How to Soft reset Pokemon X & Y [Beginners Guide]

Written By Steven Arends

So, you decided to reset pokemon X and Y?

There are plenty of reasons why trainers start a new game on their Nintendo 3DS (More on that later).

Let’s cut to the chase:

How to soft reset Pokemon X and Y?

To soft reset pokemon x and Y, press the L+R+SELECT buttons on the Nintendo 3DS together. Use the button combination after saving the current game. Soft resetting won’t delete the save file. Rather it will instantly reboot the game.

Keep Reading, As I’m about to show you some nifty tricks to get shinies on your Nintendo 3DS console by soft resetting.

So, let’s get started.

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What is Pokemon soft reset?

A soft reset in pokemon means restarting the game without quitting the overall game. By Soft resetting, you won’t have to see the intro cutscene and can jump into the game directly. Note that SRing won’t delete your game file.

To perform the soft reset, you need to hold a combination of buttons together. It differs from a hard reset.

On a hard reset, the console itself restarts. And on a soft reset, the game resets. If the time duration for hard reset is 50 seconds, then the time required for soft resetting is 20 seconds. Check our epic guide on how to fix pokemon go error 0.

Keep in mind that:

You cannot perform a soft reset in the middle of saving a game. This might corrupt the game file and also damage your console.

You may ask:

Is soft resetting cheating in Pokémon?

No, soft resetting is not cheating in pokemon. You are just changing the pseudorandom number generator of the game to predict the next result of the game’s algorithm.

Now let’s get to know why you should use this feature.

Can you soft reset in X and Y?

Yes, You can soft reset in pokemon X and Pokemon Y. A soft reset is a feature to increase the chance of catching shiny pokemon that has a particular IVs or Nature. In Pokemon X and Y, you can use this feature to reboot the game and reset the game’s algorithm instantly.

You may ask:

Can soft resetting get you a shiny?

Yes, soft resetting increases the chance of getting shiny pokemons. To get one shiny pokemon, you need to reset the pokemon game 1893 times. It takes one minute to perform three soft resets. So, you need 10.5 hours to do 1893 soft resets for a shiny.

Getting shiny pokemon totally depends on Pseudorandom number generation in Pokémon. Up to Generation III, the rate of catching a shiny was very low. The Random Seed number for Pokemon Emerald is 0 for Game Boy Advanced. So, it’s nearly impossible to soft reset Gameboy and catch a shiny.shiny-ash-greninja
Whereas, Generation IV Pokemon games require the date and time of your Nintendo DS. The game changes its algorithm because of the initial seed provided to it.

Not but the least, Generation V uses Nintendo 3DS’s Date, Time, and Key combination to reset the game’s algorithm.
So, yes, once you soft reset Pokemon X or Pokemon Y, the game’s pseudo-random numbers will change and thus you will get a shiny.
In short:

To get a Shiny Ash Greninja, you need to reset your Console 1893 times to change the pseudorandom number of the game.

How Do You Soft Reset Pokemon XY 3DS

A soft reset can be done with any console like the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Citra Emulator, DS emulator, etc.

In this post, I will try to provide the process of soft resetting for all the consoles.

But before that:

Quick Tip: Save the game in grassy regions and then soft reset the pokemon game to save time.

Here are the steps to soft reset Pokemon XY on Nintendo 3DS:

  1. Load the Pokemon XY Game and save the game near any grass or water region.
  2. Press the L, R, START Buttons together after saving the game. This will reset the game and take you to the main menu.soft-reset-pokemon-sun-and-moon
  3. Load the saved file of Pokemon XY.

Can you turn off your DS while soft resetting?

Yes, you can turn off your Nintendo DS while soft resetting Pokemon X&Y. Soft resetting is just a feature to restart the game without turning off your console. So, nothing will happen to your DS if you soft reset and turn off DS simultaneously.

In short:

Can soft resetting damage your DS?

No, SRing won’t damage your DS. It will just change the algorithm of the game.

Before you start shiny hunting, Here are some secret tips from a pro:

  • Always save the game near any grassy terrains. It saves time and with less effort, you can catch a shiny.
  • Never save game in the river area. You don’t want to spoil the fun by seeing a Magikarp every time.
  • Always carry ultra balls in the Pokebag.
  • Keep a less strong pokemon in your Party at first. You don’t want to kill a level 40 shiny Talonflame with a level 100 Greninja.

How do you soft reset Pokemon Gameboy

GameBoy Advance has been a nostalgic console for gamers born in the ’90s. No doubt, we used to play Pokemon Leaf Green, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Heart Gold, and Soul Silver.

I was thinking of catching a shiny Suicune every time I used to play Pokemon Heart Gold. The same goes for a shiny Mewtwo in Leaf Green.gameboy-soft-reset-pokemon

So, I soft reset my Game boy Advance a million times.


Here are the steps to soft reset Pokemon in Gameboy:

  1. Save the currently playing pokemon game like Pokemon Emerald.
  2. Press and hold the A, B, Start, and Select buttons together.
  3. Load the saved file of Pokemon Emerald.

How do I soft reset Pokemon XY on Citra

Citra is an emulator for playing Nintendo 3DS,  DS games. You can download Citra and play Pokemon XY on Windows.

Here are the steps to soft reset Pokemon XY on Citra:

  1. Launch Pokemon XY on Citra and wait till the game loads.
  2. Go to Emulation and Select Stop.
  3. Reload the game.

You may ask:

How to reset Switch games?

To reset Nintendo switch games, Close the game from Nintendo Switch Home Menu and relaunch it.

Final Thoughts

Restarting pokemon games has been challenging these days. It’s not the same as you played on a Nintendo Game Boy Advanced.

But, with this simple button combination, you can easily reset any pokemon game on any console.

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