5 Best Pump Reservoir Combo for Water Cooling Tested (2023)

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Are you having a shaky budget buying separate reservoir and pump to water-cool your gaming PC?

How about buying a combo?

In a hurry? Check out our recommended #1 Reservoir Pump Combo.

If you want to knock out two items at once then, a reservoir-pump combo is the best option and a fail-proof concept.best-water-cooling-reservoir-pump-combo

In this post, you will get to know about 5 best water cooling reservoir pump combos that are effective for your build.

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Best Pump/Reservoir Combo for Cooling Reviewed

Pump Reservoir ComboCapacityFlow Rate
EKWB EK-Quantum Kinetic FLT 360~435ml1500L/hr
Corsair Hydro X Series XD5330ml800L/hr
Pacific PR22-D5 w/ Silent Kit Combo300ml1135L/hr

Both the pump and reservoir is a must have item in a liquid cooling system.

The best combo unit is that which has any sort of anti-cyclone solution so that you don’t get the tornado inside the reservoir.

I have researched a lot of combo units but found that a few are good penny-worth.

Here are the 5 best pump reservoir combo :

1. EKWB EK-Quantum Kinetic FLT 360

EKWB EK-Quantum 360 is the new kinetic combo unit with sophisticated addressable D- RGB lightings. This combo unit is equipped with D5 pumps which are capable for transferring 1500L of coolant per hour with a maximum pressure head of 3.9 meters.

Besides the pump, the 435mL reservoir is made of black anodized aluminium cover under which the RGB strips are equipped.


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As far the technical specifications are concerned:

  • Product Dimension: 365 x 120 x 86 mm (with mounting system)
  • D-RGB connector: 3 pin 5V Digital Header
  • Reservoir capacity: 435 mL
  • Pump Power Consumption: 23W
  • Rated Voltage: 12V DC
  • Maximum System Temperature: 60 degree Celsius

The EK Quantum is enclosed with mounting mechanism with all necessary screws for 120mm fan mounting. You will also get a pair of EK reservoir holders along with mounting screws.

Not but the least, the reservoir is equipped with a total of 6 G ¼” ports.

Overall, according to pricing, this combo unit is more of a luxury product.

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2. Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5 w/ Silent Kit Combo

This combo unit comes with a PR series tube reservoir and a D5 pump for the ultimate PC watercooling configurations.

With unique authenticity and exceptional performance, the PR22- D5 w/ silent kit is made with high quality POM and PMMA material for providing a crystal clear, high operation, and a firm solution.

The Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5 w/ Silent Kit Combo is the best combo unit for PC enthusiasts who wants to showcase their cooling loop.


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The product specifications are as follows:

  • Dimension: 1 x 78 x 309.7 mm
  • Material type: POM + PMMA
  • Reservoir Capacity: 300 mL
  • Pump Liquid Flow rate: 1135 L/hr
  • Pump pressure head: 50 PSI, 15 ft
  • 5 Speed Adjustable Pump Control: 1800, 2550, 3300, 4050, 4800 RPM
  • Non-LED silent kit cap
  • Anti-vibration Mounting Brackets

If you are looking for a sound proofing combo unit then, this model is a bigger bang for one’s buck.

The top cap supports rubber washers for a perfect seal, including 2 G ¼” ports (for fittings). As the unit is made up of Aluminum, it reduces every noise (reduced by 10% with aluminum kit in 17 mm thickness), creating a peaceful environment.

No worries while cleaning the reservoir, because, you can easily open the top cap of the reservoir.

Want to know an interesting fact?

The w/ silent kit is designed with speed controlling knobs to provide five manual speeds of 1800, 2550, 3300, 4050, 4800 RPM.

Not only that, the PR series tube reservoirs are made up of high quality acrylic tube that works as heat resistant making it easier to work at 55 degree Celsius system temperature.

The only dropdown is that, this version of D5 pump is not PWM compatible.

However, If you are a PC enthusiast and want to build up an advanced water cooling loop with 2 GPUs, 3 radiators, or even more DIY components concurrently then, Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5 w/ Silent Kit Combo worth the money.

Moreover, the Pacific PR Series can be installed both horizontally and vertically, making the framework look stunning.

3. EKWB EK-XRES 140 Revo

EK-XRES 140 Revo is a high performance liquid cooling combo unit with integrated reservoir, RGB lighting, and black sleeved cables. This combo comes with a D5 RGB PWM series pump that features a fully rounded acrylic design offering stunning looks and greater usability.

This combo unit acts silently because of the special rubber shock absorber that separates the pump body from the mounting clips.


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Features of this combo unit includes:

  • Silent, vibration free, induced noise operation
  • Anti-cyclone feature
  • Pressure head (max): 3.9m
  • Maximum Flow rate: 1500L/h
  • Reservoir Size: Integrated 205 mL
  • Maximum Liquid Temperature: 60 degree Celsius
  • Power connector: 4-Pin Molex- and 4-Pin PWM FAN connector

Additionally, with the D5 PWM pump, you will get an integrated 205mL reservoir that comes with a pre-installed anti-cyclone feature. For additional options, PU anti-vortex foam and EK-HD Tube is enclosed.

Want to know the best part?

Both the Reservoir and the D5 pump is compatible with popular RGB sync technologies from almost all motherboard manufacturers.

This water reservoir/pump combo unit can be easily mounted directly on computer frame by using the Revo D5 Holder.

Overall, if you are considering the best low-price item, EK-XRES 140 Revo stands at the top.

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4. Corsair Hydro X Series XD5

Corsair Hydro X Series, XD5 RGB Pump/Reservoir Combo is the world’s most demanding custom cooling system.

A high-performance xylem D5 PWM pump is used which can be controlled to deliver perfect flow for your multi-block cooling loop. The PWM helps to maximize cooling capacity and minimize noise.

There are 10 in-built RGB LED’s that can be controlled with Corsair lighting Node Pro or Commander Pro and powerful Corsair iCUE software for customized lighting. There is also a temperature sensor which will give you real-time performance data from the interior system for cooling adjustments.


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Corsair Hydro X Series is compatible with G ¼” fittings and with both 120mm and 140mm mounting brackets. There is one outlet and technically 5 inlets in this unit.

One more exciting thing is that:

This reservoir/pump combo unit can be installed with Thermaltake core P3.

For Product Specifications:

  • Material Type: Industrial Grade Nylon
  • 10 Top Mounted RGB LED”s
  • Reservoir Capacity: Integrated 330 mL
  • Temperature Sensor Available
  • Rubberized Mounting System
  • Pump Type: Xylem D5 RGB PWM

As for the Reservoir is concerned, the 330mL reservoir puts your cooling system’s water cooling liquid front and center, with amazing angular design. The reservoir also contains fillport that makes filling, flushing, and topping off coolant easy.

The mounting system is also rubberized to reduce pump vibrations and noise.

In short:

The Corsair Hydro X series XD5 RGB pump/reservoir is the heart of your water cooling loop.

5. Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5

Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5 is another version of the PR22-D5 w/mod combo that is ideal for mounting, fitting, and flow.

This combo unit is made of high quality POM+PMMA material for providing crystal clear, high-performance, and durable solution.


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Salient Features:

  • Heat resistant acrylic tank: Made of POM+PMMA
  • 6 mm thick pipe wall which can bear a maximum pressure head of 99 PSI
  • G ¼” Thread ports
  • 5 Controllable Pump Speed
  • 300 mL reservoir capacity
  • 1135L/h liquid flow rate

This version is adjacent to the w/mod silent kit but less expensive. So, it is a favorable deal to have reliable product within low budget range.

This combo kit has also zero noise feature with anti-vibration mounting brackets.

Also, you will get a 2 years warranty officially. Within 160 $, I think this combo kit is more of a luxury.

Should I Buy a Standalone Unit or a Reservoir-Pump Combo?

It doesn’t matter if you buy standalone or a combo. I would recommend buying a combo because these combo units exactly meets with your demand.

If you want to customize your build on your own then, it would be better to take separate components.

But, it’s very time consuming to build and join everything accurately. If any misplacement occurs then, whole build can rupture in seconds.

Whereas, the combo kits are joined and easier to connect to other components.

Reservoir-Pump Combo Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

A good combo unit is needed in order to flow the liquid perfectly in the cooling loop.

You need to consider certain aspects before buying a reservoir/pump combo unit.

Here are some things you should consider for buying a reservoir-pump combo unit:

Anti-Cyclone Feature

Some reservoirs don’t have this feature and hence a tornado is created within the reservoir because of gravity. This coolant cyclone can damage the whole cooling system and make you cashless within seconds.

You don’t want this sort of things to happen to your cooling loop. And so, Corsair Hydro X series XD5 is the best option for you in such cases because of the anti-cyclone feature present in tis combo unit.

Reservoir Capacity

Reservoir capacity is very important in case of building a custom cooling loop.

Your amount of coolant and reservoir capacity should not mismatch. Or else, it will be difficult for the pump to transfer the coolant from reservoir to radiator. EK-Quantum Kinetic FLT 360 has a reservoir capacity of 435 mL which is enough for the coolant flow.

Noise-Reduction Feature

I personally don’t want noise in my cooling loop and so I recommend a zero noise anti-vibrating combo.

Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5 w/ Silent Kit Combo and Corsair Hydro X series XD5 is the best when it comes to keeping a silent environment.

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Question: Which reservoir/pump combo is the best within low budget?

Answer: Within a low budget EKWB EK-XRES 140 Revo and Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5 is the best.

Question: Is Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5 w/ Silent Kit Reservoir Pump Combo PWM compatible?

Answer: No. Unfortunately, Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5 w/ Silent Kit Combo Unit is not PWM compatible.

Final Thoughts

If you are a hardcore PC gamer, the Best Water Cooling Reservoir Pump Combo is needed for keeping an optimum temperature.

Different models come with different features and thus you have to consider every little details for buying a combo.

And Overall, I recommend you to buy the reservoir-pump combo units mentioned in this post. They are both budget-friendly and also a favorable deal.

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