What is IDP.Generic? And How to Fix This Malware Warning

Looking for a solution to get rid of this idp.generic malware warning?

Then you have come to the right place, as I haven’t found any valid solution elsewhere.


Yes, I know how irritating it feels like to see these warnings all the time from you antivirus application.

I’ve figured out the only working fix that will solve this problem completely.

And, In this post you will get to know everything about IDP.Generic warnings and how to remove it easily.

Avast IDP.Generic Virus Chracteristics

FileTypeWin32 EXE
Target MachineIntel 386 or later processors
Files WrittenC:\Program Files\svhost32.exe
VirusTotal DetectionAVG
and 60 other engines
Virus TypeTrojan.Win32.Generic.4!c
Trojan ( 7000000f1 )
How It Spreadsvia email
unofficial software files
downloaded files
DamagesAdware installation
Data Theft
Injecting Malwares
Slow System Performence
False Positive RemovalAntivirus Update
Whitelisting False Positive
Complete RemovalMalware Scan
Windows Reset/ReInstall
PreventionAvoid Unoffcial Downloads
Avoid Opening Spammy Attachments

What is IDP Generic?

Idp.generic is a common term seen by most windows users using any antivirus in their PC. The acronym of idp means ID or Identification Protection.

This Virus is also known as idp.alexa.51 virus.

The antivirus of your PC represents you many applications as the idp virus.


Most of the malwares of IDP Generic Avast threats are Trojan viruses.

We’ll talk more about Trojan letter on in this post.

You’ll be a little bit confused to know that:

All of these threats aren’t virus.

Some of them might not be offender.

You should know that:

Antivirus often blocks your games and other useful applications regarding them as malwares of identity protection.

This property is also known as false positive.

There are a few apps running on your background process which are virus like: tiltwheel.exe or pximouse, CTFLoader or ctfmon.exe, Logilda.dll.

Is IDP Generic a Malware?

IDPGeneric is a virus that affects the files from your Windows OS. Antiviruses like Avast, AVG considers it as a threat and sometimes separates it from harming other files keeping it in Virus chest. So, definitely Ipd generic is a malware.

Avast not only considers idp virus as a threat too PC but also provides avast for MAC warnings in MAC devices.

Most idp. generic warnings are seen in Avast and AVG antiviruses.

Avast summarizes this as idp.generic infection or more specifically idp.ares.generic avast.

Infection idp.generic leads to idp generic threats because of citra-qt.exe virus.

Some sub-divisional idp viruses are idp.smpq.5, fivem virus avast, idp.smpq.4 and so on.

You will notice idp.generic virus while installing g2minstaller on your PC.

You can also notice it while playing tekken because of tekken game-win64-shipping.exe virus.

It gets even worse when i say:

Sometimes while using TeamViewer, you will notice 7.hta teamviewer which is also an idp virus.

So, it is recommended to remove the avast warnings.

Reason Behind IDP.Generic False Positive Warnings

You may ask:

What is the reason behind idp generic false positive warnings?

The Prime reason behind idp generic virus avast problem is mostly using a back-dated antivirus. If your anti virus has older versions then it will surely find it hard to detect which app is an offender and which is not.

Your antivirus also may assume your games, email service app and different other apps as Idp generic malware as most of them uses your personal info.

I would recommend you to uninstall Avast antivirus if you are facing ck2 threats or avast false positive warnings.

How to Remove IDP.Generic Avast Warnings

Most IDP.generic virus warnings encounter false positive apps to be virus or malware. And getting rid of this annoying problem will make you feel stress free.

Now, I am going to show you how to remove idp. generic malware warnings.

So, here are the two steps to Remove IDP Generic virus warnings:

1. Updating your Antivirus application

Updating your Antivirus application will remove idp generic virus avast warnings from your PC.

This is the primary task you need to do to solve this problem.

This step may solve all your problem at once.

It is very obvious that:

If your antivirus is up to date. Then it will surely know the apps that are free from any types of viruses.


On the other hand, if your antivirus doesn’t recognize the good apps then you can also change the antivirus, you can also get a new premium/paid one for better security.

2. Marking the False Positive Apps to White List

You may ask:

How to make AVAST ignore a program?

You can tell Avast to ignore a program by whitelisting that program from the settings. 

Yes, this one is also a good step. I think you already know that there is a white list in every antivirus application.

If you don’t know about it, then let me enlighten you by saying that, there is a window in the antivirus application where you can add some apps to a list which will not be regarded as virus by your antivirus application.

This list is known as the whitelist.

Avast False positive fix is possible if the programs are whitelisted.

Similarly, there is a black list too where you can add the problematic apps.

I’ve given the steps to enroll the false positive apps to the white list in avast antivirus. This process is almost similar on most antivirus.

So here the straight forward process:

1. Open Avast antivirus application as administrator.

2. Click on Protection tab and then select Virus Chest.


3. Now you’ll need to right click on the file and then select Restore and add exclusions.

4. Lastly after including all of the false positive files to the exclusion click OK to save the new settings.

Sometimes, Avast antivirus shows avast false positive website threats. So, whitelisting any website or file is recommended in this case.

If you still find this problem related to idp:generic warnings then the next part of the post is for you.

NB: If you see msmpeng.exe running in background process of your computer then be sure that it's the virus causing all the problems.

What is IDP.generic trojan?

Idp.generic trojan is a kind of virus that hide itself from antivirus by representing itself as a non-offending app.

IDP Generic avast warnings might not always be false positives. They also might be serious problematic virus.

Sometime avast idp generic trojan virus are found in your computer. But you won’t recognize it that easily if it gets into your default gateway.


How to Detect Avast IDP.Generic Virus Online

There is another way by which you can easily detect a virus or malware.

If you find a file always detected by your antivirus, then you can upload it to virustotal.com which is a free service from google to check if your file is a virus or not.

This is a very easy process. You’ll need to open this webpage and upload the file there and let it scan. After a few seconds, the website will automatically tell you if the file contains any virus or not.


Also check out how to fix your RGB lighting issues.

How to Completely Remove IDP.Generic Threat

There are only two solutions for this problematic virus.

These are:

1. Using a very powerful antivirus

Yes, a powerful antivirus is needed to solve this complex issue.

Your question might be:

What do I mean by powerful antivirus?

A powerful antivirus is a capable one that can eliminate any virus very easily. And send regular updates to fix newer issues.

Any recommendation?

Sure, I myself use the Norton antivirus. This antivirus always satisfies me by its service. It sends regular updates and scans virus on a regular basis to secure my gaming PC.

2. Reset/reinstalling your windows

Well, if you are successful with the set one then you don’t need to do this. Norton virus saved my life.

If you aren’t interested to get a powerful antivirus then this step is for you.

You can easily reset your windows from settings or reinstall the windows again. It may also solve your BSOD issues.

Yes, this will surely solve your issue.

But the problem is:

You have to lose some installation data. You might need to install all your apps again freshly for that.

I personally don’t want that you do this step. But if you don’t have any other option than this is the only way to go.

How to Prevent IDP.Generic Avast Trojan Virus

Actually, the prevention of this virus is more important than that of its remedy.

You can easily stay safe from this irritating virus. 

Here’s how you can prevent IDP.Generic trojan Virus easily:

Always scan the files which you download and take from any external hard drives such as pen drives.

Don’t download any file from email which you don’t recognize. Not even doc files. As doc files can also carry trojan virus.

Also don’t keep file like application crack, activators, serial key doc files in your computer. Most of the virus comes from the pirated apps.

Try to download the application/games from their official websites or any other trusted website/market place.

Keep your antivirus up to date to make sure your files are kept safe in your PC.

Always remember that your data are much valuable than the price you’ll be paying for a good antivirus. And that’s why we don’t recommend you to use free antivirus.

It’s obvious that a free application will never provide you the perfect service.

And that’s why I recommend you to use the paid version of Norton antivirus.

Pro Tip: Here I wrote a fix for Error code 0x0001 & 0x0003 for your NVIDIA  GeForce Experience Software (If you encounter geforce error then read this fix)

What is Avast Virus Chest?

Avast Virus Chest is a chest where Avast separates potentially harmful files like the ip.generic malware, installflashplayer.exe threat, flashplayerinstaller.exe virus avast from rest of the operating system so that they don't damage other files of your computer.

When files remain in the virus chest, they are not let operable from outside sources.

In short:

The files that are present in the Virus chest cannot be run.

You may ask:

Where is avast virus chest?

You can open Avast virus chest by right clicking the small orange Avast icon from the system tray situated at the right bottom corner of your PC. You will find the option called Virus chest.

Now, suppose you want to restore installflashplayer.exe avast file. But you don't know how avast restores from virus chest.

Don't worry. I will tell you how the Avast virus chest files can be restored.

How to Restore Files from Avast Virus Chest?

You can restore files from Virus Chest in Avast by opening the Virus chest from scan window of Avast.

But, i would recommend to perform avast restore form virus chest only if you think that the files are safe. 

Obviously, you don't want to restore idp.generic viruses.

But, here's the problem.

You may sometimes encounter avast this file cannot be restored error.

It means that Avast cannot restore files that you want.

This happens when the files shows a problematic interaction with Avast Dragon Age Inquisition.

How to Fix Avast Virus Chest Restore Not Working?

You can fix avast file cannot be restored by simply clicking on avast remove file from virus chest. Another thing you can do is white-list idp.generic steam. But whitelisting idp.generic steam file is not recommended at all since this file can be the source of idp virus.

It is better to be safe than sorry. Unless, you figure it out that the files you are whitelisting are safe, there will be no harm.

if the files whitelisted are damaged then, you are most likely to see avast infection blocked issues, avast rpc error, avast unable to scan files error, avast virus scan failed problem.

Also, you will see avast virus chest won't restore issues.

It gets worse when i say:

Digital tv tuner device registration application avast error also pops up if you are facing flashplayerinstaller.exe virus. Check our separate post for this FIX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is idp.generic warning?

Answer: idp.generic is a warning related to virus. Sometimes Avast and AVG antivirus marks good apps as idp generic malware.

Question: Why my antivirus is showing idpgeneric threat for games?

Answer: Actually, this is not a problem of the game. Avast, AVG and few of the anti virus detects this applications as threats as they use some personal information of the user.

Question: How to stop idp.generic warnings?

Answer: It’s very simple. You can put your harmless files to the whitelist of your antivirus and always keep your antivirus up to date.

Final Thoughts

IDP.Generic isn’t world’s most deadly virus issue. But it gives you a whole new level of disturbance.

The solutions and preventions we have provided in this post will 101% work for you.

But you will have to use the exact steps without any change and get the best antivirus to secure your pc as well as you valuable data.

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