Push to Talk Not Working on Discord? Here’s the Solution

Written By Rawnak Islam Rumi

Just like every other software, technical issues can also occur on Discord. Take the PTT(push to talk) feature for example. It’s a great way to communicate with teammates during gameplay as they won’t be constantly listening to the clickity-clackity of your mechanical keyboard.

But such a feature can often stop working properly for various technical reasons. And just like every other technical issue, it can be fixed by following proper troubleshooting methods.discord-push-to-talk-not-working

So let’s see what you should do when PTT isn’t working on your Discord.

How to Fix Push to Talk Not Working on Discord

Before we start troubleshooting, we need to know why such an issue is occurring in the first place. That way, we can decide which troubleshooting method to apply accordingly.

Outdated audio drivers, incorrect input device, improper Video and Voice configuration on Discord, wrong key bindings, interference with other apps, etc, just to name a few reasons why push to talk isn’t working properly on your Discord.

This issue can also occur if the Discord app doesn’t have the necessary user privileges. In other words, not running as admin.

So, with all these probable reasons in mind, let’s see how you can fix Discord’s push to talk not working issue:

1. Run Discord as Admin

When I was compiling all the working solutions for the PTT error, the most common fix I found was running the Discord app as admin. So let’s start with that.

  • Exit the Discord app properly. If needed, force close the app using Task Manager.
  • Restart your device.
  • Press Windows Key+S and type discord.
  • Right-click on Discord and select Run as administrator.run-discord-as-admin

You should also keep the Discord app and Windows up to date. It will ensure compatibility with the program and the OS while removing any underlying bugs or glitches.

2. Check Your Input Settings

Most of the time, we plug in a headphone or an external microphone when we use Discord. These headphones can have their own built-in microphone which can also be selected as the audio input device from Discord.

Not to mention, if you’re using a laptop, it also has a built-in mic. The plugging and unplugging of headphones can change the audio input settings of your Discord app. Such hardware changes can also set a wrong input device that’s not capable of capturing audio properly.

To avoid such instances, click on the gears icon from the bottom left corner to go to Users Settings. Now select Voice & Video from the left side pane and click on the drop-down menu for Input Devices. Then choose the correct microphone and save the settings.discord-input-devices

You should also test the microphone and make sure it’s not muted.

3. Verify Key Bindings

When you enable PTT, you also need to assign a button to trigger voice capture. If you’ve assigned one button for PTT but pressing another one trigger the feature, it obviously won’t work. So you should check the key bindings to ensure that you’re pressing the correct button.

Go to Discord’s User Settings > Voice & Video > Input Mode > Push to Talk. From the Shortcut box, click on the Edit Keybind and set your preferred button. Then click on Stop Recording.discord-ptt-keybindings

While you’re at it, make sure you’ve set a button for PTT that won’t be used in-game.

4. Update the Audio Driver

Outdated or faulty audio drivers can also stop push to talk feature from working properly. To rule out this probable cause, consider updating your computer’s audio driver. Here’s how:

  • Right-click on Start and select Device Manager.windows-device-manager
  • Expand the Audio inputs and outputs section.
  • Right-click on the microphone and choose Update driver.update-audio-driver
  • Select Search automatically for drivers from the pop-up window.

Now wait a few minutes until the updating process is done. You might also need to restart your PC.

5. Repair System Files

Certain app features might not function properly if the system files get corrupted. Fortunately, Windows has a built-in tool to handle such situations. It’s called System File Checker(SFC).

I’d suggest you run an SFC scan to be sure that the issue isn’t originating due to corrupted system files.

Follow these steps to repair system files:

  • Click on the Windows search bar and type cmd.
  • Right-click on Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.cmd-admin
  • Type sfc/scannow in the command box and hit Enter.system-file-checker

Now run the Discord app and join a voice server to check if the push-to-talk feature is working. If not, move on to the next method.

6. Uninstall Newly Added Programs

Last but not least, uninstall any newly installed program from your PC. Some apps can often interfere with other apps, even when they’re not running in the foreground. If the PTT is not working after installing new apps, you should consider uninstalling those apps from your device.

For this, go to Settings > Apps > Apps & features. Now find and select the program that you’ve recently installed and hit Uninstall. Do the same for all the newly installed programs.

If all else fails, re-install the Discord app or contact Discord support. Also, go to discordstatus.com to make sure that all the official services are up and running.


  • When the PTT(push to talk) feature on Discord starts to act all finicky, restart the Discord app and run it as admin.
  • Make sure you’ve set the right key bindings for PTT.
  • Keep the Discord app, Windows version, and audio driver up to date to avoid facing this sort of issue any further.
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