Saddle Minecraft | How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft (2023)

Written By Steven Arends

In Minecraft, for faster transportation, Horses,  llama, and mule are considered the best animals. But, you need a saddle to ride them.

How to make a Saddle in Minecraft?

You cannot make a Minecraft Saddle.You can only find saddles in Alter chests, Village WeaponSmith Chests, Nether Fortress chests, Village tannery chests, dungeon chests, and so on.



Keep Reading, As I’ll show you the easiest ways to get saddles and tame your horses.

PRO TIP: Use the Curse of Vanishing to securely save your saddle when endangered.

What is a Minecraft Saddle?

A saddle is an item that is used to ride mobs like horses, mules, donkeys, and pigs for faster transportation in Minecraft. It is impossible to craft a saddle because there aren’t any Minecraft saddle recipe.

You can locate saddles in different locations for different modes. In Minecraft Creative Mode for Java Edition, the best place to locate a saddle is Transportation.

What if I tell you that some animals hold saddles as their item. You can ride them without adding a new one. If you kill the mob then you may lose the Saddle in some cases.

So, keep reading to know more about the Minecraft saddle recipe for JAVA edition.

Also, visit rare Minecraft biomes to gather around items from the buried treasures. Use the Biome Finder app to easily mark down the sweet loot spots of your Minecraft server.

How to craft a saddle in Minecraft

Can you craft a saddle?

Sadly, Saddles can not be crafted in the crafting table like other items in Minecraft. Saddles can be found in several places where you visit quite often.

There aren’t any secret saddle recipe in Minecraft and the only way to get this item is by searching for it.

You can either use command blocks (for JAVA edition), or you can search treasure chests, and trade emeralds for a saddle.

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How to get saddles in Minecraft

If you’ve good amount of loot in Minecraft then you can try trading emeralds with villagers for saddles.

There are seven easy ways on getting a Minecraft Saddle. The easiest ways are trading emeralds for saddle, fishing, looting chests.

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Here are the ways to get saddle in Minecraft:

1. Search Treasure Chests

You can obtain a Saddle by looking for chests in the following  places:

  • Dessert temple
  • End city
  • jungle temple
  • village tannery


As saddles can’t be crafted, so one of the best ways to find a saddle is to open every chest you come across in your adventure.

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Here is a list of the favorite spots for finding saddles in Minecraft:

The more luck you have, the more possibility of finding a saddle in chests. The best way to search for saddles is by locating a dungeon. Dungeon chests have a higher chance of spawning a saddle.

Nether fortresses are another spot where saddles have a higher spawning rate. To access the Nether, use the obsidian blocks and build a Nether portal frame. The Nether is a dangerous place, so make sure you are fully prepared before you enter.

Change the Minecraft Difficulty Levels for a high spawning rate for saddles.

Find a desert temple in the desert biome, and look for the blue clay block at the center of the floor. Dig the blue clay block and this will expose the secret chamber containing four chests. You’ll find a saddle from these chests guaranteed.

2. Trade Emerald from Village Traders

Okay so this step is only for Minecraft billionaires. If you are rich in Minecraft, then Trading emerald for a Saddle won’t be a bad idea.

Find a leatherworker villager throughout the world to trade with. The white apron leatherworker villager can trade you a saddle.

You will need about 9-16 emeralds to unlock the ability to buy the saddle and 8-10 more emeralds to purchase it. Emeralds can be found while mining or from chests.

So, here is a short tips on finding an emerald easily:

Find Dungeon chests or visit rare biomes and locate the emeralds there. Sometimes, the rarest biome can help you find a lot of emeralds at once.

Trade them with village trader (after you locate a village) and then obtain the saddle.

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3. Use the Fishing Rod and Start Fishing 

The chances are less than 1%, but it is possible to find a saddle while you’re fishing.

You probably don’t want to make this step your primary method, but if you fish a lot, you may hook up a saddle as a treasure.

But I would recommend not to waste time in this process, rather use other mentioned techniques to obtain a super cool saddle. And then, use the saddle for transportation.

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4. Enable cheats

In order to access this option, you’ll need to enable cheats for your world. There are two ways to do so, depending on whether you’ve created your world yet or not.

While creating a world, you can permit cheats from the Create World menu.

But if you’ve already created your world,

Then open the Pause menu to select Open to LAN. And then Toggle Allow Cheats ON.

Switch your game to Creative Mode for an easy access to obtain saddles and by using commands place a saddle next to your player.

Allocate more RAM to Minecraft to reduce the lag while enabling any cheats.

5. Find the Nether Fortress Chest

This method is the toughest one but also the best. Finding a saddle in a Nether Chest is worth an option.

You can find a Nether chest by going to the Nether Fortress.

Don’t worry if you have never seen a Nether before. You just need to make a Nether Portal in order to get the Nether Fortress chest.

Once you find the Fortress, it will be easier for you to to get the chest. Search for the chest to acquire a saddle. Many times people are lucky here.

Build a Nether Fortress if you can’t find one.

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6. Look for a Village Blacksmith’s Building

There is a 15% chance of finding a saddle if you look for them in a Village Blacksmith’s Building.

Though getting the minecraft llama saddle, minecraft horse saddle can be tricky here.

So, don’t waste much time here.

Transport yourself to a Village Blacksmiths Building using the village finder command. Find saddle there.

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7. Find Saddle in Buried Treasure of Desert Temple

Buried Treasures are the best for finding saddles in minecraft.

In fact, buried treasures can be found in Desert Temples.

Search for a desert temple. And, dig there for a treasure chest.

Desert Biomes are huge to be discovered. Use it as an advantage. The Desert Temple contain loots with a lot of traps.

Get rid of the traps and find a Minecraft saddle in the huge area.

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How to use Minecraft Commands to get a saddle

In every Minecraft versions like Minecraft 1.13, 1.8 and so on you can use the following code:

/give @players name saddle 1(The number indicates amount of saddle you want)

I have already written a post of Minecraft Commands in locating Biomes. If you can locate a plain biome easily then why not a small saddle?

Go ahead and give it a shot..

Minecraft Commands are the easiest way to get Saddles. You can get as much saddles as you want using commands. Minecraft Commands are free and can be used in all versions in any platform like PC/MAC.

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How to Make Saddle in Minecraft Survival Mode

Now that I have answered how to make a saddle in normal edition of Minecraft.

How to craft saddle in Minecraft survival Mode?

Saddles cannot be crafted, and this is a bitter truth. You can only find saddles in Minecraft survival mode in Dungeon chests or buried loots. Even if you are in transportation, you can find a saddle in survival mode.

You can check for a saddle in Desert temples because you can find chests with high quantity of loot there.

And the desert temple is located in the Desert Biome. I know you badly need a saddle in Survival Mode.

Use the above methods to easily make a saddle and use it on your Horse for faster and better transportation.

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How To Put a Saddle on a Horse in Minecraft

Now that you have found saddles and also knew how to craft a saddle in minecraft, you have to put the saddle on your animal transport.

You can put Saddles on a horse. But first, you have to know how to tame horse in Minecraft (More on that later).

When you gathered a saddle, you have to hold the saddle in your hand and then Right click it aiming at your Horse to apply the saddle on your Horse.

You should also tame your horse.

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How to Ride a Horse in Minecraft

Horses are very easy to find in Minecraft. They can be found on Plain Biome.

Moreover, They can also be found easily in Forests in groups. So, you won’t face any difficulties finding it. Just go close to the Horse and Right Click to ride the horse.

Once you found the horse, you have to tame the horse.

How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft

You can tame your horse by getting on it over and over again. You will see tamed hearts surrounding the Horse if its done properly.

Once you tame your Horse, you have to use the gathered horse saddles to equip the saddle on your horse.

Once you equip the saddle, you will be able to ride the horse.

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Question: How many emeralds do I need to buy a saddle in Minecraft?

Answer: You will need about 9-16 emeralds to unlock the ability to buy the saddle and 8-10 more emeralds to purchase it in Minecraft.

Question: How to ride a pig in Minecraft?

Answer: Choose the pig and then hold the saddle to the pig along with a carrot on a stick.

Question: How to saddle a horse in Minecraft?

Answer: With the Saddle in your hand, Right-click aiming at the horse, and the saddle will be equipped.

Question: Can I put a saddle on my llama in Minecraft?

Answer: Llama saddle in Minecraft cannot be equipped. You have to feed llama with grass or wheat to ride your llama.

Final Thoughts

I know it is a bit shocking for Minecraft players that Saddles cannot be crafted.

You can find Saddles in dungeons and temples and also trade them in the latest JAVA edition.

I hope now you will be able to find saddles and also equip them with your mobs for faster transport. Follow us for more Minecraft tutorials.


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