How to Set Up a Group DM in Discord [Definitive Guide 2021]

Written By Steven Arends

So, you are looking for a definitive guide on creating a group DM or group chat on Discord? Or other things like how to add or remove a friend from an existing group chat? Or are you unfamiliar with the things you can do in a group DM?

If any of the above things you are looking for, you have landed on the correct article.

As a tech geek, I can guide you through anything and everything you need to know about group DMs on Discord. After reading this content, you will enjoy and manage your group chat with your choice of friends.

So, stick with me till the end to know about these in detail.


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What is Discord Group DM?

Discord group DM is to create a private messaging group with your choice of friends and communicate with them. More specifically, group chat is the ability to chat, talk, share media (up to 10 people in one group DM).

A group DM will serve many purposes like playing games with your buddies, college assignment discussion, sharing memes, office group discussion, and whatnot.

Discord also offers a unique feature called servers. So, why not create a server? Why group DM?

Creating a server with your friends would allow you to do many things, as it is highly customizable. For example, you can create different channels for different purposes; you can restrict the member’s access to a particular channel; you can mute someone you don’t want to talk to, and so much more.

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While a server offers you many features, at the same time creating and managing a discord server is a lot of hassle. You will have to create different channels for texting and talking, and you have to assign roles to members for permissions. Also, navigating inside a server would be difficult for a new Discord user, and it will take time to get used to.

So, long story short, if you want to talk to less than ten people, you should just open a group chat instead of a server and save yourself from the hassles.

A group DM is just like your basic messenger group chat where you can

  • Group video call
  • Group voice call
  • Share media
  • Play games

All in one place.

Okay, so now you have the concept of what a group DM is. Now let’s move on to how you can set up, add or remove friends from a Discord group DM.

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How to Set Up a Group DM on Discord Desktop

If you are a new Discord user, you might find the user interface of discord not very intuitive.

It’s like, ‘why can’t I find this’ or ‘where the hell is the add friend option’ things like that. Haha, I am talking about my experience here when the first time I opened Discord.

But there is nothing to worry about; I will walk you through how you can set up a group DM on the Discord desktop.

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Here are the steps to set up a group DM on Discord Desktop:

  1. Open up the Discord desktop app.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Click on the big Discord icon on the top left corner of the window.
  4. Click on the Friends option from the left panel.
  5. On the top right corner, you will see a message icon with a plus on top. That is the New Group DM
  6. Type your friend’s name in the type box or search from the scrolling list.
  7. Select option Create Group DM and voila!create-group-dm1

Here you go, setting up a group DM on discord. You will see the group DM under DIRECT MESSAGES.

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I know what you are wondering about. How to change the group name, right? Right-clicking on the group doesn’t show any option to change the name.

Here are the steps to change the group’s name:

  • Make sure you are on the home screen (Click on the big Discord icon on the top left corner of the window).
  • Go into the group chat by clicking on it.
  • Look for the option Find or start a conversation.
  • You will see a group icon on the right side of the option, where it says something like friend1 & 8 others.
  • Click on that and rename the group.
  • Hit Enter.

Now you know how to set up a group DM on discord desktop. If you want to know how to do this on a mobile app, move on to the next heading.

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How to Add Friends to An Existing Group DM

Now that you have successfully created a new group DM, you might want to add new friends to the group. It is very easy to do.

However, keep in mind that you can’t have more than 10 people (including yourself) in a Discord group DM. If you plan to add more than ten friends, you will have to open up a server.

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Here are the steps to add a friend to a group DM:

  1. Go into the Discord desktop app.
  2. Click on the Discord icon on the top left corner of the window.
  3. Select the group DM you want to add friends to.
  4. You will see some icons beside the search box on the top right of the window.
  5. Hover over the icons and find the Add Friends to DM icon.
  6. Add your desired friends.add-friends
  7. See the option to create a link. Send the generated link to your friend; clicking on it would add the user to the DM.

N.B. You can send the link to someone who is not on your Discord friend list. The user will be able to join the group via the link.

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Remove a Friend from A Group DM

You have added someone to the group, but you don’t want to keep them anymore? Maybe you don’t like the memes he shares?

Jokes apart, It’s even easier to remove a friend, I mean from Discord group DMs.

Here is how to remove a user from a Discord group DM:

  1. Go to Discord and select the group DM you want to remove a user from.
  2. You will see a members list on the right panel.
  3. Right-click on the user’s name you want to remove.
  4. Select the option Remove From Group.remove-from-group1

N.B. You have to the admin of the group DM to remove a user from it. Or else, you won’t see the Remove From Group option for the user.

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Set Up a Group DM on Discord Mobile

The process is almost identical to the one on the desktop. Let’s get into it without any further ado.

Here are the steps to set up a group DM on Discord mobile:

  • Open up the Discord mobile app.
  • Tap on the three-bar menu on the top left.
  • Select the message icon, the top icon on the left.
  • Tap on the message icon with a plus on top beside Direct Messages.
  • Type your friend’s name in the type box or search from the scrolling list.
  • Tap on the arrow on the bottom and done!

So, this is how you can create a group chat via Discord mobile. However, you can’t set or change the group name via the mobile app, which is very disappointing. Yes, you will have to do it from the desktop app.

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How to Change the Icon of A Group DM on Discord

The group icon feature is similar to the group photo feature you find on messenger WhatsApp. It’s very convenient and an entertaining feature.

Here are the steps to change a group DM icon:

  1. Go to Discord home by clicking the Discord icon on the top left corner of the window.
  2. Under the DIRECT MESSAGES, right-click on the group DM.
  3. Select the option Change Icon. A file explorer window will appear.
  4. Navigate to the location where you stored the icon.
  5. Select the icon and adjust the size and position.
  6. Click Apply.

Now you have your desired icon or image as the group DM icon.


So, here I have tried to answer your questions and provide step-by-step procedures for all the general Discord group DM tasks. I hope you found what you came looking for.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me about them in the comment section. I will try to answer as soon as possible.

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