How to Check AMD Chipset Version [Stepwise Guideline 2024]

Written By Farhan Max

Are you in need of knowing your AMD hardware’s chipset version? But, can’t get the proper information with the systematic approach you are currently conducting? Well, you have arrived at the page where you needed to be.

Checking on the driver version you are currently operating with, is an essential process in view of the fact that the driver supervises and helps to divulge the other components of your system.

Since I have been working as a hardware specialist in a renowned organization, I know the procedure of maintaining CPU components at their full functionality and monitoring their firmware updates.

In this article, I will be sharing the methods that I use to check the AMD chipset driver version. Read this passage till the end if you wanna learn the process

Identify AMD Chipset Driver Version on Windows

Discovering the driver version of your AMD chipset installed on your system at the present time is not that complicated if you pick a structured way of approaching it. I have seen people using third-party applications just to get the knowledge of their installed drivers. And that is without even trying the easy solutions.

I expect you won’t perform such silly experiments. Third-party applications are useful when you don’t have the resource to get adequate knowledge. But, in this case, that is not an ideal solution.

You can implement the following methods if you are using a Windows computer. I have enlisted several methods here and as a matter of fact, I know, you won’t be needing to apply all of them. I strongly recommend you follow the disciplined order. Download Razer Cortex game booster to intensify your in-game performance.

You might get the information you need even after applying the first procedure. Who knows?

Here are the methods to find out your chipset driver version:

1. Check Driver Version Through Apps & Features

This method is one of the simplest procedures to identify which version of the AMD chipset driver you are currently trying on. Turn on your computer if it’s not already and follow the procedure.

Here’s how you can check AMD driver Via Apps & Features:

  • Press Windows + X button on your keyboard to open up the start menu feature.
  • Click on Settings from the list.
  • Select Apps from the settings menu.
  • Scroll down in the Apps & features tab and find out the folder named AMD Chipset Software.AMD-chipset-software

The number you located underneath the chipset software is your existing chipset driver version. Download MSI Gaming App to easily change your system setting and have all of your PC performance for your gaming.

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2. Identify AMD Driver Version via Control Panel

If you don’t have permission to access apps and features, you can try a different path. Perform the following tricks to get what you wanted.

Here’s how you can determine your chipset driver from the control panel:

  • Press Windows + S button to open up the windows search box.
  • Type in Control Panel and click on the result.
  • Select Programs from the following window.
  • Click on Programs and features once the next window appears.Programs-and-features
  • Locate AMD Chipset Software in the long list of programs and click on it.

When you find the program, look at the entire row closely. On the fourth column, you shall see the current version installed for your chipset driver. Also, Download RGB Fusion to customize your PC’s motherboards, graphics card, LED strips, casings, and other peripherals in one click.

3. Determine AMD drive over Device Manager

Finding out the driver version through device manager works for every other driver you have installed on your system. You just need to get into the dialog box and see for yourself.

Here’s how you can determine your chipset version with the device manager:

  • Press Windows + R button on your keyboard to launch the run prompt.
  • Type in or copy devmgmt.msc in the run box and hit Enter.msc
  • Expand the option IDE ATA/ ATAPI controllers. You shall find the AMD chipset driver there.atapi-controllers
  • Right click on the driver’s name and select Properties from the list.
  • Move to the Driver tab when the next dialog box appears.

You shall find the version of your chipset in that tab. Do what you need to do with the version data. Download Corsair Link to monitor your PC fan speed, temperature, and cooling system of your Corsair PC.

4. Install a New AMD Chipset Version

If all of the mentioned procedures don’t work for you, this particular method will solve all of your problems that I can assure you of.

When you try to update the driver version, AMD auto detects the current version and smoothens the path for you to install the latest version. If are not planning to update the chipset to the latest, you can cancel the process once you find out the installed version.

That is possible because when you update the driver, AMD lets you know which version you are on. Workable right? Let’s see how you can do that. Also, Download NZXT CAM software to find your PC performance ratings and status.

Here’s the process to determine Chipset version while installing updating to newest: 

  • Go to the AMD support page with your browser.
  • Download the chipset version by entering your product’s model number.
  • Make sure you have downloaded the driver for your exact operating system.
  • Install the driver once the downloading process is completed.

As I said earlier, you shall see the version you are currently on while installing the updated version. Cancel the installation if you intend to.

You can also follow the subsequent manner to install updates.

  • Press Windows + X button from the keyboard.
  • Select Device Manager from the list.
  • Expand the System Device System-device
  • Right click on the AMD chipset and select Update.

While installing the latest version, check out the previous version as earlier.

5. Check Driver Version Via System Information

You can identify the chipset version of all the drivers installed in your system with this simple tool. Pretty exciting, right? Let’s see how are you able to do that.

Here’s how you can find out the driver version with system information:

  • Press Windows + R key together to launch the run prompt.
  • Type in or copy msinfo32 in the box and hit Enter. msinfo32
  • Expand Components from the left pane by pressing the + Components
  • Select Display from the list. You shall find the driver information you needed from there. Display-from

If you are in search of knowing the other driver versions, simply find out what category of the driver that is, and click on the item.

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Why do I Need to Check the AMD Chipset Driver Version?

As I explained at the earliest, identifying the driver version you are currently operating with, is a necessary process given that the driver supervises and helps to communicate the other components of your system.

There are multiple measures you can imply after distinguishing the current driver used in your system. I cannot possibly imagine all of them. But, Surely can discuss the probable outcomes.

Here are the reasons why you need to distinguish the chipset version:

  • To Keep Your System Updated: If you have the obsession like me to keep updated the drivers installed on your computer from time to time, you need to know the process of identifying current driver versions. Outdated drivers make your system more sluggish
  • Overclocking: When you want to enhance the core speed of your system, you need to elevate the clock speed of the components. To do that, you must have knowledge of your current chipset version.
  • Compatibility: Imagine yourself bringing a new SSD or GPU for your computer. But, you do not know if that’s gonna be compatible with your existing system. If that doesn’t work out, you are in grave trouble. To avoid this compatibility issue you need to always check the driver version of your existing system.

These are the possible reasons behind finding a driver’s running version. If none of these encouraged you to find out the chipset driver version, that is okay. There are hundreds of causes that can trigger the checking of drivers.


Throughout the article, I have described how you can be able to check the AMD chipset driver with proper details and when you should need that information.

If you have read every word I have put there, there should be no complications regarding this topic.

But, if you fail to understand any of those methods which are very unlikely, feel free to contact me through the comment box. I will help as soon as I can.

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