How Do I Make Yahoo My Default Email in Windows 11 [2023]

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Many users want to use Yahoo mail as the Default mail in their Windows 11 operating system. So, it’s good news for those users because it’s simple to set up Yahoo mail default on Windows 11.

There are various methods to make Yahoo mail default in Windows 11 other than login to all mail accounts and

I tried these methods, which are given here. It worked well for me. Since then, I have been using Yahoo mail as default in my Windows 11 without any distress.

This article also discusses changing the default mail app and making Yahoo mail default in Chrome & Firefox. Additionally, you can learn how to get Yahoo mail in your Gmail account from here.

Let’s do this.

How To Set Yahoo Mail Default Mail Application in Windows 11

To set Yahoo mail as default, you must follow two simple steps. First, you must log into the Mail application and then configure your Windows settings to make Yahoo mail default.

Here are the steps to login into the mail application using Yahoo mail:

  • Go to your PC search bar & type Mail.
  • Click on the Mail application.
  • Go to Settings and select Manage accounts.Mail-manage-accounts
  • Select Add account > Yahoo!Mail-add-account-yahoo
  • Sign in to your Yahoo account, providing your Yahoo mail address and Password.
  • Exit the Mail application.

Follow the steps below to set up windows settings to set Yahoo mail as default.

Here are the steps to set up Yahoo mail as default in Windows:

  • Click on the Windows icon & select Settings.
  • Select Apps > Default apps.apps-to-default-apps
  • Type Mail in the Default apps search bar and click on it.
  • Go to MAILTO and click on it. Select Mail.

Now you can open all your email links using your Yahoo mail.

How To Change Default Mail App in Windows 11

Sometimes users get bored using the same application to open their mail address. In another case, some users want to try and experiment with different applications to open up their mail & mail links.

Here are the steps to change the default mail app in Windows 11:

  • Press the Windows icon + I to open settings.
  • Go to Apps > Default apps.apps-to-default-apps
  • Select the Email apps you want to change.
  • Click the MAILTO button and select the apps like Outlook or Thunderbird application to set as default.set-as-default
  • Select the Ok button to complete the process.

From now on, you can open your Yahoo mail using those applications you select as default.

How To Make Yahoo Mail Client Default in Chrome and Firefox

Google Chrome & Firefox are the most used browser around the world. If you are reading this article, I am sure you are using one of these browsers.

Default Yahoo mail in Google Chrome & Firefox will make the job easier. Follow the steps to add Yahoo mail to your Chrome or Firefox browser.

Here are the steps to set Yahoo mail client default in Google Chrome & Firefox:

For Google Chrome

  • Sign in to your Yahoo account from the Google Chrome browser.
  • Open Chrome Settings.
  • Go to Privacy and security & select Site
  • Head to Additional permissions and click Protocol handlers.
  • Click on Sites can ask to handle protocols and ensure it is selected.protocol-handlers
  • Go to your Yahoo account and click on the Service handler icon.
  • Select Allow.

Now you can open all your links & Yahoo mail in the Google Chrome browser.

For Firefox

  • Open your Mozilla fox browser.
  • Go to Settings > General.
  • Move to the Application section.
  • Select mailto & go to the drop-down menu to the right.
  • Click Use Yahoo! Mail.

All Yahoo mail & links will open to Mozilla Firefox now.

How to Access Yahoo Mail with a Gmail Account

A common question comes to every user: Can I access or open my Yahoo mail with my Gmail account? The simple answer is. Yes, you can. Follow the steps below to synchronize your Yahoo mail with your Gmail account.

Here are the steps to synchronize Yahoo mail with a Gmail account:

  • Open your browser.
  • Log in to your Gmail account using your email address and password.
  • Click on the Settings icon & select See all settings.
  • Select the Accounts and Import tab.
  • Move to Check email from other accounts and click Add an email account.
  • Type your Yahoo mail address in the Email address box and click Next
  • Pick Link accounts with Gmailify option and click
  • Provide your Yahoo mail and password when the Yahoo login page appears.
  • Click Agree to confirm Yahoo mail login through Gmail.
  • Press the Close option when You’ve been Gmailified! page shows up.

In your Gmail account, if you see an email from Yahoo, it means your Yahoo mail is successfully synced with Gmail.

To identify other Yahoo mails in Gmail, follow the steps.

Here are the ways to identify Yahoo mails in Gmail:

  • Copy your Yahoo mail address.
  • Click on the Gmail search filter in the Gmail search bar.
  • Paste your copied Yahoo mail address in the To section.
  • Select Create filter.
  • Check to Add a new label box.
  • Click choose label & select New label.
  • Type Yahoo to give the label a name.
  • Click Also apply filter to matching conversations option.matching-conversations-option
  • Select Create filter at the end.

You will find all your Yahoo emails in the Gmail account.


Yahoo has been an important application to handle our meetings and other business purposes for many years. It would be more beneficial and easier to get mail notifications if it defaulted on a PC.

This article has all the guides for establishing a Yahoo mail account on Windows 11 and also has instructions to synchronize all Yahoo emails into your Gmail account. Hope you find the article informative.

If you have further questions, leave your question in the comment section.

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