How to Get The Catch in Genshin Impact [Own by Fishing]

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The Catch is the ultimate damage for your main DPS, which wields the Polearm as their primary weapon, as The Catch can help your character with a brutal penetration dash attack in combat.

Of course, I love & own this polearm weapon with the maximum state, which wasn’t an easy task. This weapon is special because you can’t just buy it.

You’d need special items or materials to catch The Catch. And I’m about to show you

Let’s begin our quest for this four-star rarity weapon with its refinement items.

How to Claim “The Catch” Polearm Weapon in Genshin Impact

To own the Polearm Weapon: The Catch, The required Adventure Rank is 28, Serenitea Pot is unlocked, World Quest: Exploding Population is completed, and the Fishing mini-game is unlocked. Next, you’d need 6x Raimei Angelfish, 20x Golden Koi, & 20x Rusty Koi. And own it from Kujirai Momiji at Inazuma.

Note: You can’t own this weapon from any event or with coins or currency. The only way to own this Polearm weapon is by catching the above-mentioned fishes.

Finally, maximize the polearm weapon power with Four Refinement items called Ako’s Sake Vessel. Thus, you’d need 3x Raimei Angelfish with 10x puffer & bitter puffer fish again. And you need four sets of this fish combo to maximize the Catch’s power.

Then how much fish do you need exactly?

If you want to know the total count of fish, you’d need to wield and buff this Polearm weapon. You can follow the table below.

Only for the Polearm Weapon: The Catch● 6x Raimei Angelfish
● 20x Golden Koi
● 20x Rusty Koi
For 1x refinement items: Ako’s Sake Vessel● 3x Raimei Angelfish
● 10x Puffer Fish
● 10x Bitter Puffer Fish
For 4x item: Ako’s Sake Vessel● 12x Raimei Angelfish
● 40x Puffer Fish
● 40x Bitter Puffer Fish
The total fish needed for the max Powered Polearm Weapon: The Catch● 18x Raimei Angelfish
● 20x Golden Koi
● 20x Rusty Koi
● 40x Puffer Fish
● 40x Bitter Puffer Fish

But now you might wonder, where do I find them | how do I catch those fish | Are there any requirements for Fishing?

You don’t need to worry about that too much because I have got you covered with all the information you need for this journey to win ‘The Catch’ in the further sections.

Complete Fishing Guide for “The Catch” in Genshin Impact

Fishing in Genshin Impact is a fun thing to do. Especially when you know how better you can utilize the fishes you are catching. As you can pick up this powerful polearm weapon called The Catch, exchanging the specific fish items you catch.

Trust me; it’s a really satisfying experience to catch fish in this Genshin Impact’s open world. It looks & feels different, by the way.

Since I have spent this cheering moment, I’ll share each and every detail & difficulty I faced & some pro-tips to make your path easier and fast for the journey to wield The Catch.

Here is the step-by-step direction for fishing with significant details to own The Catch:

1. Unlock Fishing Ability

Since you might have already cracked Serenitea Pot & AR level 28 and completed Exploding Population– World Quest, you must unlock the fishing ability from Nantuck. Right after finishing the world quest, Catherine & monstat will direct you to Nantuck, who is the monstat fishing association’s NPC.

The Nantuck will introduce you to fishing basics, so complete the mission to unlock the fishing. He’ll provide you with bait recipes in exchange for Medaka fish, the most common

Now that you know the Fishing basics, it’s time to learn about the fishes & baits you’d need to craft “The Catch” polearm.

2. Get Familiar with Fishes & Baits

It’s pretty basic that you’ll need different bait to catch different fish. But in this quest of crafting The Catch polearm, you’ll only need two types of bait. The False Worm Bait for the Raimei AngelFish and the Fake Fly Bait for the rest of the fishes.

False Worm BaitRaimei Angel Fish
Fake Fly BaitGolden Koi, Rusty Koi, Puffer Fish, Bitter Puffer Fish.

To craft the False Worm Bait, you need Slime Condensate & Berry. And the Fake Fly Bait needs Horsetail & Sakura Bloom.

Now the Fish, the rarest fish on our above-mentioned list is Raimei Angel Fish. You’ll only find this fish at the coast of the Kujou Encampment on Nazuchi Beach. Moreover, the available fishing time for this rare fish is at night only (spawns between 18:00–6:00).

And the rest of the fish are pretty convenient to pull off because they are always available at many different fishing spots.

3. Learn About Fish Locations

As I’ve already mentioned, the Raimei Angel Fish are rare. You’ll find those fish only at night in the Kujou Encampment on Nazuchi Beach on the small island of Kannazuka. But remember that the water there is electrified and never think of reaching there without a boat.

Then the Golden Koi Fish are available in Stormbearer Mountains, Near Wangshuu Inn, Guili Plains/Mingyun Village, Luhua Pool, and Koseki Village. You’ll need 20 of these for this assignment.

And the Rusty Koi Fish is found in Cider Lake, Near Wangshuu Inn, Guili Plains/Mingyun Village, Luhua Pool, and Koseki Village. Did you notice that both the Koi Fish have common locations except one or two?

This means you can save some time if you head to these common fishing spots.

The Puffer Fish locations are Cider Lake, Dawn Winery, Liyue Harbor, Ritou, and Koseki Village. Similarly, the Bitter Puffer Fish shares similar fishing spots like Dawn Winery, Ritou, and another end of Cider Lake, except for new locations like Qingce Village and Nazuchi Beach.

I know these locations are spinning your head badly, so the table below will save you some time and stress in noting down the locations for each fish.

FishLocation or Fishing Spot
Raimei Angelfish● Kujou Encampment
Golden Koi● Luhua Pool
● Koseki Village
● Guili Plains/Mingyun Village
● Near Wangshuu Inn
● Stormbearer Mountains
Rusty Koi● Luhua Pool
● Koseki Village
● Guili Plains/Mingyun Village
● Near Wangshuu Inn
● Cider Lake
Puffer Fish● Cider Lake
● Ritou
● Dawn Winery
● Liyue Harbor
● Koseki Village
Bitter Puffer Fish● Cider Lake (another side)
● Ritou
● Dawn Winery
● Qingce Village
● Nazuchi Beach

4. Catch Fishes Wisely With Pro Tips

Fishing may seem irresistible when you need to travel to many different places for different types of fish. You might notice that I’ve sorted the common locations among the fish types in the above table. Visit the common fishing spots like Cide Lake to travel less to catch fish. So, travel to common fishing spots to make things quick.

Furthermore, you will find Ornamental Fish in the places where you’ll notice blue lighting glow effects at the shores near the fishing spots. For better isolation, the ornamental fish will often jump out of the water.Ornamental-fish-jumping

The advantage of the Ornamental Fish is exchanging those with other fish. FYI, each fishing spot regenerates within three days, and changing times between day and night will also give you some advantages.

5. Exchange the Fish with “The Catch” from Kujirai Momiji

The Final step of crafting The Catch polearm is to bring all those fish as required materials or items to Kujirai Momiji near Inazuma City.

Now that you have collected all the required materials, you are required to own against “The Catch” polearm & its Refinement item: Ako’s Sake Vessel, exchange the fish from Kujirai Momiji.

Now it is time for some real battle against the enemies all over the map.


How many days does it take to get The Catch?

Getting The Catch polearm would take 2-3 days because of the required fish items. Since the Fish spots regenerate fish within three days, you will have no issue collecting those fish for this weapon.

Who is The Catch Polearm for?

The Raiden Shogun’s best free-to-play weapon is ‘The Catch,’ as this is a Polearm-based character. She is an Electro element character with super Main-DPS, Sub-DPS & support characters.

Is The Catch a limited weapon in Genshin Impact?

Yes, the Catch is a limited weapon in Genshin Impact you can own once. And you can’t buy this weapon with any purchasing currency, instead, you have to complete some challenges and quests like fishing.

Who is the strongest Polearm user?

Zhongli is the strongest Polearm user among all the other characters. He is a Five-star rarity character with the Geo elemental power. The best use case is a Support character in an ideal party.


After finishing specific laborious tasks, Genshin Impact kept this polearm weapon as a special reward. So, an event-gifted or purchased weapon won’t feel as great as this polearm weapon. I hope you’ll find The Catch polearm faster & effortless if you follow through.

Let me know whether this instruction has made your quest easy in the comment box below.

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