Why are Wii Games so Expensive? Worth it? [Factual Reasons]

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Virtual Assets are increasingly prevalent among netizens and men of affairs in the age of Crypto. Rare and limited items like Wii and its games also hold the intrigue of indies and nostalgic Arcade Games personnel.

Enthusiasm for Rare Collective accessories drives me rabidly toward Expensive Arcade Game consoles like Wii and Nintendo Switch. Although Nintendo Switch took over the market by bidding on their previously developed console Wii, it still has some craze.why-are-wii-games-so-expensive

Read on to explore why Wii games are expensive, even after the discontinuity of the console and support.

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Why Wii Games are so Expensive?

If you praise rare and antique materials, their scarce attribute and exclusivity grow over time. However, the arcade Coteries are the target customers of the providers of such items as Wii games. Your investment in rare-genre games isn’t an unwise hobby these days of Blockchain.

Over-expenses for Wii games are justified with certain characteristics, discussed in this article briefly.

Here are some tangible reasons for the Wii game’s expensiveness increase over time:

Scarcity Demand

The price of an item is disproportional to demand, which leads Wii games to a higher price margin. Since Nintendo formally abandoned Wii in 2019, support and distribution of games have also been discontinued.scarcity-demand

But some specific categories of people are still adopting the desire for them. Collectors and inheritors still value Wii games and keep the craze going on. Thus, demand stays higher than it should be.

Antique Value

Production of Wii consoles was terminated in 2013, and the game release also tore down in 2020. So, if you own such items in your collection, you can now flex the piece as it’s an antique.

Hence, the quantity of Wii mint-conditioned consoles is limited; the such value will rise over time. Also, the Games of Wii are not reproducible, which makes them rare at an extreme price.

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Arcade Game Coteries

Millennials are emotionally connected with arcade games, as these are the games of the golden arena. The collective intellect of Wii games is most common among them, which inspires them to spend an enormous amount of wealth.arcade-game-coteries

Efficiency, usability, functionality, and worthiness do not matter against their nostalgic egoism inherited by their offspring.


Knowing that the products used for entertainment must be user-friendly and compliant, Nintendo developed Wii consoles and the games ahead of their time.flexibility

For this reason, people tend to repurchase more Wii units at that time.

Though modern consoles offer more accessibility and comfort, some individuals are still interested in vintage feelings.


Targeting arcade game-obsessed customers and collectors, game producers release unique versions of previous games with new Easter eggs, skins, levels, and many more attractive features.

While a regular game costs 20-50$, an exclusive version of the same game is released for up to 200$. Games collaborate with brands and celebrities for deluxe version releases to make fans and collectors buy those.

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Piracy and Functionality

Unlike Online platform-based games, Wii games are released through DVDs and particular disk & mount formats, which are tricky to copy and distribute. As Piracy is not a big issue for such industries, genuine products are the only option.piracy-and-functionality

Wii games support all the Wii versions, and the company also offers motion controllers with regular ones, which is versatile for a one-time investment. But recent times have been different.

Durability & Inheritance

The quality of products strengthens the longevity of products that Nintendo strongly follows in Wii production time. Users who own Wii consoles and games still use those in good shape even after prolonged usage.

The owner’s offspring can still play with those consoles and games, which is an inheritable asset for the future. Still, those golden games are famous and played among next-generation consoles and games.

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Why are Wii Games Still Expensive Despite the Collapse?

Nintendo came up with a revolutionary update to the Switch console on March 3, 2017. Nintendo took over the entire market with Switch After ditching the Wii console in 2020. You might wonder why and how the Wii console and games lost track and fell from the mainstream market.

Here you’ll find the exact reasons for the collapse of Wii game consoles and games:

Peculiar Control Type

Successful companies often push handy & unique features and components, but not every attempt achieve victory. Wii also tried different types of controllers with new supporting games. Some of those motion controllers have been performing well, but people of all preferences didn’t welcome such controllers over mainstream Controllers.peculiar-control-type

Poor Marketing Strategy

Marketing of a product is undeniably a crucial factor that every company handles carefully. But Wii creators were arrogantly confident, which led them causing over-marketing.poor-marketing-strategy

Rival Console companies like Xbox, PS, and others took that advantage to rank over them then, which caused them significant losses in the market.

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Lack of Upgradability

Whereas other consoles offer varieties of configurations and features, Wii stuck itself into several versions of consoles. They were upgrading from a previous generation console into a new one, delayed for quite a long.lack-of-upgradability

Mediocre Graphics Quality

Screens are improving over time, so every console and peripherals must cope by granting more resolution, PPI, and color to their devices. Although the Wii console adopts games that are not recognized by resolution, the UI resolution could save them from the fall.

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Insufficient Battery

Long battery life is the highly demanding attribute of all time, especially for gamers who never want to quit soon. Interruption between any kind of operation feels unsatisfactory for users. Wii had a problem with its short battery life, which harmed the user experience.insufficient-battery


What is the rarest Wii game?

‘Sukeban Shachou Rena’ is one of the rarest single-player Action games released by Jorudan in 2009.

Can you still purchase Wii games?

Technically, you can’t buy games from the Wii store, but you can buy from another user or from the auction.

Is the Wii better than the switch?

Nintendo ditched the Wii replacing them with Switch, So there is no way Wii can be better.

Does the Wii have WIFI?

Fortunately, you can connect your Wii console to a WiFi network and you can still use it as a media-consuming device.

Can Wii run HDMI?

No, the Wii console doesn’t come with HDMI output.It only supports 480p view through AV cables.

Final Verdict

The price of an artifact isn’t similar to a trendy material, which varies over time, rarity demand, and many other characteristics. The value of a rare vintage product can’t be measured by its usability and functions or real-time use case.

Affection for materialistic belongings is dissimilar from the need for them. Arcade games like Wii games are one of those things which carry the emotions of millennial personnel. These are the reasons and impactful causes that push expenses which seem insane.

If you seek any answer other than the given ones, You can always inquire in the comment box below.

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