Add Guests to Microsoft Teams [Include A Guest to Your Team]

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Perfect collaboration is the key to success in a business. But not every information is meant to be shared with the collaborator.

In that case, you can use the Teams Guest mode and include external members to your organization with limited access.add-guests-to-microsoft-teams

Here, I’ll explain the effortless way to add a person as a guest using every Microsoft Teams platform.

So, let’s proceed.

How to Add a Guest to Microsoft Teams

Including a guest in the member list in your Microsoft Teams channel is a straightforward task. The option is available for team owners and can add guests using every MS Teams version—desktop client, web and mobile—by going to the Add member option.

Follow the procedures below to add a guest to your team in Microsoft Teams using every platform.

Here is the way to include a guest in all Microsoft Teams platforms:

1. On Desktop Client & Web Version

The process of adding guests is the same on Windows, Mac and the Web. Consider reading the steps below for adding a guest to your channel.

Here is the procedure to add a guest to a team in Teams desktop client and on the web:

  • Launch the MS Teams desktop client or visit the Teams web version.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Press on Teams from the left pane.
  • Click on More options ( … ) beside your team’s name.
  • Select Add member. teams-pc-add-members
  • Enter the guest’s email address.
  • Press on Edit guest information to add a nickname.
  • Click on Add. teams-pc-edit-and-add-guest

The person will receive an email invitation and join the team channel by accepting the request.

As a guest, you can call, send messages and attend meetings. But, if you can’t communicate, you need to fix the guest can’t chat issue in Microsoft Teams to send messages in a channel.

2. On Mobile Client

If you are using a Microsoft Teams mobile client on Android and iOS, you can navigate to your channel and add a guest account to the member list.

Read the following procedures carefully to add a guest using the mobile client on iOS and Android.

Here is the method to add guests to Teams on the mobile client:

  • Open your Microsoft Teams mobile client.
  • Sign in to your Teams account.
  • Go to the Teams tab from the bottom toolbar.
  • Press on More options ( ⋮ ) beside your team’s name.
  • Select Manage members.
  • Navigate to the Members tab.
  • Tap on Add member.teams-mobile-add-member
  • Type the guest’s email address.
  • Select the account and press Submit.teams-mobile-add-guest

It will include the person in your channel as a guest. You can see the account marked as a Guest in the member list.

However, if you are facing an error while sending a message, read how you can fix the message sending error in Microsoft Teams.

After joining a new channel, you may experience problems during a call. If your calls get disconnected, fix the call drop issue in Teams to establish a smooth meeting conversation.

How to Enable Guest Account Access in Microsoft Teams

The guest account access is disabled by default from the admin center. You must enable the option before adding a guest to your team channel. Only the organization admins can access the Team settings from the admin panel and change the guest access permission.

If you aren’t an admin, you need to ask your organization admin to change the settings for you.

The admin can change a guest’s private calls, messages, meetings, chat, and reactions permission. Follow the instructions below to enable the Teams guest access from the admin center.

Here is the way to enable guest account access to Microsoft Teams:

  • Visit the Microsoft Office website.
  • Log in to your Microsoft admin account.
  • Press on Admin from the Application list. teams-admin-app
  • Click on Show all from the left pane. teams-admin-center-show-all
  • Press on the Teams option under the Admin center. teams-admin-center-teams
  • Expand Org-wide settings.
  • Click on Guest access.
  • Enable Allow guest access in Teams. teams-admin-center-enable-guest-mode
  • Press on Save from the bottom.

If you’re facing a problem seeing messages or can’t join a meeting, fix the chat messages appearing problem and can’t join meeting issue in Teams to maintain a good team meeting session.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a guest to my Microsoft Teams?

To add a guest to your Microsoft Teams, go to Teams > More options > Add member > Type guest’s email address > Add.

Why can’t I add a guest to Teams?

You can’t add a guest to your team because the guest access is disabled from the admin center or you’re not the team owner.

Can I add guests using mobile?

Yes, you can add a guest using the mobile client on Android and iOS. The option is also available in the desktop and web client.


Collaborating with the right people is necessary to improve your teamwork synergy and resolve problems. But giving them full access to your company can hurt you sometimes.

This article has provided the methods for adding a member as a guest and running your organization with the appropriate privacy.

Don’t forget to share your questions in the comment box below, and I’ll try to answer all your queries.


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