Enable & Customize Bubble Chat Using Roblox Studio [A-Z Guide]

Written By Steven Arends

If you have ever played a game on Roblox before, you are well aware of the significance of a bubble chat for engaging in a better conversation.


What is a bubble chat on Roblox?

Bubble chat is a feature on Roblox where players can interact through speech bubbles. The typed-in text will appear above the avatar head instead of displaying the message in the chatbox. Players will now be able to stop scrolling their screen containing all chat text.

It is frustrating to gossip with players by moving the cursor towards the chatbox and then type in your desired message. Whereas enabling bubble chat on Roblox is a simple way to ease communication.

So buckle up as in this post, I am about to show you how to;

  • Get rid of the classic chatbox history.
  • Add the bubble chat feature.
  • And finally, a simple way to customize the speech bubble.[/ts_list

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How to Enable the Bubble Chat Feature on Roblox Studio

Roblox went through a massive update on 2020, changing important features and modules. Before the update, it was effortless to enable bubble chat. You just had to put a checkmark on the Enable Bubble Chat settings on Roblox Studio.

Instead, Roblox removed this feature for some unknown reasons and added a new way to enable speech bubbles.

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Here are the steps to enable Roblox Bubble Chat:

  1. Open Roblox Studio and select Manage the Game or Create a new Project.create-new-project-roblox-studio
  2. Click on the screen and press F5 to play in the window.roblox-studio-play
  3. Click on the dropdown icon beside Chat at the right-side panel.
  4. Select ClientChatModules, right-click, and copy the folder.copy-client-chat-modules-roblox
  5. Press Shift + F5 and Paste the Folder inside Chat at the right-side panel by right-clicking.paste-client-chat-roblox
  6. Click on the dropdown icon of the ClientChatModules Folder.select-chat-settings-roblox
  7. Select ChatSettings and navigate to the 27-28 number line that says module.BubbleChatEnabled and module.ClassicChatEnabled.module-chat-bubble-enabled
  8. Replace the sentences PlayersService.BubbleChat & PlayersService.ClassicChat with true & false respectively.bubble-chat-enable-roblox
  9. Close the ChatSettings, press F5 and type any text using the ‘/’ key to execute a test run for enabling the Bubble Chat feature.
Point to be Noted: Chat bubbles are only applicable to the game owners. Random players cannot enable the chat bubble while playing any game. You have to create your own game with Roblox Studio and allow the speech bubbles to feature in such circumstances.

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Customize Chat Bubbles on Roblox

What people don’t know is that the bubble chat feature didn’t always exist for every game. Instead, there are two options for communicating. One is to have the classic chat box at the top left corner & the other is to have bubble chat only with no chatbox.

Bubble Chat customization is possible by adding some codes into the bubble chat settings with Roblox Studio’s help.

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Here are the steps to customize chat bubbles using Roblox Studio:

  1. Create a new project or Edit the Existing game on Roblox Studio.
  2. Press F5 and Copy all the Folders from Chat Option.
  3. Press Shift+F5 and paste the Folders inside the Chat Option.
  4. Open ClientChatModules Folder by pressing the dropdown icon and Enable Bubble Chat.
  5. Open BubbleChat Settings and navigate to the 212 number line. Press Enter after .png to create a new line number 213.
  6. Write the following code:
    chatBubbleMain.ImageColor3 = Color3.fromRGB (0,0,0)
  7. Move to line number 225 and press Enter after .png to create a new line. Write the following code at line number 226:
    chatBubbleTail.ImageColor3 = Color3.fromRGB (0,0,0)
  8. Go to line number 443 and replace the sentence shouldAutoLocalize with false.
  9. Write the following code at line number 444:
    bubbleText.TextColor3 = Color3.fromRGB (255,0,255)
  10. Close the codes list and Press F5 for a Test run.
  11. Type something using the ‘/’ key, and you will notice the purple text on a black background. Modify chat colors using RGB color codes in the bubble chat settings.

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How to get rid of the Classic Chatbox on Roblox?

A classic chatbox in Roblox can either be permanently replaced or used along with bubble chat. A series of code modifications need to be applied to eliminate chatbox history for good.

While enabling the speech bubble using Roblox Studio, you went through multiple series of codes in the ChatSettings of ClientChatModules. On the 27-28 number line, replace PlayersService.BubbleChat & PlayersService.ClassicChat with true & false, respectively.

You can keep both the chatbox and the chat bubble using True on both these codes. But, Before doing anything, get the latest version of Roblox download to make sure that it’s not the app that’s causing this problem.

Fix Firmware Bubble Chat Glitch Under 1 Minute

Bubble Chat Glitches crop up if the series of codes inputted is erroneous. The standard series of regulations displays the classic chatbox at the top left corner of the screen.

Allowing chat bubbles means messing around with the codes sequentially. Even spacing can interrupt the whole process. So, it is better to be careful than to be sorry while dealing with it.

To allow the use of speech bubbles on Roblox, you need to change two coded lines. The two lines are:

module.BubbleChatEnabled = PlayersService.BubbleChat
module.ClassicChatEnabled = PlayersService.ClassicChat

These two lines reside at positions number 27 and 28 on ChatSettings of Roblox Studio. Whether you want a classic chat or bubble chat depends on these two lines. Experiment with these lines by replacing PlayersService.Bubble chat or, PlayersService.ClassicChat with true and false. Using true will allow the code, and similarly, false will disallow the code.

Are you facing problems fixing the firmware glitch? Try enabling bubble chat first, following the detailed steps.

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Question: Can I chat on Roblox?
Answer: You can chat on Roblox in two different ways, as in-game and outside the game. Outside the game, there is a chat box floating at the bottom right corner, whereas, in in-game, the chatbox is at the top left corner of the screen. Press / key and write a message.

Question: What is the character limit for bubble chat in Roblox?
Answer: Roblox accepts a character limit of 65 with spacing. A hefty sentence is not allowed inside a bubble chat.

Question: Can I allow both chatbox and bubble chat inside my own game?
Answer: Yes. Roblox allows the use of only chatbox, only bubble chat, or both inside any game. It is up to the owner of the game whether to implement it or not.

Question: Why isn’t there any chatbox in Roblox?
Answer: The owner of the game didn’t allow the use of a chatbox in that game.

Question: What font does Roblox chat use?
Answer: Roblox uses SourceSansBold font, the size is 18 or 24, and the TextStrokeTransparency is 75.

Final Thoughts

Designing a game on Roblox needs a healthy way to attract thousands of players. Communication is one of the best ways to do so. Communication does 90% of the task.

The more comfortably players can communicate with each other, the more attractive the game. The rest, 10%, depends on the engaging scenes and theme of the game.

Which one is best? Chatbox or Bubble Chat? I would recommend both.

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