Fix: Object reference not set to an object Error (2023)

Written By Steven Arends

If the error named Object reference not set to an object is distracting you from programming then this post is specially written for you.

I had also suffered being in the same situation that you are facing now.


It gets even worse:

When these types of errors completely mess up your mind and hinder your workflow.

In this post you will learn how to fix Object reference not set to an object error while programming.

What is Object reference not set to an object Error?

The error Object reference not set to an exception is a programming based error, which is also a null reference exception. 

That is, when any software is trying to reference an object within a system but it can’t because that particular object isn’t really there in the system.

You might ask:

Do the non-programmers face this type of issue?

It is rare for non-programmers to face this type of error but yes they might face it if they have a program within their system that encounters with un-referenced objects.

Reason behind Object reference not set to an object Error

To know about the actual reason behind the error Object reference not set to an object, one firstly needs to determine the software which is repetitively trying to reference an unreferenced object.

You might be wondering:

What’s the reason behind determining the software?

The reason behind this is, if you know the software which is having some issues you can go on to find out the real reason behind this error, because the traits of this error is very diversified.

Besides that, some common issues can be changes in settings that you didn’t know or removal of some defected data.


Whatever the reasons might be, you should stop panicking as in the next part you will get the idea about all the tried out relevant fixes which are very much effective.

Fix for Object reference not set to an object Error

As I told you earlier that I am going to provide you the easiest of the fixes, I am not to waste much of your time here.

One thing you need to know:

That is all the fixes are set on different scenarios, so try out which is relevant to you.

Let us jump into the process:

Step – 1

The first fix that I am going explain you here right now is related to Autodesk vault products.

Before trying out the fix what you have to do is determine from where the issue originated, because it would be easy for you then

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Ensure that all the applications you have are compatible with your system.
  2. Have the upgraded version of all vault applications installed in your system.
  3. Remove all the malware from your system to ensure that those can’t be the cause behind the error you are facing.


Now the fix I am going to explain is related to ADMS (Autodesk Data Management Server) Console.

Like that of the first fix you need to determine the origin of the issue and then try out the process discussed below:

  1. Check the configuration of vault servers and see whether their operations are smooth enough or not.
  2. Make sure that the databases are not connected AUTODESKVAULT SQL by setting the security configuration of SQL with ADMS console
  3. Go to search bar, and type command prompt , then right click it and then choose the option Run as Administrator.
  4. Then, use the code: C:WindowsMicrosoft.NETFramework64v4.0.30319aspnet_regiis.exe -i -enable


Now if the issue is with XML project, what you need to do is correct some of the characters in the overall coding.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Click on the project to open it, which has the user control2. Search for “&” and “#”3. Remove this characters and use characters with XML traits.

Now if you see that the error is related to some CAD files, you should open the inventor and try to go through few links.

Here’s what you have to do –

1. Boot the particular file which in the inventor.2. Now select Tools tab and then again select the Links option.3. Now click the particular linked file and break link option 4. Now run a scan on autoloader.


Question: What is null reference exception?

Answer: When a reference variable isn’t recognizing or referencing an object, it becomes an un-referenced object which is null reference exception.

Question: Why Object reference not set to an error occurs?

Answer: Well the actual reason behind this error is unrecognized until the software behind the error is determined. The probable reasons can be few changes in the settings or defected data.

Question: How to fix Object reference not set to an error?

Answer: Well it will depend on the type scenarios you are facing and the type of software related to it, just like I have explained in the blog above.

Final Thoughts

Being a programmer, it is a very annoying situation if you fail render something important due to errors.

Here, in this blog I have tried to come up with some easiest of the fixes for the error Object reference not set to an object, so that it would be easy for you to fix by yourself.

Still if you face any issues then do not forget to drop by and let me know in the comments.

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