How to Know if my CPU Support AVX [Step By Step Guide 2023]

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AVX instructions can execute more double-precision per clock cycle, which can help you boost your CPU performance.

Do you know what it means?

It means no more losing to noobs because you are getting 10 fps, and your CPU’s got a fever.

I faced this irritating situation when I tried to run Apex Legend on my PC. But when I enabled AVX, my CPU started running like Octane on Stim.


If you are confused about whether your CPU supports AVX or not, do follow through. I will try to clear things up for you. Read the article carefully to understand what to do in your situation and how you can efficiently solve your problem.

How to Know if my CPU Support AVX?

To know if your CPU supports AVX, hit the Windows key, search for windows system information and look for your CPU model from this pop-up window. Then, go to the manufacturer’s website, and with the help of the model number, find out whether your CPU model supports AVX or not.

AVX is one kind of Advance vector extension developed by Intel.

These extensions are needed because modern applications need that extra processing power when crunching through a lot of data.check-if-your-cpu-supports-avx

Here are some steps to check if your CPU supports AVX:

1. Check AVX support on Windows

When you want to enable your AVX (Advance vector extensions) on your system to boost your performance, you need to follow two methods for enabling this feature: using Windows system information or using Windows command prompt.

In this article, I will provide you with some proper effortless guidelines which help you do how you can check AVX support on windows machines.

Here are some steps to check AVX support using system information:

  • Press the Windows button and then type System information
  • Look for the CPU model number from the pop-up window.
  • Copy the model number and paste it on google.
  • Go to the CPU manufacturer’s website.

Suppose your CPU supports AVX. Congratulation! You need to go through the next segment to enable this feature on your system. You can enable this feature by running just one command on your command prompt.

Here are some steps to enable AVX on Windows using the command prompt:

  • Open Windows Command prompt (press The window Button and type cmd) in admin mode.
  • Type bcdedit/set xsavedisable 0 (do not set this value to a number other than 0 )

All done! A successful message will appear.

2. Check AVX support on Linux

Sometimes running Steam games like Dota on your Linux can create so much trouble if you do not enable AVX on your system.

Do you want to face this kind of circumstances? If your answer is No, you need to check whether your CPU is capable of supporting AVX or not.

I will provide some effortless ways on how you can check your CPU support AVX and enable it on your Linux.

Here are some guidelines to enable AVX on your Linux:

  • Open your root terminal (press ctrl+T).
  • Update your package by this command :

               sudo apt-get update

  • Install MKL package by following this command :

              sudo apt-get install libmkl-dev libmkl-avx

3. Check AVX Support Using Third-Party Software

There is so much third-party software for checking AVX support. HWiNFO-64 is one of the best software for checking AVX status. If you are confused about your CPU support, install it on your system and use it.

This segment contains proper steps to check whether your CPU supports AVX or not by using HwiNFO-64.

Here are some methods to check AVX support using HWiNFO-64:

  • Go to google and search for HWiNFO.
  • Download it from the HWiNFO website and install it on your system. A pop-up window will appear.
  • Leave Sensors-only and Summary-Only
  • Hit the run
  • Detect your system information. A pop-up window will appear and look out for the feature panel.

If you want to know about AVX2 and check it on your system, you need to follow the same procedure I’ve already provided.

AVX Support Processor List

Intel brought this feature into the market to promote them as the best performance optimized CPU on the planet.

AVX helps boost your game and software performance on your system.

The following is a list of all processor lineups that support AVX or AVX2. If the processor you are looking for is not in any of the lists below, you won’t be able to use AVX with it.

Here are some AVX-supported AMD Processors:

  • AMD Jzen 3 ( 2020)
  • AMD zen 2 (2019)
  • AMD Zen + (2018)
  • AMD Excavator ( 2015)
  • Ryzen 5 3600 (2019)
  • AMD Steamroller (2014)
  • AMD piledriver(2012)
  • AMD Bulldozer (2011)

Here are some AVX-supported Intel Processors:

  • Intel Sandy Bridge (2011)
  • Intel Sandy Bridge (2011)
  • Intel Ivy Bridge (2012)
  • Intel Ivy Bridge (2012)
  • Intel Haswell (2013)
  • Intel Broadwell (2013)
  • Intel Skylake (2015)
  • Intel Skylake (2015)
  • Intel Broadwell E (2016)
  • Intel Kaby Lake (2017)
  • Intel Skylake -x (2017)
  • Intel Coffee Lake (2017)
  • Intel Cannon Lake (2017)
  • Intel Whiskey Lake (2018)
  • Intel Cascade Lake (2018)
  • Intel Ice Lake (2019)
  • Intel Comet Lake (2019)
  • Intel Tiger Lake (2020)
  • Intel Rocket Lake (2021)
  • Intel Alder Lake (2021)
  • Intel Nukes Alder Lakes (2022)

How does AVX offset work?

The idea behind such an extension is the accelerated workloads that exhibit a lot of data-level parallelisms; basically, workloads that deal with many independent data points simultaneously can be operated in parallel.

An example of that would be image processing, where individual pixels on an image can be modified independently of each other.

Vector extensions can provide huge increases across applicable workloads and improve efficiency significantly. Not all workloads can exploit AVX, but many professional ones can.

While AVX is excellent for performance, AVX units themselves require quite a bit of power and generate quite a bit of heat. When active, they can noticeably affect the power consumption of your CPU. This is where AVX offset comes in.

You might not want your AVX units to run at the same speed as your main processor core when you overclock the CPU. Because of the significant power consumption of these components, you might want to run your AVX units at a lower speed.


Does Intel i7 support AVX?

Every CPU released after 2012 supports AVX.

What is the latest version of AVX?

AVX2 is the latest version of AVX.

Does Ryzen have AVX?

After 2022 April, AMD has no processors that support AVX or AVX2.

Final Thoughts

AVX is not as important a feature as core count and clock speeds. If you are worried about that, you can enable this feature by using windows system information or installing third-party software called HWiNFO-64.

I hope this article helps you resolve your launching heavy software problem by enabling AVX on your system. Yet if you face additional issues and want to know more about AVX, comment below.


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