WOW Lingo : What it is & How to Play [Beginners Guide]

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The gaming industry has its own language. You cannot use your formal language and think everybody would understand you. Because gaming is universal and there is no exact language to follow mainly because of the diversity 

Similarly, every game has its own language, which you need to know if you are willing to play the game with other players.


What does WOW mean in gaming?

WOW in gaming stands for the world of warcraft. It is a game that came out in 2004 and currently running eight expansions. As this game has extreme popularity and a long name, people simply refer to wow instead of World of Warcraft.

If you are a new player and want to level up fast and compete with other players, you need to know the terminology and common wow abbreviations. 

In this guideline, I will explain all the common wow terminology. 

So keep reading till the end to enrich your gaming vocabulary.

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What does IIRC mean wow?

IIRC stands for If I can recall correctly in the world of warcraft. This is a very popular internet terminology, not just in wow. Many gamers and pop culture fans will refer to this when people ask questions online, and before giving their opinion, they use IIRC.

Using IIRC is one of saying that I am humbly giving my statement. I can be wrong, but I recall this from the time I was playing the game. So that even if they are wrong, they can blame memory instead of gaming knowledge. Not really kidding.

Just like IIRC, you will see many popular terms hovering around online while gaming, which you don’t have any idea of. But learning these would boost your gaming experience and confidence while you are at a party chat with other players.

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First of all, you need to understand that gaming vocabulary is not large and formal like other languages. It is mostly short and abbreviation of big words, like for instead AFK, which stands for Away from the keyboard. If you see someone who wrote AFK in the party chat, you need to understand that player is not available for a few minutes or so. Also same goes for BRB stands for be right back. And if you hear someone is calling you a noob, then don’t feel bad. It stands for someone who is new or someone who cannot play the game that well. Bot is another common gaming lingo that refers to CPU AI. In the world of warcraft, you will hear and see DPS a lot which stands for Damage Per second.

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In the world of warcraft, people will give you the advice to grind a lot. Now, if you are new to gaming, you are not going to understand the word. If people are telling you to grind hard, it means they are trying to convey that you need to play the game more and earn more XP to develop your character. If they say GG, they are congratulating on having a good game. Sometimes it can be a taunt as well, but you be the judge of how to take the compliment.

Another gaming and wow common lingo would be NPC, which stands for non-playable character. In RPG and MMORPG, NPC plays a big role. Even though you cannot play with them, but they will give hints, easter eggs, and new questlines. Mainly in many games, if you want to do the sidequests, then you have to go find and invoke some NPC.

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Just like these, there are plenty of common gaming terminologies. Maybe there will be another guideline later on but now let’s just stick to the terms that are famous in the World of Warcraft.

World Of Warcraft Common Lingo Guide

I know many pro players that still don’t understand all the abbreviations that are out in the world of warcraft. Honestly, I don’t blame them because there are so many abbreviations out there. 

As there are many groups and guilds, people have their own way of conveying their texts. This is why I will describe the very common ones and divide them into four categories. 

Here are the most common terms and lingo in wow:

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1. Character And Players

When you are playing the game, these lingoes will help you to know the game better. Even if you are asking for help, many people will refer to these terminologies. 


Here are the common terms of character and players in wow: 

  • PVP- PVP stands for player vs. player. Meaning you will fight with another player like you. Not CPU AI.
  • PVE- PVE stands for Player vs. Environment. In the PVE section, you will be up against CPU AI.
  • 123123- It refers to summon. Commonly used when it comes to summoning someone from another group.
  • BG- Stands for battlegrounds where you will fight against other PVP characters.
  • Main- This will refer to your main character. The one you pick and play all the time.
  • Alt- Your alternative character.
  • Tank, Heal, DPS- Refers to what character you will play during combats.

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2. Combat

This section will contain the most important terminologies of the world of warcraft because you will mostly use these while you are with your online friends.


Here are the common combat lingoes of wow: 

  • Adds- Additional enemies that will spawn during boss fights.
  • Aggro- It means aggression. If someone attacks you and you are unaware of it. You scream aggro.
  • Burst- Making a lot of attacks in a short period of time.
  • Face Pull- When you stand close to an enemy and attack you, you say body or face pull.
  • AOE- Your character’s abilities damage or effect area. 
  • LOS- Line of Sight. Meaning you cannot cast a spell because you are unclear of the target.

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3. Trading

You will need these terminologies if you want to trade the most items and make more money in-game.


Here are the common lingoes of Trading in wow: 

  • BOP/BOE- Stands for bind on pickup and bind on equipment. You can never trade BOP items with other players. But you can deal BOE items with other players.
  • BID- If you want to buy something, you make a higher price than the last one. 
  • Buyout- If you don’t want to waste your time bidding for items, then you can pay the buyout price and get the item.
  • AH- Means Auction houses. Where you can bid and pay buyout for items that you need.
  • WTS/WTB/WTT- Stands for want to sell, buy, and trade; most players use it for trading.

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4. Equipments

Another set of terminologies that you will need while you are playing with other players.

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Here are the most common lingoes of slots/equipment in wow:

  • BIS- Means Best in the slot. When someone says BIS, it means that it is the best available gear for that slot.
  • iLvl- Stands for item level. Higher the item level means more stats. 
  • GS- Total value of the item or stat score of a player.
  • Mats- It means materials. Items that you need for trading.
  • FR- Fire resistance or frost resistance. An ability that will defer fire or frost spells.

Another common wow lingo is GCD. GCD stands for global or universal cooldown. It will start the very moment you cast a spell and will go down until the spell is ready for casting again. If you see LFM in world chat, that means someone is looking for a group to play with.

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What does Shh mean wow?

SHH means shattered Halls in the world of warcraft. This is a common dungeon terminology in the world of warcraft.

Here are the common Dungeon Lingoes of wow: 

  1. MT -Mana-Tombs.
  2. AC-Auchenai Crypts.
  3. UB-Underbog
  4. SV- Steamvaults

Suppose you see RR, which means looting rights. And if you see someone is texting MT, that means someone mistakenly sent something in the wrong group, thus stands for mistell.

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Final Thoughts

For a new player learning, these terminologies are the first in line. If you can understand the game language or the local language the players talk with, then the game will seem a lot easier. 

Hopefully, with this guideline, you can learn the common wow lingoes.

And if you still have any queries, then you can always reach out to us.

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