the correct time zone on your device.

How to Change the Time Zone on Discord

As I’ve mentioned before, Discord’s time settings is synced with your device’s date and time. Discord doesn’t have a dedicated option to change its time zone. So you have to change your device’s timezone to customize the time zone on Discord.

Here are the steps to change the Discord time zone according to your platform:

On Windows 10/11

  • Right-click on the date and time from the taskbar and select Adjust date and time.adjust-date-time
  • Disable the toggles for Set time automatically and Set time zone automatically.
  • Click on Change for the Set the date and time manually option.change-date-time
  • Customize the date and time according to the real time of your region.
  • Hit Change.
  • Click on the drop-down menu for the Time zone option and select your region.

On Mobile

  • Go to Settings > Additional settings > Date & time.
  • Toggle off Automatic date & time and Automatic time zone options.
  • Edit the date and time according to your region.
  • Change the time zone if needed.

On Mac

  • Click on the Apple menu > System Settings.
  • Select General from the sidebar and click on Date & Time.
  • Turn off the Set date & time automatically and Set time zone automatically options.
  • Change the date and time according to the location.

Keep in mind, you have to change the Discord language if you want to change the time format.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my time on Discord wrong?

Discord’s clock is integrated with your device’s clock. So if your device has the wrong date and time, Discord will also show the wrong timestamp in the chat.

Does Discord use a 24-hour clock?

Discord has a 24-hour clock for selected regions such as English(UK). You have to switch the Language in the Discord app to switch between the 12-hour and 24-hour clock systems.

Wrapping It Up

  • Discord follows your device’s time and time zone.
  • In case you’re getting the wrong time on Discord, make sure your computer/mobile’s time settings is properly configured.
  • Also, try clearing the cache files and changing the time format.
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