How to Disable Avast Completely in 3 Simple Steps

Are you struggling with turning off your Avast antivirus? 

It gets worse:

When your antivirus shows false warnings and also slows down your PC for no reason.


Having an antivirus installed in your PC is a good thing. But it becomes annoying when this antivirus apps creates problem more than a  virus.

Very frustrating, Right?

Do not panic. In this post I am going to give you the simplest of the solutions that you can use to solve the problem completely by yourself.

So, let us get into the process.

​What is Avast?

Avast is one of the most renowned internet security application or in short Antivirus, which is developed for various platforms. Like every other antivirus, its main function is safeguard your PC against all sorts of malware.


This Avast has two different versions. 


One of them is paid and the other isn’t. 

In the paid one, you will get all the premium features like safety against Webcam Spying, have a premium password manager as well as stuffs like file shredder.

In case of the free version, it’s like a basic firewall which saves your PC and notifies you from posing threats.

Why turn off Avast?

Now you might question:

Why turn off Avast if it protects my PC?

The reason is, Avast antivirus does safeguards your computer but often it causes problems which will definitely annoy you.

It gets worse:

When you need to install a very important software but Avast stops you from doing so.

It interferes each and every time when you have to navigate into some specific sites or download any important patch file.

Avast also tend to block your favorite website in some cases.

But you don’t need to worry, as in the next part you will get the idea how to fix this issue all by yourself in absolutely no time.

How to Disable/Turn off Avast?

By now, you do know that what you need to do to stop getting frustrated with those repetitive pop ups from Avast.

But you might ask:

How will you do it?

Well, it’s a very easy process.

It is not something like rocket science that you won’t understand. All you have to do is follow the steps that I will discuss here right now very carefully.

These are very simple to implement within no time.

Just give it a read, you will get the idea. Let us not waste time and dive right into the solutions.

Step-1: Disable specific Avast shields

There are various shields in Avast that runs and continue its functions. There are some specific shields which are the prime reasons of the problems you are facing.

But here’s the kicker:

You can turn off those specific all by yourself.

It’s an easy process and you can pull it off within a short period of time. For this just follow the procedure I have mentioned below:

  1. Look for the Avast Icon in your desktop and then double click it.
  2. Now you will be seeing the Avast user interface
  3. From there click on the Protection Tab
  4. Now you will find Core shields, which you have to click on.
  5. Here you will see which shields are actually on and what you have to do is turn off the shields you want to stop.
  6. When you click to turn off the shields, you will get 4 four different options. They are – Turn off shields for 10 minute, for 1 hour, until the PC is restarted and turning it off permanently.
  7. Now what you have to do is choose a duration suitable for you and then click OK. It would disable the shield for the duration you have chosen.
  8. In the interface, you will see the message that the shield is off and you can turn it on whenever you want by clicking on a green button available there.

Thus, you have successfully turned off some specific shields.


If Avast still doesn’t stop to annoy you, don’t get frustrated.

I have got another method for you to solve the issue in the next part.

Step-2: Uninstall Avast Completely

If you still feel that, Avast is a very big headache and it is annoying you every time you are rendering some important tasks in your PC, what you can do is just uninstall it completely.

But here is one thing you need to know:

Before completely uninstalling Avast, just go to the Avast settings and turn off the Enable Self-defense feature.

Now let us look at the steps to uninstall Avast:

  1. From start menu, go to the search bar and type control panel
  2. Now in control panel, select programs and features
  3. From there look for Avast free antivirus and when you find it select uninstall.
  4. This will process the removal process of Avast and will completely uninstall it from your PC.

Step-3: Turn off all the shields

Now if turning off some specific shields doesn’t solve your problem, what I suggest you to do is, disable all the shields that are running.

You might be worrying:

Will it disable my antivirus completely?

No, it won’t.

Just like disabling a single shield, it would disable all the shields altogether for a time being depending on the duration you prefer.

Let us not waste time and look into the process following:

  1. First of all navigate to the Windows Taskbar
  2. From there find the Avast icon and right click on it.
  3. Now you will notice a sub menu where there will be four options- with four different time preferences
  4. Select the option permanently to completely disable all functions of Avast.
  5. There might be pop up message now regarding possible malware attack , which will ask your approval to turn off avast completely
  6. You just click to Yes to completely disable Avast.


Question: Does Avast blocks every other third party software?
Answer: Yes, it does. Avast does block any unauthorized software by your OS from installation

Question: Is it possible to disable specific features of Avast?
Answer: Yes, It is. You can disable specific features of Avast by turning off the specific Avast shields that are causing you problems.

Question: Can I choose the time preference of disabling the shields?
Answer: You can disable specific or all the Avast shields for four specific time preferences according to your need. You would get this option in the process of disabling the shields you want.

Final Thoughts

It is a very annoying situation when something pops up in the middle of rendering something important. Avast does this so often and it’s quite a frustrating situation for its users.

But the good part is:

You will get the most effective idea after going through this post and will be able to solve problem in almost no time.

If you still face issues then don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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