AirPods not Working with GarageBand [5 Essential Fixes 2024]

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Connected your AirPods with the Mac, and at the time you launch GarageBand, it shows no input selected? And the worst part is, you can’t even select the input channel as both of your AirPods grayed out.

That’s really a lousy way to start your day of music production.


But, since you are here, I will try my best to resolve your problem with a year-long experience in audio editing on GarageBand.

Usually, restarting your computer for consecutive times helps the problem to wear away. That may get you out of the situation, but you are not looking for a short-term solution, right?

What say you read this article till the end and figure out a permanent solution? Even though it requires more of your time, that seems more convenient.

So, let’s dive right in.

How to Fix AirPods not Working with GarageBand

An inaccurate selection of the audio input in the GarageBand is the main culprit behind AirPods stopping working with GarageBand. Another reason could be that your other applications running in the background withhold the buds from connecting properly.

However, an outdated version of this editing application can revoke your AirPod’s access. And bugs and glitches of both gadgets— Mac and AirPod are beyond mentioning.

It’s a bit tricky to get your Bluetooth headset to work with Garageband. I use the AirPod pro as the audio output for my Mac. And for input, I have an additional mic. You can utilize your AirPods as the input instrument. That’s up to you.

Now, let’s jump right at the solution process.

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Here are the solutions to follow when your AirPod fails with GarageBand:

1. Make sure AirPod is Connected

Yeah, I know it may sound basic. But, I’ve met a lot of people who tried hours and hours to solve this issue with their headset disconnected.

Ridiculous! And somewhat funny at the same time.

I know you are smart. But checking the connectivity for one last time won’t hurt much, right?

Just uncover the menu bar of your Mac > Click on the Bluetooth icon > Select your AirPod as the primary sound device.

That’s it. Check if the issue has been resolved or not. Move on to the following solution if not.

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2. Select Input & Output

Selecting an inaccurate audio device for the GarageBand is the actual reason why you fail to listen to audio, even though you are connected with your AirPods.

That happens mostly when you connect another sound device on your Mac and forget to change the settings afterward. Check out the easy manual to set your audio device correctly.

Here are the steps to select Input & Output device in the proper manner:

  • Click on System Preferences from your device menu.
  • Open up system preferences and select sound from the list of widgets.
  • Click on the Output tab from the top dashboard.
  • Select your airpod from the drop-down
  • Click on the input tab once you finish selecting the output device.
  • Select your input sound to your Bluetooth headset.

Are all done? Play something on the GarageBand and check if you can listen to the sound. That should resolve your problem. But if it doesn’t, you need to tweak it a little bit.

Check out the following segment for that setting.

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3. Tweak Audio Preferences

This part is simple to practice. All you need is to get into the audio preference settings and modify them a little bit.

Here are the steps to adjust audio preferences in GarageBand: 

  • Launch GarageBand from your MacBook.
  • Click on the GarageBand from the top dashboard and select preferences from the list.garageband-preferences
  • Go to the audio/midi tab from there.
  • Click on the audio output drop-down menu and change it to the AirPod from built-inaudio-midi
  • Move to the input section and do the same.

Close the window, and you will find the problem resolved just like that.

That’s it. These are the solutions you need when you find the AirPods stopped working with GarageBand.

Check out the following section if you feel GarageBand is delaying your AirPod sound.

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How to Fix GarageBand Delay AirPods Sound

This happens when you find a latency issue. And trust me! It’s very common when you are using a Bluetooth headset.

There’s no exact way to get around this issue. But, I can suggest some preventive measures. Those will help you reduce the latency. However, they won’t resolve the issue altogether.

Here are the precautions to follow to deny latency issues with GarageBand:

  • Update AirPods: Updating your AirPods to the latest version will help you tackle the sluggish user interface. All you need to do is, put the buds into the charger case > Go to settings from your mobile> General > about> Scroll down and select your AirPod > update to the latest version. After updating, check out whether the latency issue has slightly reduced. You can update the GarageBand application if that seems to be the problem conductor.
  • Update GarageBand: Usually, GarageBand updates automatically when you get connected to the internet. But if that doesn’t happen, you need to force update the application. Go to the app store from your mac > Search for GarageBand in the search menu > Click on update. The App store will take some time to update and install the application.

After that, you are all set. Enjoy editing your music library once you install the update.

If you have any other queries regarding GarageBand, explore the following section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use GarageBand on my iPhone?

Yes, you can listen to music and save audio in your iPhone’s GarageBand. But you can’t edit the music as comfortably as you can on your mac.

Why is my Voice not Recording on GarageBand?

That’s probably happening because you selected the input device mistakenly for another. Go to the System preferences tab in GarageBand > select the audio input correctly.

Why is my mic not Working on GarageBand?

Select the audio input menu from the GarageBand application> Make sure you selected the mic as your input device.

Final Remarks

There are a variety of problems you encounter while using AirPods on Garageband. You can easily dump those issues by just following these simple solutions; Keep your devices up to date, select the input & output devices accurately, and finally, make sure to tweak the GarageBand setting according to your gadget’s compatibility.

I know you have the skill to resolve the issue on your own, and as a bonus, I have ensured the resources you might need. Then again, if you encounter any issues while tweaking your system, feel free to contact me via the comment box.

I will feel much better assisting you with the right solution.

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