Manage Tasks in SharePoint [Ensure Optimum Productivity]

Written By Sajal Dipu

Though we use SharePoint to store documents, create announcements, and publish news posts for the most part, we can also assign, manage, and track assignments for any ongoing or new projects.

However, learning to manage tasks is mandatory because your ability to create, manage, and complete tasks determine how good of a project manager you are.manage-tasks-in-sharepoint

But what are the best ways to manage assignments in SharePoint? Read to find out.

How to Manage Project Tasks in Microsoft SharePoint

Previously Sharepoint only had a built-in task app for project management. But as the projects become more complex, Microsoft SharePoint has also evolved. Modern SharePoint provides various options, built-in apps, and third party integrations for effective project management.

Here are the 5 best ways to manage project tasks in Microsoft SharePoint:

1. Use Microsoft Planner for Simple Tasks

The planner (To-do) app in SharePoint is one of the best management tools for simple tasks. You can easily add tasks to your Teams Sharepoint site and assign them to different group members.

Here’s the method to do so:

  • Open SharePoint and go to your Teams site.
  • Click the +New option in the Home window and select the Plan option.sharepoint-team-site-plan-option
  • Insert the Plan name and check the Show in site navigation checkbox.
  • Choose the Create option to create the schedule.create-option-sharepoint-plan
  • Go to your created schedule and select the + Add task option to assign tasks.

From this planning window, you can easily divide the tasks among your teammates and view the plan status. Also, you can corroborate it with third-party tools like Trello or Asana.

I mainly use the planner (To-do) app for short-term projects with fewer personnel. Because it creates a separate section for each task, and I have to manually mark the completion button after finishing.

That’s why this To-Do (plan) option is only suitable for small to mid-sized simple projects. In complex planning, I didn’t find the To-Do (plan) option that effective.

2. Use Work Progress Tracker for Massive Projects

You can use the Work Progress Tracker template when you need multidimensional task management tracking. It’s a list template provided by Microsoft in the SharePoint application.

The most fabulous feature of this process is that you can view all the tasks related to your project in a database or spreadsheet format.

Follow this method to add Work Progress Tracker as the new list on your SharePoint site:

  • Go to your SharePoint site and click the +New button.sharepoint-list
  • Select List in the dropdown menu and choose the Work Progress Tracker from the Template
  • Click the Use Template option.
  • Rename the List and add a description (if needed).
  • Mark the Show in site navigation checkbox.create-list-sharepoint
  • Tap the +New option to add a task and assign it.

Assigned members will get a notification e-mail in their inbox and a reminder notification 3 days before starting the task. You can also export the data in Excel using the Export option from the top bar in the list window.

3. Use the Tasks App

The good old-fashioned Tasks app still checks out for creating separate metadata, sending emails to those assigned to the task, and integrating with MS Project.

For Microsoft Project users like myself, the Tasks app is still valuable for moving my SharePoint panning data to Project for more in-depth planning.

However, in modern SharePoint, you can’t find the Tasks app using the normal method. You need to switch back to the classic view for this option.

Use these steps to access the Tasks app in SharePoint:

  • Go to your Teams SharePoint site and access Site Contents.
  • Click the Return to classic SharePoint option.Return-to-classic-SharePoint
  • Select the Add an app option and choose the Tasks option from the list.tasks-option-sharepoint-classic
  • Enter a name for your tasks app and click on the Create button.
  • Go to the app and click the +new task button to add assignments.

You can also move the Tasks data to your Microsoft Projects account. To do so:

  • Go to your created tasks in the Site Contents section.
  • Click the Lists option from the top ribbon.
  • Select the Open with Projects option from the Connect & Export

If you have the project application on your device, It will open the Tasks data from SharePoint.

However, remember, Microsoft Project is a separate service not included with the Microsoft 365 subscription. You must buy a separate license to use it.

4. Use OneNote Integration as a Project Wiki

Microsoft OneNote integration is also an excellent tool for project management in SharePoint. With the help of this tool, you can easily use most of the features of the SharePoint Planner and SharePoint lists in one palace.

Here’s the method to integrate OneNote in SharePoint:

  • Go to your SharePoint site and tap the + icon.
  • Select the Notebook option from the list.sharepoint-notebook-option
  • Enter the notebook name and tap the Create option.

You can organize your tasks (or notes) per notebook, section, or page from there.

5. External Tools

If the integrated tools don’t fulfill your needs, various external tools exist in the SharePoint app store for employee and project management.

However, you must check the review and the permission before installing any third-party application.

Follow this process to add third party application in SharePoint:

  • Go to your SharePoint site and click the +New option.
  • Select Apps > Find more apps in the SharePoint Store.sharepoint-apps
  • Click on the Business section and select any app you like.
  • Select the Request button.

After a SharePoint Administrator approves your request, you can use it on your sites.


Can I use SharePoint to manage projects?

Yes, you can manage projects using the Project management site template in the SharePoint Teams site. However, this function isn’t available for the communication sites.

Can you use SharePoint to track tasks?

Yes, you can use built-in applications like the planner (To-do) app, the Work Progress Tracker list template, and the Tasks app in SharePoint to track tasks. Read the above article for a denied walkthrough.

Is SharePoint a task management tool?

No, SharePoint isn’t a task management tool, but it has some integrated apps and templates to manage your tasks effectively. Among them, the planner (To-do) app, the Work Progress Tracker list template, and the Tasks app are the best.


In short, SharePoint has various tools and apps to manage, assign, and get updates on your tasks and projects.

You can use the planner (To-do) app, the Work Progress Tracker list template, the Tasks app, OneNote Integration, or other external tools available in the SharePoint store to manage assignments. In this article, I’ve included a step-by-step guide for all the techniques mentioned earlier.

Which one of the above processes did you like most? Comment below.

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