Slack: How to View Channel Analytics [Ultimate Guide 2022]

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Analytics is a systematic computational analysis that uses various information to determine the meaningful pattern in the data. Slack has an analytics tool that helps you understand your organization’s insight.

The slack analytics dashboard provides information about your workspace messages, channels, and members. You will find three types of analytics in Slack: a workspace overview, channel analytics, and member analytics.

You will get all the information about each public channel in your workspace using channel analytics. The owner of the workspace can restrict access to analytics for some of the users.slack-how-to-view-channel-analytics

Let’s go through this guide article to learn how to view channel analytics and how you can use them to improve communication with your team.

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What to Expect from Slack View Channel Analytics?

Slack analytics can provide information about the usage data and patterns in a channel. Which helps you to determine the trends and general interests of people. With the help of this data and patterns, you can easily find out what you need to do to boost your channel activity.

You can not use the full potential by default channel analytics. Flowtrace, a tool for your Slack channel, uses various metrics and visualization to represent the data efficiently. It can give you information about channel relationships, member relationships, and many more.

Tips: Slack offers integrations with 2,000+ other tools.

Recently Slacks introduced three actionable matrices and visualization to understand your channel data better. They are channel relationship map, topic insights, channel contributor map, and channel sentiment trends.

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How to View Channel Analytics in Slack?

Slack has three subscription models: Free, Pro and Business+, and Enterprise Grid. The free version can limit your access while most information is available for paid users. However, you can upgrade your plan anytime to get full access to Slack analytics.

Every subscription model has a different way of accessing Slack analytics. Keep reading until the end to know how to view analytics in any subscription model.

1. Free

While using the Slack free version, you can see the workspace activity from the Overview tab of analytics. You will find the details about your workspace’s messages, files, and integrated applications.

Here are the steps to view channel analytics in the free version:

  • Click on the Workspace Name in the top left of your Slack app.
  • Select Tools from the menu and go to Analytics. slack-analytics
  • Tweak your data range by clicking Last 30 days in the top right corner to view data of all times. analytics-overview
  • Click Channels to see the channel analytics. analytics-channels

By following these steps, you can easily find your workspace analytics.

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2. Pro and Business+

As a Slack Pro and Business+ user, you can see high-level analytics from the Overview tab. Also, using the Channels and Members tab will provide you with more detailed insight.

Here are the steps to see channel analytics in the pro and business+ version:

  • Click on the Workspace Name in the top left corner.
  • Select Tools from the menu and go to Analytics.
  • Click on Last 30 days to view all the data of your workspace.
  • See monthly data from the Channels by clicking on the Channels tab.
  • Select Edit columns to adjust the columns on the Channels or Members tab.

Pro and Business+ give you more access to your data; by using analytics in this subscription, you can easily find detailed data for every member.

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3. Enterprise Grid

If you are using Slack for an Enterprise, it will give you much more information than other subscription users. The Overview page provides a high-level view of an organization’s activity. The Channels and Members page also offers more detailed insights.

There are two modes in an Enterprise grid: Organization level and Workspace level. Let’s go through both levels to view analytics.

Organization Level

The organization owner and admin can view analytics for their organization.

Here are the steps to view channel analytics for the Organization level:

  • Select Workspace Name from your desktop in the top right corner.
  • Go to Settings & administration from the menu, and select Organization settings.
  • Select Analytics from the left column.
  • Click Last 30 days to view all workspace data.
  • Go to Channels. From the Channels tab, you can view monthly channel data.

For an enterprise, you need to deal with a vast amount of data which helps you to determine all the communication and topics in your workspace.

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Workspace Level

If you are a member of any workspace, by default, you can view all detailed information in the overview and channel tab.

Here are the processes to see channel analytics for the Workspace level:

  • Go to Workspace Name in the top left corner.
  • Select Tools, then click Analytics.
  • Click Last 30 days to view the overview of the workspace and channels.
  • Click on the Channels tab.
  • Select the Edit column to adjust the column of the Channel or Members.

Follow the steps properly to view your Slack channel analytics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you see who viewed a Slack channel?

By going through message activity, the workspace owners, admins, and also members, with permission, can see how many people have interacted with a message in Slack.

How do I see user activity in Slack?

From your desktop, click Workspace Name > Select Settings and administration > Select Workspace Settings > Click Access logs on the right. Here you will see all user activities and can manage their login sessions.

Can you track activity on Slack?

Even using the free version of Slack permits you to see a high-level view of your workspace’s activity from the Overview tab of the analytics dashboard.

A Final Thought

Slack analytics is the perfect tool to understand your team’s performance effortlessly. You can check the messages, member interactions, and usages of the storage.

In channel analytics, you can view all the public channels of your workspace, the creation date, the last activity, the total members, and the total messages of a channel.

In this well-researched article, I have discussed all the benefits and usages of the analytics and how you can use this data to get your team’s best performance. Also, this data will help you better understand your team’s interests and limitations.

I hope you find this article interesting and helpful. If you still have any confusion or queries, feel free to mention them in the comment below.

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