How To Get Mew in Pokémon Sword & Shield [Poké Ball Plus]

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Looking for a way to get Mew in Pokemon sword and shield? Well, look no further.

After finishing this guide, you’ll be able to get one psychic-type mythical species from the Kanto region as well.

In this post, I will show you guys how to use Poke ball plus to catch Mew and the alternative ways to catch the mythical creature. If you didn’t extract mew from pokémon, you can still get it without Poke ball plus.


Let’s begin.

How Do You catch Mew in Pokemon Sword & Shield

To get Mew in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you need to buy a poké ball plus. Each Poke Ball plus accessory only contains a single mew. Mew is a mythical pokémon, so mew’s entry in pokédex will only show up if you catch it yourself. Connect to the Poké Ball Plus by pressing the control stick.

In the Sword & Shield, however, you can only take them out for a stroll, and the legendary creature can only gather items but not experience.

In summary, Pokeball plus’s controller functionality is absent from the latest game.

So, let’s cut to the chase now.


Here are the steps to catch mew in pokemon sword and Shield:

  • Launch Sword and shield and go to the main menu.
  • Select the Mystery Gift option.mystery-gift
  • Select the option labelled Take a stroll with Poké ball plus.take-a-stroll-with-pokeball
  • Press and hold the control stick of your Poke ball plus and wait for the connection. This may take a few seconds.
  • Listen to the cry of mew and Select Yes when the game says you got a new pokemon on your Poke ball plus.
  • Check your Party or device storage to obtain a Level 1 Mew.

Congratulations! You are now a proud owner of the legendary beast. Keep in mind that Poké ball’s item contains one mew only.

Note: If you don’t hear the cry of Mew, you have already redeemed Mew once.

How to Get Mew in Pokemon Sword & Shield Without Pokeball Plus

Mew is a mythical pokemon that is usually obtainable through events. So, it may be difficult or even impossible to use all the methods I’m about to walk you through.

But regardless, let’s get started.

You can get your hands on one of the legendary Mews in Gen 1 games through the infamous Mew glitch. But moving forward, mew is now at your disposal through the Pokeball Plus for Nintendo Switch.

No matter what, some people don’t want to buy the accessory for $50. So, I have a couple of alternative methods up on my sleeve.

Note: I recommend spending $50 on a Poke ball plus instead of spending 1000 dollars to buy consoles and games for alternatives.

Here are the steps to receive mew without poke ball plus:

1. Obtain Mew Via Pokemon Home

If you already own a mew on Let’s go Pikachu,Eevee and don’t want to buy another Pokeball, you will be able to transfer mew into pokémon sword and shield using Pokémon Home.

Pokémon Home is a newly developed application that works like Pokebank and offers players the opportunity to transfer Pokémon between various games and share them.

Note: Before you distribute Pokemons that are eligible, you need to get them out of the party first.


Here’s how to get mew using Pokémon home:

  • Get into Pokémon Home.
  • Access Pokemon deposit box.pokemon-deposit-boxmew-transferred
  • Choose Let’s Go Eevee if you are on Nintendo Switch. Pokemon Go if you are on mobile.
  • Select Yes to connect the game.
  • Grab Mew and put it in the Basic Box on the left.
  • Save changes and exit.
  • Get back to the Pokemon box screen and connect to Sheild.
  • Transfer Mew from the Basic Box to an empty box on the right side.
    Note: If it has a question mark on, you can not move it around in different games anymore. It’s a one-way process.
  • Save changes again and exit Home.
  • Launch Shield.
  • Press X and go to Pokemon.
  • Choose the box to see whether it succeeded.

And there you go! Your shiny Mew is waiting for you. Now, explore the game and level up your beast.

2. Get Mew From Pokemon Ranch

My Pokemon Ranch is a storage system for Nintendo Wii that is only compatible with Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

If you store a thousand pokemon, an NPC named Hayley will give you a Mew in exchange for an egg. You can send this Mew to Diamond and pearl.



  • A copy of Pokemon Diamond or Pearl.
  • A copy of Black, White, Black2, or White 2.
  • At least 1 Nintendo 3DS and a regular DS.
  • Wii or Wii U with My Pokémon Ranch.
  • Pokemon Bank and Home Premium subscription.
  • Nintendo Switch and a copy of Sword and Sheild.

Bear in mind that, with the Wii shop shut down, if you don’t have a ranch, you can download the game through other sources.

Now, once you meet all the prerequisites, explore the Diamond or Pearl version on the Wii/WiiU. Collect and deposit your creatures as you progress, because the Ranch can only hold so many of them in the game. Whenever you are done taking custody of 999 pokemons in the Ranch, Hayley will offer you to trade Mew for an egg; Just take it.

From Pokee Transfer Lab, send Mew to the WiUU Black/White/Black2 or White 2 version. This requires 2 DS systems. Once the Mew is in the gen5 games, you can access the Poke Bank via 3DS.

Next, keep your 3DS opened with Poke Bank and access Pokemon Home on your Nintendo Switch. Do a Pokee Bank to Home exchange. It will take some moments. When the process is complete, send Mew from Home to Sword and Sheild.pokemon-bank-to-home

And now you have a Mew without Poke ball Plus.

Can I transfer Mew from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Sword?

Yes, you can transfer Mew from Go to Shield only if you have the legitimate version of that pokemon on your Pokedex. You need the Pokemon Home Premium Subscription to complete this transfer process.

First things first, you need to set up your Pokémon Home Connection. This will connect Pokémon GO with your Nintendo Account. After that, it’s a straightforward process to transfer the pokemon. You just need to press the Send button.


However, you can’t transfer some creatures due to a premium subscription requirement.

How valuable is Mew in Pokémon Sword and Shield?

Mew is so desirable because of its unique quality. It is arguably one of the most powerful Pokemons in Sword and Shield. It inherits the DNA of every Pokemon that has ever existed. For this reason, it can learn almost every technique and movement. So having a Mew will only enrich your inventory.

Also, Mew is helpful to catch just to complete the Pokedex. As mew is the 151st pokemon on the dex and is a mythical creature, three out of six random stats of her will be maxed out.

That means you can train and make her the most potent psychic pokemon in the Galar Region.

You can, however, obtain Mew as a starter one, if you own a Pokeball accessory. At level 1, mew only learns to pound. But, as you train her, she will learn psychic, and easily beats Hop; her rival.


Is there a Mew in Pokémon Sword And Shield?

Yes. Mew is available at the very beginning of your Pokémon journey in the Galar Region. However, to catch mew, you need a physical accessory called the Pokeball Plus. Redeem the Mystery Gift via the Pokeball plus to get a level 1 Mew instantly.

Can I Transfer Mew using a Pokeball plus?

No, you cannot transfer Mew using a Pokeball plus. You can only keep Mew in the Pokeball and take her out for a stroll. Pokemon Sword and Shield don’t allow transferring Mew from Let’s Go Pikachu, Let’s Go Eevee, and the GO edition of the game.

Can I Find Mew in the wild?

No, you cannot find Mew in the Wild. Mew doesn’t show up randomly unless you get an Old sea pass. Usually, she is obtainable through promotional events and purchasing accessories. Currently, you cannot find Mew in the wild.

Final Thoughts

Mew and Mewtwo are the mythical and legendary pokemon everyone wants on their game to complete the Pokedex. However, you cannot obtain Mew in the Galar region unless you trade, use poke ball plus, or use pokemon home.

If you are really up to getting Mew, then I would recommend you to buy the $50 accessory as it is the safest and easiest option other than spending a 1000$.
And, if you are playing Sword & Shield on PC, use the PkHex and get mew quickly.

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